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Answers to questions about shingles

Shingles rash on the stomach above the navel

Cause shingles?

The cause of shingles is an infectious disease of viral origin. The pathogen is the herpes zoster virus. Its identity with that of chickenpox is admitted.

What is the cause of shingles?

The shingles virus is very small: 200 mµ and spherical. It is only visible under an electron microscope. It can be cultivated on embryonic cells or monkey kidney cells. Growing the button mushroom I understand, but the zoster virus!

It causes skin lesions similar to those of chickenpox or herpes, but also nerve damage which predominates in the ganglia of the cranial and spinal nerves.


Is shingles contagious?

40 years ago, shingles mainly affected adults over 80 years of age. Over the years, the age of its victims is rejuvenated to 50 and today it affects infants. Remember, this is a virus.

How do you get shingles?

There are two theories: When you get the chickenpox virus, you keep the shingles virus inside. The other less popular view now is the opposite: doing chickenpox would protect against chickenpox and shingles for a while.

What are the first symptoms of shingles?

Shingles is characterized by a more or less painful rash with burning sensations, or even a sting, whose unilateral topography following the path of a nerve is specific.

One of the most common forms of the disease is chest shingles.


How to recognize shingles?

Before the redness or rash, there is often a burning-like pain in the area that will be the site of the shingles disease, sometimes with a moderate fever and other times a headache. The rash can prevent shingles.


What are the first signs of a shingles?

In 48 hours or more, skin lesions appear in the form of a first red patch or a few pimples, most frequently followed by several other patches with pimples which, in the worst case scenario, come together.

Most often, they are bright red, oval and congestive plaques several centimeters in diameter which, the next day, become covered on the surface with vesicles that are confluent or separated from each other. They are first rounded and more or less transparent; they wilt more or less quickly and are most often covered with a crust which will fall off leaving a depigmented scar which, in the vast majority of cases, will not leave any mark.

What are the first signs of the shingles?

The surface of the rash corresponds to the tracing of an intercostal nerve, so it is strictly unilateral.

This zone stops on the midline of the thorax both behind and in front, forming a horizontal band that intersects the axis of the ribs. One or more lymph nodes frequently appear on the same side.

What are the different zonas?

The location of shingles varies depending on the nerves involved. The rash in addition to thoracic involvement can occur in the neck, nape of the neck, arm, abdomen, buttock and thigh.

Shingles ophthalmic and shingles on the genitals are the most painful and dangerous areas. The ophthalmic shingles is preceded and accompanied by violent frontal and orbital pain. This zosteric rash causes edema which is located in the inner part of the upper eyelid and the forehead, or in the outer part of the upper eyelid and the temple, or in the root of the nose and the conjunctiva. It is the latter localization that is the most serious, as it can lead to damage to the cornea causing opaque spots on the cornea that impede vision or even ulcerations of the eyeball.


How long does a shingles last?

Treated by magnetism, if the question is asked: How long does intercostal shingles last? The answer is shingles, either intercostal or otherwise, it should only last about ten days unless associated with one or more other pathologies.

What is the duration of a shingles?

The duration can range from one to several months or even several years.

In the complications of shingles there are:


Persistence long after the eruption of sharp and rebellious pains localized to the affected area. These postherpetic pains are difficult to be relieved.

Fortunately, other complications are more rare. It may be brain damage or paralysis and meningeal involvement which can be benign.


How to treat shingles?

Superinfection of the vesicles should be avoided with local applications of antiseptic solution. In the same vein, for ophthalmic shingles, there is administration of antiseptic or antibiotic eye drops. It has happened in the past to occlude the eyelids in addition. In allopathy, the appearance of an active substance against viruses, including moroxydine, had given serious hope for an effective general treatment.


How do you diagnose internal shingles?

Without blisters and, if there is need for certainty, the only way is analysis. There is a high probability when all the first symptoms of classic shingles appear.

How to treat internal shingles?

The Protocol is the same as shingles except for superinfection.


How to treat shingles by magnetism?

With a magnetizer, a single session is generally sufficient. It helps to act as quickly as possible, but you don't have to do it within 24-48 hours. No treatment, even unnecessary, can interfere.


How to relieve post shingles pain?

Residual pain is sometimes treated with vitamins B1 and B12 in high doses, local radiotherapy, chlorpromazine, infiltration of ganglioplegic products and in total despair, the neurosurgical act.

Can you die from shingles?

Sometimes we ask ourselves the question: is shingles deadly? Fortunately no, but in exceptional suffering associated with other hardships, unfortunately people have committed suicide.


How do you get shingles?

To answer the question how do you get shingles? The following theory should be remembered: if you have caught chickenpox, you carry the shingles virus inside you, which can reactivate at any time.


Is shingles contagious?

It's a virus, so yes it's contagious, but if in the past we learned that an elderly person with shingles came into contact with young children, they could give them chickenpox, which I didn't never seen in 42 years. In the same vein, I have never seen a person with shingles in a couple pass it on to their partner.

When you have shingles can you get out?

If you are really in pain, the question does not even arise. If, on the other hand, your shingles doesn't bother you too much and if you are indifferent to others, why not go out?

When are you contagious with shingles?

What to remember is common sense: respect basic hygiene rules, do not use the same gloves or towels, if you touch your skin, wash your hands immediately, etc.


Is shingles caused by stress?

Can stress cause shingles? Yes and no. If you are not a carrier of the virus or if you are not in contact with the virus, stress will not trigger shingles. On the other hand, if you harbor the virus or if you are in contact with the virus, stress as in any other disease will lower the immune system and create a breach in your body. In this case to the question: Can stress cause shingles? The answer is yes.

Pregnant women should after ten days see a doctor for nerve ganglia.

The varicella zoster virus does not exist. Your personal data does not allow to say: he developed shingles and even less on which side of the face.

Are shingles and chickenpox the same virus?

It could be that after the primary infection the virus settles in a quiescent form to be able to reactivate itself after years during a drop in the immune defences. Inactive virus particles may persist in the body following chickenpox.

These Ray viruses nestle for many years in the root ganglia of the sensory nervous system.

The virus would be reactivated during weakness of the immune system, it would then migrate along the nerve. The pain is caused by the migration of the virus along the path of the nerve.

The virus reaches the skin and vesicles appear which cause itching and burning.

In 2015, the HAS issued an opinion recognizing minor therapeutic progress in the shingles vaccine for the prevention of shingles and post-herpetic pain. Health insurance reimburses the vaccine up to 35% for the recommended age group between 65 and 74 years.

The incubation of chicken pox and 10 to 21 days, During this time the virus spreads throughout the body to reappear after multiplication in many blisters, the famous pimples on the chest and face. Contamination is by saliva or droplets of the vesicles as long as they do not crust over. An infected person is contagious between 24 and 48 hours. Each patient infects about 10 people. The disease normally heals spontaneously in less than 15 days.

Is there a school eviction in case of chickenpox? The answer is yes if we don't want to cause an epidemic. But, yes according to the law: a decree of May 3, 1989 which is still in force stipulates "eviction until then clinical recovery" and not according to health recommendations: the High Council of Public Health issued in September 2012 an opposite recommendation.

France favors natural immunity for varicella, which is why the varicella vaccine is little used in France. This vaccine is also contraindicated during pregnancy. It can be used up to 3 days after contact with an infected person. To date, there is no information on the impact of varicella vaccination on the incidence of shingles when these people are older.

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