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How did I realize that I was a magnetizer?

Hello everyone. Often, I am asked the question: how did I realize that I was a magnetizer?

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Very young, I realized that I saw, heard and felt things that others did not see. Later, I realized that they had't even aware of it.

When we are a magnetizer, we do not become it, we are.

Here is one of my anecdotes.

Fifty years ago, in the midst of full appendix operation, when I was still a child, I rebelled against this stupid idea, while people ( intelligent) were convinced that the appendix was useless, that it was only the useless remainder of our evolution. These people thought it was best to remove this unnecessary and potentially dangerous piece.

Why was I against this idea?

The reason is very simple. Having the ability to see multiple colors, ripples, microscopic particles and smells, I could see that the appendix created a multitude of microscopic creatures, with pleasant colors, with regular ripples and movements that follow a logical harmony. There was nothing unpleasant about the scent.

Innately, I know that all "things" which move with regular, precise movements, which have harmonious and soft colors, and have subtle and refined scents, are allies.

Unlike those that move in a haphazard, unsightly fashion with coarse shapes in dark colors, and a foul fragrance. These bring pain and suffering.

Being operated on for appendicitis was the ritual for generations born until the 80s, as now for wisdom teeth. It's fun that no one is wondering.

Now, they've finally discovered that this tiny organ, the appendix, has some use. The magnetizer was right.

Perhaps one day we should think of no longer seeing nature with anthropomorphism.

Nothing is unnecessary. Even chaos has a use. The misfortunes seem unfair to us for lack of comprehensive information.

For a very long time, we have known that the physical body is also made up of electric fields and energy fields, those who are interested can carry out research. What attracts attention today is that at the end of the 21st century, a doctor from the University of William and Mary who demonstrated that psychological stability and its variations were directly linked to the mental state and this energy field fluctuates. This proves that the thought process acts on the existence of this magnetic field and that these disturbances are manifested, among other things, by psychosomatic illnesses. The action of the magnetizer is demonstrated. Another physician, a researcher in New York State, mapped out an extremely complex electric field that evolves around the human body, not only matching the exact shape of the physical body, but also reproducing all the details of the central nervous system. He called it the direct current control system. In reality, he was simply copying ancient graphics of magnetism dating back several millennia. What is more interesting is that once again the psychological and physiological state of the person was associated with fluctuations in the shape and intensity of this magnetic field. It proves that the particles circulating in this vibratory field were the size of electrons and not of a petanque ball, which seems very logical! Of course, as always, Russia was not left behind and carried out many intensive studies of the human energy field. This energy field is composed of ions, protons and free electrons. It has nothing to do with the 4 known states of nature solid, liquid, gas and plasma. They began to think that this constituted one of the 5 states of matter. There is a renewal of this electromagnetic field by a chemical process in the cells and they are constantly in motion. And that, if the balance is broken, the body finds itself disturbed. They also discovered that a considerable amount of this energy, radiating out into space, they had discovered thought form energy fields. In reality, they are content to rediscover things known for a long time for a magnetizer, it is true that for a very long time, contempt had darkened knowledge, they devote themselves only to the visual physical world. You have to listen to your conscience and the faculties of understanding wake up very slowly, but wake up all the same.


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