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How did I realize that I was a magnetizer?

Hello everyone. Often, I am asked the question: how did I realize that I was a magnetizer?

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Very young, I realized that I saw, heard and felt things that others did not see. Later, I realized that they had't even aware of it.

When we are a magnetizer, we do not become it, we are.

Here is one of my anecdotes.

Fifty years ago, in the midst of full appendix operation, when I was still a child, I rebelled against this stupid idea, while people ( intelligent) were convinced that the appendix was useless, that it was only the useless remainder of our evolution. These people thought it was best to remove this unnecessary and potentially dangerous piece.

Why was I against this idea?

The reason is very simple. Having the ability to see multiple colors, ripples, microscopic particles and smells, I could see that the appendix created a multitude of microscopic creatures, with pleasant colors, with regular ripples and movements that follow a logical harmony. There was nothing unpleasant about the scent.

Innately, I know that all "things" which move with regular, precise movements, which have harmonious and soft colors, and have subtle and refined scents, are allies.

Unlike those that move in a haphazard, unsightly fashion with coarse shapes in dark colors, and a foul fragrance. These bring pain and suffering.

Being operated on for appendicitis was the ritual for generations born until the 80s, as now for wisdom teeth. It's fun that no one is wondering.

Now, they've finally discovered that this tiny organ, the appendix, has some use. The magnetizer was right.

Perhaps one day we should think of no longer seeing nature with anthropomorphism.

Nothing is unnecessary. Even chaos has a use. The misfortunes seem unfair to us for lack of comprehensive information.


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