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When is magnetism useful?

Magnetism is useful when the body can no longer manage the various stresses that can arise:

- emotional: family, romantic or friendly disappointments; professional responsibilities when one has exceeded one's level of competence (Peter's principle); financial difficulties ...

- physical: repetitive bad posture, fall, trauma, childbirth for mother and child, learning to walk for young children, for the person using for the first time stick canes or a cane ...

- organic: alcohol, tobacco and poor diet; drug treatments, various pollution ...

The hands of the magnetizer lift a woman out of the water, representing stress, as the sun rises on the horizon.
Magnetism must help

Stress acts immediately or over the course of life and causes an immediate reaction or countermeasures that allow the body to compensate and endure as long as possible, this is called self-adaptation.

Fortunately, this self-adaptation occurs normally without the person being aware of it, and without danger to the psyche or the physical. But as soon as there could be danger for it from one point of view or another, blockages are created which cause pain, among other things. The energy balancing makes it possible to release this / these blockages and to restore the good transmission of energy and nerve impulses. The magnetizer therefore has a double role: to find the initial cause and to free the being.

Pregnant women: avoid excessive weight gain in pregnant women, relief of the lumbar region and pelvis. Magnetism is a natural alternative of choice to relieve discomfort and pain during pregnancy. No research has been published on magnetic care and the risk of complications during childbirth. Nothing is softer and more comfortable than the action of the magnetizer.

Infants: Blockages, unfortunately, can occur from the first days of materialization, the magnetizer corrects these dysfunctions with precision and gentleness from an early age.

Children: Growth in the physical body has many stages. One of the most complicated is learning to hold your head. It is at this time of existence that the greatest energetic paradoxes occur. It is important to accompany your child to a magnetizer throughout his growth. The changes, which must occur, are: improvement of sleep, improvement of general behavior and improvement of the immune system.

Adolescents: bone growth speeds up and the body is often abused. Except personal work, it is at this moment that the morphology of the adult body is created. There will be many opportunities to use magnetism: growing pains, sprains, various joint or muscle dysfunctions, headaches, etc.

Seniors: retirees mainly consult magnetisers to maintain good health, avoid joint degeneration, slow the progression of osteoarthritis and the resulting pain, limit the risk of injury by keeping their joints in good mobility, to avoid or solve visual problems. Regular energy monitoring should improve quality of life and stay active longer.

Athletes: Magnetizers have in-depth knowledge of the skeleton, energy, circulatory, nervous, muscular and mental systems. We must be able to act on most of the problems directly or indirectly linked to sports practices. We should be professionals on the front line, not only to act on sports injuries, but also to prevent them. The role of the magnetizer is not to make recommendations for specific exercises (there are very good professionals for this) but to restore both mechanical function (muscular joints, etc.) as well as mental function and mainly energy. The percentage of the best performing athletes who consult is still relatively low, so much the better for those who consult, it gives them a definite advantage. Do not forget that our primary role is to be useful to as many people as possible.

Magnetic treatments help to find the balance allowing to adapt to stressful situations. This results in better quality sleep, reduced nervousness and greater concentration.

Even though nowadays many people are fortunate enough to have a sitting job (with their eyes fixed on a screen or not) instead of working in pitiful conditions in a mine since the age of 8, pain Musculoskeletal can sometimes occur and magnetizers correct them. The magnetizer can also, as far as possible, provide information on the postures to be taken and the exercises which allow the maintenance of good physical health.


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