My first videos Magnetizer on YouTube (November 2020)

Un magnétiseur les bras levés montre entre ses mains le magnétisme avec des textes : trois anecdotes dans cette vidéo YouTube, ça commence, par hasard et la réaction violente.
Un magnétiseur en chemise blanche avec ses mains sur les hanches. On y voit une légende : comment me suis-je aperçu que j’étais magnétiseur
Un magnétiseur a ses bras le long du corps et pose avec une chemise blanche devant une création magnétique où nous pouvons lire : puis je diriger les énergies.
Le magnétiseur est en buste avec une chemise bleue devant un beau papier peint avec des motifs carrés de couleur jaune. On peut lire le texte comment je sais que c’est vrai ?

The laying on of the hands of the magnetizers must bring the vital energy to soothe the burn from the first session. Energy healing practitioners can help the placebo effect of medical treatment to cure headaches. The mental health of a healing medium must be good without psychic malaise in order to cure radiation ailments with their mediumship. The healing process of traditional healers is holistic, providing relief from tendonitis patients often with remedies. The magnetizer has to relieve with the power in the hands the pains of the sprains or a problem of skin by the magnetic passes.

The technique of healing by magnetic or electromagnetic fields is not quantum healing without medical treatments such as antiviral, but can, like energy therapy, activate the chakra or the chakras to calm the hernia. The magnetist healer has a relationship of help from the hospital, without hindering the attending physician with the passes a few centimeters away for burn victims. The sophrologist with kindness can come in addition to the healers to rebalance the nerves in order to bring appeasement in the rapes. The spiritual healer, without a doctorate, with the healing power of the sign of the cross can claim to heal herpes inducing blogging. The coxswain has to cut the fire almost as fast as the magnetizer. The coxswain like the cutters does not give too many side effects.

  Is acupuncture related to the magnetizer?

Acupuncture would have the ability to heal the patient's body in several sessions by a placebo effect, using the meridians. We find in other alternative medicines which copy the power of the hands of the magnetizer: the reiki practitioner who practices reiki with his superior the reiki master to relieve the pain of the souls and the joints; sorcerers without scientific efficiency sometimes undertake purification rituals like a master practitioner of magnetic fields; plantar reflexology, without having the healing powers which appeal to vibratory rates, can without quackery treat warts.

People who do not appreciate the energetic care of the healer who heals by universal energy can consult the bonesetter for a better well-being at the level of sciatica. The cutter or the cutter treats without magnetic fluid but with prayers the burnt, it should not have blisters. The Energetician is a new clone of the Magnetizer who hope to make healings with the healing magnetism on skin or emotional issues.

Hospital emergencies can call on the gunshot to stop the burns during radiotherapy sessions, when they cannot reach a magnetizer already occupied by a sprain. Healers must come to body-physical healing where traditional medicine healing has not been healing enough. Energy specialists do not work miracles, but they are therapists who could work with conventional medicine in certain chemotherapy. The relaxation practitioner calms osteoarthritis with a healing power and its esoteric sides. Reflexology can block the tingling with true sharing.

The magnetizer practices the harmonization of the magnetic field

My practice of harmonizing the magnetic field by the powers of the hands gives the capacities of joint healing and allows sleepwalkers to be magnetized to stop smoking. The vibrations of the makers are not identical to those of the therapist in hypnosis or the practitioner in dowsing, because the dowser, without practical instruction of the pendulum, does not understand the plantar vibratory wave. The magnetizer would possess a power in the hands whose vital fluid removes the desire to smoke. Its breath a few centimeters allows to channel the beneficial power that relieves back pain. Qigong is not a conventional geobiology. Professor Rocard did not study animal magnetism but magnetite with the polarity of magnets.

Energy medicines are extremely fluid in treating eczema. Naturopathy is more about herbal medicine than the power to cure psoriasis. Often after life therapy relief, a grateful person writes: thank you or thank you again for your energetic techniques which calmed my sore nerves. Making an appointment on my site for a rebalancing is an idea. The dowser and the ferryman can practice clairvoyance to trigger self-healing. The magnetic therapies that you do to the centimeters, relieve our scars. Magnetic appointment: both the magnetizer and the magnetizer are intuitive and subtle, and must be therapeutic. My grandfather doesn't sleepwalking, thank you. The magnetizer is not a magnet but, like a quantum physicist is intuitively capable of magnetizing globally.