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It's quite funny, how the roles are often reversed, that we give value to what shouldn't and that we confuse the good with the bad. I am writing this little text to follow up on an article that I read “Growing up in the shadow of a sick brother or sister” in Le Figaro on Monday, October 4, 2021.

It would be more painful to live in the same house with a person who suffers as being the person who suffers, because if it's true that you have to take care of it, there is exhaustion. But when you are simply a child who must avoid making noise, who is embarrassed by the cries of pain from his brother or sister, who is disturbed by the comings and goings of the medical world (nurse, nurse, caregiver ...), Madam journalist, you are certainly not a magnetizer, but are you really sure that it is not more painful to be the one who cries out in pain, who cannot move, than to be the one who can frolic, play and who, above all, has a future. At other times, I think you would have said you were dealing with a sociopath. I grant you that with the fact of being a magnetizer, my empathy is necessarily exacerbated. How can you say that you are disturbed by the cries of suffering from your neighbor who has cancer while having a good evening with friends?

How to develop universal love? It is also written in this article that "aggressiveness is a natural and necessary feeling within a sibling which also makes it possible to build and prepare for life in society". I don't have the same vision of life in society, for me the goal is not to live in guerrilla warfare or in civil war. As for the feeling of aggression, it is far from being natural and necessary in our times, unless, of course, you still live in a cave or want to eat your neighbor. It is the spirit of mutual aid, of unity, of belonging and above all of love that should predominate in a sibling orhow to connect with universal love? The child psychiatrist Olivier Revol, in the work of Muriel Scibilia says: "it is essential to allow the siblings to express their aggressiveness, to help them put into words what they feel". Again, how to receive universal love? no to aggression, yes to love, tenderness and compassion. What is right is that there is always dialogue in respect, without fear and without direct or indirect reprisals and conscious or unconscious.

A tree whose leaves are the hands of magnetizers of all sizes and colors.

How to feel universal love? It would be much better to make them understand that they really have a chance to start their life in better conditions, but without being ashamed of it, because what happens to another member of the family is not their fault. . This does not prevent being able to have suffering, fears or being harassed at certain times. In all of these cases, they need to know they have to talk.

According to a survey conducted by the Observatory of Family Life of Isère in 2016 among 1,220 families with one of the children with a disability, 33% of sisters and brothers suffer from the gaze of other children. I find that it is little, usually it is not 33, but more than 50% of children who suffer from the gaze of others.

The real case that is the most destructive for a child is to live in the shadow of a dead sister or brother who will always be the most beautiful, the most intelligent and the nicest. No adult will dare to question the suffering of an adult who has lost one of their children, although everyone knows that this is not fair and that it is very unhealthy for the parent. There we find ourselves in an inextricable situation, without a solution where the child cannot find his place, has no use and can learn nothing. Only a parent can help remedy the situation, without violence and without misunderstanding. The compassion of a magnetizer healer can logically be important.

How to contact universal love? These children growing up with a loved one "in pain" have the chance to experience life well before others. If instead of making these children jealous by putting them aside, they were allowed to find a place of choice in line with their age, without asking them for things beyond their means, then they would have the knowledge of the real ones. values, real needs, instability of situations that can tip over in a fraction of a second. Wishe of a magnetizer : above all, we could allow them to become understandable, tolerant, caring and loving beings for their loved ones and for the other participants in the creation of a less savage (less aggressive) and more loving society.


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