A magnetizer emits when he wants and only when he wants

The hands of the magnetizer hold a reiki ball which contains a red heart with a green background.

Animal heat and magnetizer

The magnetizers, since the origin, act on the weak magnetic potentiality of the individuals and the diseased or weakened organs with a magnetic energy contribution in the form of radiation, most often by laying on of hands.


This transfer of fluid, in reality of vibration, is felt most frequently by the sensation of heat. This heat is mild, but can become unbearable. This sensation is sometimes confused with animal heat.


A magnetizer emits this feeling when he wants and only when he wants it; it has nothing to do with heat as we understand it; there is no possible confusion with a blood person. The magnetizer can eat ice cream without melting it

Sur un fond bleu, les mains du magnétiseur rayonnent et émettent une lumière

Le magnétiseur et le juste milieu

The magnetiser's hand holds the terrestrial globe from which white light springs, all on a blue background.

The magnetizer line

For a long time, they have made our lives healthier in all areas. People rebel and get lost, they are in excess. All areas are concerned, medicine is no exception to this sad rule.

The middle way is the only one that is right. It seems harsh, impossible to keep, and yet so simple in reality. You have to have a calm and happy mind. It is essential to smile at the events, situations, words and actions that have the importance that we give them; they evaporate because they have no real existence.

We must erase any harmful thought from its conception, which appears for the performance of an act, of which we know its unhealthy nature.



In this period of Next New Age, there are always more new techniques known as positive energy. This market talks about the vibratory power of clairvoyance in order to induce a transformation of beliefs. The magnetism that the magnetizer uses is done in an energy office, false energy therapies are found in old beautiful hotels that are out of breath, in self-published books, more rarely in editions that desperately seek to diversify. . These different approaches draw on ancestral medicines. They first use the magnetizer with its magnetism, then they use the universal energy of the magnetizer from which substitutes such as qigong or more recently reiki emerge. They also make use of the latest advances in science which can be used to boost the phenomenon by being misguided.

Bioresonance or the quantum body exploits the idea that the organism is traversed by vibratory and informational flows. Doesn't that remind you of anything? When you rebalance the frequencies, which is the role of the magnetizer, this would allow you to work on your health, but also on the conduct of your life and in general on all the decisive issues. Yes, you found it, we are talking about magnetism. People who exploit the idea of ​​bioresonance think that quantum physics applies to the world of the infinitely small, but it also applies to the infinitely large and not just. In general, there is a lot of confusion with the term 'chakras', that is, how to use them and what is their interest.

Not having the capacities of magnetizers, people call themselves 'energy specialists'. Like the magnetizers, these energy companies take stock and then rebalance. The way they practice their assessment depends on the paid training they have received. They can look for meridians to rebalance or focus on the chakras.

The physiotherapist, mimicking the magnetizer, would like to listen to the body with his hands to discover the areas that are in excess or in lack of energy. He thinks, ignorantly, that the rebalancing can be done with the help of plants or crystals unlike magnetism.

Very clever people are already selling machines that claim, without physical contact, to be able to communicate vibrational information from bodies almost as well as the magnetizer. These people want to believe that energy rebalancing is now possible through computers and other digital processors. By thinking for 2 seconds it will be very easy for you to understand that "energetically speaking", there is a big concern.

The magnetizer et Next New Âge


RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) is yet another new therapy. unrelated to magnetizers.

It was a child psychologist who converted to a hypnotherapist who invented this commercial method. This process combines hypnosis, positive reinforcement, hypnotic trance and regression.

Practitioners of this therapy believe they have the ability to create new neural connections to initiate new behaviors.

The main difference with hypnosis is that the patient agrees to listen for 21 consecutive days to the recording of the session, with an average duration of 2 hours, which has been given to him.

Why are so many new techniques constantly appearing? The reason is relatively simple. When you are not able to help others, it is on the other hand very easy to invent a new technique with a mix of what already exists. This makes it possible to sell courses that are so much more expensive that one can dangle amazing consultation prices. For example, within the framework of the RTT we speak of consultation at 200 or even 250 €. It is not forbidden to pay the magnetizer the same amount!