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Magnetizer reviews and commentary of remote magnetism

Thank you for all these expressions of sympathy, some are posted here.

The term magnetizer opinion or opinion magnetizer groups together the testimonials of thanks and the opinions of gratitude on the results of the professional published and received.


Mrs R

17 years that I have known you ... after a stroke at 24 you helped me overcome this trauma, my anxieties and surely saved me from depression and I was able to move forward. Today you have been following my daughters since they were very young. I still remember the day I brought you Valentine at the age of 3 months covered with eczema from head to toe. I was desperate to see her like this ! You warned us that it would take a few weeks. But the result was there. The last visit, on Saturday, you had treated his head, the following Thursday, I called you to tell you that the eczema had disappeared ... and the hair started to grow! It was extraordinary. Thanks to you, she escaped all those bad creams and other drugs. Of course, for her food allergies we followed the medical protocol, but you relieved Valentine at the same time and all your advice helped us. We thank you again.



Thank you for the healing of my eczema which I had for 05 years.



Thanks for your help.


 Mr P

You were kind enough to receive me on Saturday ... at 8:30 a.m. for pain in my left elbows

I am pleased to let you know that as of Monday, I felt nothing, for which I congratulate you wholeheartedly.

To date, there has been no recurrence. With my sincere thanks ...


 M C

Thank you for supporting me through difficult times.

Thank you again for the quality of your work.


B G - F R de Corse (Remote treatment)

Thank you Mr. Carbone


Mrs Mr G L 23000 Creuse

With all our thanks.


Mrs M P 87000 Haute-Vienne

I want to thank you for your good care. For your warm welcome.


Mrs J C

With some delay, I come to thank you for the care you lavished on my little girl.

His eczema is gone.


Mrs M S from Charente-Maritime (17)

My son (little baby of five less) had a fever of 40 ° for 48 hours, we had gone to see the doctor, he had had medicines which had proved to be ineffective. He was crying with pain (colic) and the temperature did not drop. We had the opportunity on the morning of July 14 to have my sister on the phone who advised us to go see Monsieur Carbone, who could perhaps do something for our baby. The latter immediately agreed to receive us, our son was screaming in pain, he laid him down, magnetized him and reassured us by telling us that in the same day around 6.30 p.m. the fever would drop and that our baby was going to feel better and that's what happened exactly as he predicted.

Our son had contacted a microbe at the maternity hospital which caused him colic and fevers after having been to Monsieur Carbone, the microbe has definitely disappeared.


Mr S K from Meurthe et Moselle (54)

Consultation for very disabling migraines.

After two sessions, the care provided allowed me to lead a normal life and resume my sports activities.

The migraines have completely disappeared, which allowed me to obtain a 1st Dan Karate black belt a few months later.


Mr M 16100 Cognac

My wife asks me to thank you for the improvement you have given her with regard to heart ailments, tinnitus and initially, yeast infection of the mouth.

Please accept, Sir, with my thanks, my best regards.


Mr M department 88

Dear Sir,

I hope that since my visit to cure my warts, you have been able to do other "miracles" with other people.

Here, in the Vosges, no one returns from my hands which are now magnificent. Thank you again for that.

Good continuation.



Your help is always precious to us and we thank you very much.


Ms. B department 59

Dear Mr. Carbone,

Your intervention on my ankle having proved effective, I want to let you know - So you have done a good job! I congratulate you and send you my warmest thanks.

With my most grateful feelings.


I G, J (Remote processing)

Mr Carbone,

I take pleasure in writing you these few words from Mexico where I have a good time in my fat family and do not forget to thank you for what you have done for me throughout this ordeal which allowed me to get out of it definitively and especially to live again.


Mr F D from Courbevoie

Mr. Carbone,

I called you to ask if you could intervene on my father who had liver and intestinal cancer. After asking me for information, you told me that you could do nothing and instead comforted me. My father has since passed away. I appreciate your talking to me in such a simple way and I think that helped, in part, to manage my sentence. Best regards.


Mrs H M from Annecy

Dear Sir,

We thank you for the beneficial treatments given to my husband and for the care you continued to pay him afterwards.

Receive our best memory. Make an appointment online.  Make an appointment online.


Mrs D de la gironde


Thank you for your care. Receive, Sir, my sincere greetings.


Mrs G (Remote treatment)

Simply thank you.

I no longer have pain in my arm.

Best regards.




Healing of my 1 year old daughter. She suffered from a repeated kidney infection, this was due to the dysfunction of the Valve.

After your consultation, I noticed a great improvement, then the recovery of my child - Radiology done with the medical authorities.

My daughter, now 9 years old, has had no trace of her illness.


Mr P B from the North

Following the consultation that you were kind enough to give me, I am pleased to inform you that I was able to give up my cane because the improvement in my knee was very sensitive and was constantly accentuated. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

I am therefore delighted with your intervention and ask you to accept my very sincere thanks.

Mr M D

Thank you for the healing of the prostate, two astonished doctors.



I am really very happy to have come from Tours to consult Mr. Carbon who solved a problem for which no one had found the solution


Mrs S

This little note to thank you for having looked after me, I am really satisfied and if I have another concern I will come to see you without problem.

Thank you very much sir.


M V S de Normandie (Remote treatment)

Mr. Carbone,

Thanks for your dedication.

I will not forget you.


M N from Australia (Remote processing) 
Dear Mr. Carbone, 
with many thanks.
Best regards.

Mr S

Suffering from disabling migraines with nausea and vomiting, I consulted Mr. CARBONE who provided me with care whose beneficial effects were not long in being felt. Indeed, my migraines quickly disappeared and I no longer need to lie in the dark and take restrictive pain relief treatment. I was even able to resume the practice of a regular sporting activity. A big thank you to M. CARBONE!

FR de Rochefort

Your help has been invaluable. Thank you very much for your advice and your listening, always very logical and reassuring. 

Best regards.

D M (Remote processing) 

The eyes are improving. Thank you for your excellent care. Thank you for everything !




I wanted to express my thanks to you for your care.

First of all, your availability to listen to us and also your advice!

Without telling you anything, your quick and accurate diagnosis, I was suffering from a rapid heartbeat and great instability within me. In one session, I immediately found well-being and inner harmony.

Thanks again. Cordially.


Mrs F

The tension is fine, it is more or less stable. Thanks again


Mrs and Mr L


My husband and I would like to thank you for the care you gave us during our vacation in Royan.

You have succeeded in making health problems disappear where our doctor had failed.

You have also demonstrated a high quality of listening, which is often lacking for many therapists, whatever their areas of expertise.

Another big one, thank you.

Sincerely yours.


Reminder of the facts: when I came to consult you, I had been moving around painfully on crutches for 5 months. The problems started two years ago in the right knee.

The MRI revealed a very debilitating osteonecrosis as well as the displacement of the pain from right to left "see the second MRI".

Without a precise explanation from the medical profession, the consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs as well as cortisone infiltrations only partially relieved me.

Since the beginning of the year, I felt certain pains coming in the left knee, strangely reminding me of what I had already experienced in the right knee a year before. On new consultation, then MRI, the same scenario appeared in this knee.

The conventional treatments remaining ineffective, I had the idea of ​​coming to consult you.

Great good took me, during my sixth session, I came to see you without a crutch ...

I want to thank you for your empathy and especially for allowing me to resume a normal life.

With my thanks, please accept, Sir, the expression of my distinguished feelings.

P. L.

Thank you to Mr. Ludovic CARBONE for his professionalism, his listening skills, his patience and, who knew how to soothe my rheumatic pains, as well as my ailments of the soul.


A. from Charente

Hello, Mr. CARBONE,

Aline 39 years old.

Eye pressure maintained for 10 years.

Severe atopic dermatitis (eczema) on my daughter from the age of 3 months, treated.



Mrs P

For my part, I am very satisfied with Mr. CARBONE. Since going there, I have lost over 15 kilograms. My husband had shingles and he passed it the same day. We only have compliments for him. And even for a neighbor, back pain.

I forgot to tell you that I have introduced you to friends who are satisfied.


Mrs E P

Thank you Mr CARBONE for your good care after my intestinal perforation following a colonoscopy.

From Normandy (Remote processing)

Happy New Year.

Not a day goes by that I don't have a thought for you.

Thank you for everything.


Mrs L Mr G from Tours (Remote treatment)


Thank you for your intervention.

Best regards.


Mr D J

Thank you for the treatment you have given to my back.



Mrs F

Mr CARBONE, thank you for your good care. I no longer have a headache.

Thank you

Mrs P

For 14 days, I no longer "scratch" ...

It's a scoop ...

Well done the artist.

Mr V from Charente 

Mr. Carbon. Thank you and see you soon in Royan.


Mr G Mrs L (Remote treatment)

Mr CARBONE, thanking you for your intervention. Best regards.


Ms. S B d'Orleans (Remote processing)

Thank you again for C.

Good continuation, cordially.


Mr and Mrs V 

With our thanks

Mrs A

With many thanks.


Mr S

THANKS SO GOOD I have no more pain this morning.

Mrs P L

thank you for everything


Mrs L

I went to see Mr Carbone for intestinal pain which in my daily life was disturbing and since this pain has passed and I have resumed the course of a pleasant life,

thanks again.


20057 Vedamo al Lambro Italia (Italy) Ms. F.

Thanks for my infertility.


44000 Nantes Ms A Mr C

promise kept, a hello from Cantal.


75019 Paris Mrs. A. M.

A very big thank you, I am very grateful to you.


33000 Bordeaux Mrs. E. P.

Thank you M Carbone for the treatment on Saturday.


13000 Marseille Mr Mrs B. C.

Thank you for everything.


Central Asia, Turkmenistan Ms. B. C. 

Following your intervention, I no longer have tendonitis in my left arm and regain the mobility of my neck. My necks no longer bother me.

06000 Nice

With all our thanks.


Spain, 17474 Torroella de Fluvia, Girona Mr Mme J.-P. L.

Thank you very much for the precious help you give us.


01210 Ferney Voltaire, border town of Switzerland and Geneva Mrs. L. S.

For your work on my son and me, thank you again.


Belgium, 1000 Brussels

Thanks for your help on my lip herpes. With many thanks.


French West Indies, 97133 Saint-Barthélémy, overseas, Saint-Barth, French-speaking island of the Caribbean Mr T. D.

Thanks for removing the warts from my cock.


33000 Bordeaux

Ms. Thank you for your help with my shingles breast.

Mr My difficulty in walking due to the pain in my back has almost completely disappeared.

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Magnetizer reviews on the internet

Incredible but true. He has an impressive gift for magnetism.

My daughter's hair problems are quickly disappearing and her stress is reduced. Well done !


The place is welcoming. Osteoarthritis problem resolved in 2 sessions after having been in pain for 4 years. Bravo Mr Carbone and thank you. I recommend.


High efficiency to solve my so called problem with no solution.


A great man.


I am really very happy to have come from Tours to consult Mr. Carbone who solved a problem for me so no one had found the solution I strongly recommend him and thank him.

Effective re-harmonization.

Exceptional experience since my re-harmonization session, I am another woman.

Magnetizer review on the internet of remote magnetism

Incredible but true. He has an impressive gift for magnetism.

My daughter's hair problems are quickly disappearing and her stress is reduced. Well done !


The place is welcoming. Osteoarthritis problem resolved in 2 sessions after having been in pain for 4 years. Bravo Mr Carbone and thank you. I recommend.


High efficiency to solve my so called problem with no solution.


A great man.


I am really very happy to have come from Tours to consult Mr. Carbone who solved a problem for me so no one had found the solution I strongly recommend him and thank him.

Effective re-harmonization.

Exceptional experience since my re-harmonization session, I am another woman.

Testimonials on magnetism and opinions on magnetizer

Grateful people give an opinion on the magnetizer after soothing painful areas of lumbago or herniated disc following energy blockages. The advisory follows the well-being of the spine, stomach and back pain through the universal energy of healing magnetism. It makes the connection between the passing magnetizer and the painful area of the sprain or sprains with the rebalancing by magnetic fluid of the patient's body which triggers the tingling of the meridians. Reviews of magnetizers are made after the magnetizer healer magnetic passes to relieve headache or sciatica pain. Sometimes, these opinions come during real sharing in energy therapy on the vertebrae with an analgesic effect on chronic pain: stiff neck, back pain, cramps or neck pain. It is rare that from the first session of the magnetizer fire helmsman to heal burns by laying on of hands that advice is given but, after several sessions to relieve the ailment by power in the hands, it is more common than the notice is given. It is pleasant for a magnetizer to receive an opinion after cures, by his energy treatments, on painful nerves or skin problems or for the helping relationship on endometriosis without massaging, the energy treatment triggers relaxation and allows to calm inflammation.

The magnetizing testimony is useful in making known the power in the hands of the healer over blood circulation or painful periods. A person happy with the relief of his morphine-free sunburn by the magnetizer fire-cutter gives his testimony as, the former smoker and his quitting smoking or the being no longer having a migraine as a result of his relapses itching. The person satisfied with the magnetizer testifies to relieve him of the placebo effect because he is grateful for the unconventional healing process of the pains related to his lumbar region by energetic techniques of the painful disc area.

The testimonies on the magnetizers energy healers are legion. We find the cases of: neuralgia, nerve, lumbar; the healing medium magnetizer with his remedies to alleviate discomfort and herpes; the healing power can relieve spinal pain differently from the osteopath; the pathology of the sciatic nerve following physical activity which finds a remedy with the energetic magnetizer. Magnetizing without side effects on psychic therapies by the passes a few centimeters from the body-physical by healers and healers is in the curative testimony of inflammatory constipation. Traditional healers use magnetic life energy to treat painful arthritis and muscle aches. Alternative therapeutic medicines sometimes receive a testimony: thank you for the pain-relieving effect on my muscle by acupressure but without touch-massage; my anti-inflammatory paracetamol practice wanted to claim to cure much better than animal magnetism which relieves its joints. Magnetic magnets for joint pain do not give testimony as for the energeticists of the human body.

The opinion or testimony of the esoteric magnetizer communicates information on how to relieve to rebalance the digestive and lower back levels.