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The shingles vaccine and the magnetizer

A left hand with a green gain holds a syringe and a dose of shingles vaccine.
Zoster vaccine

A shingles vaccine?

I learned 42 years ago that shingles is very contagious, but in reality I have never seen two cases in the same family. I also learned that grandparents affected by shingles could give chickenpox to their grandchildren, this has never been verified either.

Shingles is a branch of chickenpox. We can hear two versions:

- the placebo effect: doing chickenpox protects against a new infection with chickenpox and shingles

- the nocebo effect: even more interesting! With chickenpox, the shingles virus stays in ninja mode for centuries for vampires or years for others.

The vaccine is intended for all people over 50 (30% reimbursement by the CSG for 65-74 years old). It is intended for people with a less efficient immune system, but is not indicated for severe impaired immunity!

The shingles has adapted. It now affects all ages, even very young children, and you don't have to be tired or upset anymore.

By magnetism, it must be treated in one session with a cure after 7 days.

For more information on zoster.


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