My Magnetizer Services

Ludovic Carbone

A magnetized water bottle wrapped in aluminum foil and a non-magnetized glass water bottle lie on a chessboard.
Magnetized cotton wrapped in aluminum foil and pre-cut, non-magnetized cotton wool lie on a painter's canvas.
A border collie dog runs happily among the flowers by the action of the magnetizer.

Dog - Cat

Ludovic Carbone

I take care of treating dogs, cats and other hairballs that make your daily life happy.

As with humans, animals are sensitive to magnetic energy.

A Maine Coon cat receives care from the magnetizer in the garden.

Cotton magnetized

Ludovic Carbone

Magnetized cotton like magnetized water can be used for people who are far from my office or who cannot move for themselves or for a loved one and to complete certain sessions, such as very complex ones or in addition for people having to leave for displacement (or inhabitants very far).

For painful areas, the application of magnetized cotton brings relief quickly.

Magnetized water

Ludovic Carbone

Magnetized water can help you with allergies, especially ENT type allergies and, in the context of osteoarthritis, magnetized water will provide relief with less stiffness upon awakening.

The water will not be disinfected by magnetism, but magnetized water can help your body disinfect itself by affecting your metabolism and boosting your immune system.

A pony in a flowery meadow advances towards the magnetizer to receive magnetism.
Remote homeopathy test box
Athletes have received help from the magnetizer and are rowing in turquoise water.
magnétiseur test.jpg



Homeopathy Phytotherapy

Ludovic Carbone

Thanks to tests carried out by me beforehand, I know exactly which homeopathic treatment is best for you.

In this video, you will be happy to hear that I am doing homeopathy consultations again.