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  • Universal love and magnetizer healer

    It's quite funny, how the roles are often reversed, that we give value to what shouldn't and that we confuse the good with the bad. I am writing this little text to follow up on an article that I read “Growing up in the shadow of a sick brother or sister” in Le Figaro on Monday, October 4, 2021. It would be more painful to live in the same house with a person who suffers as being the person who suffers, because if it's true that you have to take care of it, there is exhaustion. But when you are simply a child who must avoid making noise, who is embarrassed by the cries of pain from his brother or sister, who is disturbed by the comings and goings of the medical world (nurse, nurse, caregiver ...), Madam journalist, you are certainly not a magnetizer, but are you really sure that it is not more painful to be the one who cries out in pain, who cannot move, than to be the one who can frolic, play and who, above all, has a future. At other times, I think you would have said you were dealing with a sociopath. I grant you that with the fact of being a magnetizer, my empathy is necessarily exacerbated. How can you say that you are disturbed by the cries of suffering from your neighbor who has cancer while having a good evening with friends? How to develop universal love? It is also written in this article that "aggressiveness is a natural and necessary feeling within a sibling which also makes it possible to build and prepare for life in society". I don't have the same vision of life in society, for me the goal is not to live in guerrilla warfare or in civil war. As for the feeling of aggression, it is far from being natural and necessary in our times, unless, of course, you still live in a cave or want to eat your neighbor. It is the spirit of mutual aid, of unity, of belonging and above all of love that should predominate in a sibling orhow to connect with universal love? The child psychiatrist Olivier Revol, in the work of Muriel Scibilia says: "it is essential to allow the siblings to express their aggressiveness, to help them put into words what they feel". Again, how to receive universal love? no to aggression, yes to love, tenderness and compassion. What is right is that there is always dialogue in respect, without fear and without direct or indirect reprisals and conscious or unconscious. How to feel universal love? It would be much better to make them understand that they really have a chance to start their life in better conditions, but without being ashamed of it, because what happens to another member of the family is not their fault. . This does not prevent being able to have suffering, fears or being harassed at certain times. In all of these cases, they need to know they have to talk. According to a survey conducted by the Observatory of Family Life of Isère in 2016 among 1,220 families with one of the children with a disability, 33% of sisters and brothers suffer from the gaze of other children. I find that it is little, usually it is not 33, but more than 50% of children who suffer from the gaze of others. The real case that is the most destructive for a child is to live in the shadow of a dead sister or brother who will always be the most beautiful, the most intelligent and the nicest. No adult will dare to question the suffering of an adult who has lost one of their children, although everyone knows that this is not fair and that it is very unhealthy for the parent. There we find ourselves in an inextricable situation, without a solution where the child cannot find his place, has no use and can learn nothing. Only a parent can help remedy the situation, without violence and without misunderstanding. The compassion of a magnetizer healer can logically be important. How to contact universal love? These children growing up with a loved one "in pain" have the chance to experience life well before others. If instead of making these children jealous by putting them aside, they were allowed to find a place of choice in line with their age, without asking them for things beyond their means, then they would have the knowledge of the real ones. values, real needs, instability of situations that can tip over in a fraction of a second. Wishe of a magnetizer : above all, we could allow them to become understandable, tolerant, caring and loving beings for their loved ones and for the other participants in the creation of a less savage (less aggressive) and more loving society.

  • The Headache and the magnetizer

    Is a tsunami just a big wave? No, it's a gigantic wave. The same goes for migraine and headache. The number of attacks in the life of a migraine sufferer is very variable. If some get by with one or two attacks per year, others have one or two per month which causes real physical and psychological distress. Until now, during chronic or severe migraines, for people racist towards magnetizers, there are non-specific fund treatments, such as beta-blockers, antiepileptics, even certain antidepressants which would sometimes allow, with a more or less high efficacy and significant side effects, to relieve patients or to space out attacks, although this is difficult to verify. For these people with heavy prejudices, the arrival of a new treatment will perhaps allow them to also have their own miracle. CGRP is a protein released by neurons during a migraine attack (neuropeptide). New treatments are drugs that neutralize this protein. These drugs are monoclonal antibodies injected subcutaneously monthly. 45,000 people in France would be eligible for these treatments. But they must have migraines at least 8 days a month, be intolerant or have failed at least 2 treatments they usually take. In countries that have used anti-CGRP for 2 to 3 years, 75% of patients have a 60% decrease in their seizures. To date, in France, on November 5, 2021, there are 3 anti-CGRP antibodies available only on prescription from a neurologist: Aimovig, Ajovy and Emgality. The treatment is not reimbursed by the CSG and costs more than € 3,000 annually. And to think that there are still fools to find expensive the price of 30 € at the magnetizer. The reimbursement requests were refused by the French health authorities because the international studies were not conducted not versus another drug, but versus placebo. The laboratories, to unblock their problems of financial gains, have just made a new request for reimbursement with an “appropriate” study. They hope, after acceptance of this study, to obtain reimbursement for the product and, by a ricochet effect, to have the other 2 products reimbursed. The goal is that a patient who does not respond to one treatment can try the other and end up with the 3rd treatment, regardless of the order. Gépans are oral anti-I-CGRP which will appear in the coming years for the treatment of migraine attacks. Botox type A has obtained an official indication in chronic migraine since May 2021. Neurologists are trained in its administration by injection into the face and neck. The injections last about twenty minutes and take place every 3 months. They are performed only in a specialized service, preferably in a clinic or hospital. The goal is to block pain information by inhibiting CGRB. This treatment is reserved for those who do not respond or are intolerant to other DMARDs and who have a chronic migraine (8 or more days of migraine per me). Botox would significantly decrease the intensity or frequency of migraine or headache days. In the United States, there are clinical trials that combine botox injections with anti-CGRP. Soon, new recommendations for the management of migraine will be given to doctors. Since 2012 there had been none. The new recommendations obviously include anti-CGRP, but what changes the most is paracetamol, which is no longer holy. It will be recommended to give it in first intention only for those who have intolerance to triptans or anti-inflammatory drugs. The recommendations are also to take an anti-inflammatory or a triptan (in case of a strong seizure) as soon as possible and at the latest within the time of the onset of symptoms. For severe migraines linked to periods or those occurring at night, it is the combination of triptan and anti-inflammatory. As dentists have long understood, it is a good idea to stop the seizure as quickly as possible from the start before the seizure starts, because then it is difficult to stop. We have to act fast and hard. Last information, sometimes you can hear migraine attacks with aura, It is no more and no less of what until now was called ophthalmic migraine. Visual auras are the most common and are characterized by bright spots with sometimes a reduced visual field or blurred vision. Aphasic auras are language disorders. The person, while understanding well what is said to him, can no longer express himself with the right words. Sensory auras are tingling, tingling in the interior of the mouth, around the mouth or in an arm. The headache sometimes sets in after the aura wears off. These symptoms are neurological and logically occur before the headache and are reversible. They intensify in a short time and sometimes last less than 10 minutes, the average being around 30 minutes.

  • Strokes without risk factors

    People without risk factors -tobacco, cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension nor a family history of cardiovascular disease are still victims of stroke and heart attack. Cardiologists sometimes struggle to explain why people without risk factors die of stroke or heart attack. Several international teams who were conducting research on schizophrenia for some, for leukemia for others, have observed in some patients a significant accumulation of abnormal stem cells in the bone marrow where they gradually take the place of healthy cells. The vast majority of these patients never had hematologic cancer, but had, even in the absence of any other risk factor, a higher than average risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Dr. Siddhartha Jaiswal of Stanford University details that “clonal hematopoiesis (name given to this condition) multiplies by 2.5 the risk of stroke and by 2 the risk of coronary heart disease (infarction). "It is as much as smoking, diabetes or high cholesterol." Mutations are not hereditary; they affect 2.5% of people over 50 and 12.5% of over 70. Professor Jean Ferrières from the Toulouse University Hospital and the French Federation of Cardiology underlines "At this frequency, there are quite rare mutations, but there may be others to explore". Detection of these mutations by a blood DNA test is possible, but experts do not recommend identifying carriers: "At present, there is no treatment to offer these people" explains Dr. Siddhartha Jaiswal . Even if the mechanisms by which these mutations promote cardiovascular risk are still poorly understood, it is obvious that these mutations promote atherosclerosis (formation of plaques in the blood vessels which, by accumulating or becoming detached, cause strokes and infarcts). We must try to limit atherosclerosis (these plaques evolve slowly). There is a therapeutic avenue around chronic inflammation. The prescription of aspirin could be considered preventively. We should not forget the Carbone Magnetizer! Even if there are genetic susceptibilities, families will be more at risk of having a particular pathology. Most important is the enormous influence of our environment. The lifestyle we adopt, the air we breathe and what we eat activate or inhibit some of our genes. We are a stakeholder in our life, it is about making the symphony that we create with interactions with our environment ring true. The human genome has 23,000 genes, but does the same gene necessarily give the same characteristic in two people? No. The genetic material is identical in identical twins. Confronted with different environments, they do not have the same diseases. Humans, magnetizers, have a real action potential on their genome, the modifications are reversible, the environment activates a gene and a change in external influences deactivates this same gene, and vice versa. It is essential to learn to manage stress, it is necessary to walk, to take pleasure in what you do, to pay attention to what you eat and to remember to ventilate yourself well. Small molecules that influence gene expression are produced by these five points.

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  • Magnetizer | Royan

    Reference site Magnetizer Carbone Everything you always wanted to know about magnetizers. Find all the answers: prices, duration of a session, for whom, history of magnetists, information, opinions and testimonials, remote treatment. And many other things. Magnetizer, health procedure applicable in the context of the fight against the coronavirus. Make an appointment preferably with direct access to the magnetizer agenda. by clicking on the "Make an appointment" tab at the top. I avoid answering phone calls during consultations. Thanks for your understanding. The magnetizer My work as a magnetizer begins with a precise analysis of energy, mental, circulatory, nervous and mechanical functioning which gives a relevant vision of the disturbances, dysfunctions, tensions and blockages and regenerates them by magnetic harmonization. I have been welcoming you for 42 years in Royan (17). I treat with my bare hands without medication. My magnetism is based on a causal approach. I strive to treat the cause of ailments with reasoning. I consider all effects to have a cause and therefore treat the cause upstream of the symptoms and the symptoms themselves. I study the human body as a set of systems in permanent interaction with each other and with the environments that surround the human body on multiple levels. ​ Magnetism curatif is not a medical procedure, it is intended to treat different ailments and is compatible with any medical treatment. Ludovic Carbone, magnetizer of national and international reputation, can help you throughout your life with magnetism. WHAT IS MAGNETISM? On the magnetism page, you will find the sections "magnetizer price" - "how long does a session last" - etc ... Magnetism modifies certain areas of the brain associated with the regulation of emotions. We can observe on medical imaging a decrease in the activity of the amygdala of the brain, that of stress and fear, and the strengthening of other areas. Clearly, magnetism practiced regularly has a positive effect on the body, because it acts on immunity, cellular aging and inflammation. All the parameters of aging and the onset of diseases are reduced. With the magnetizer, we increase the chances of aging better. ​ Magnetism is the solution to fight against the negative emotions, the anger, the stress which decentralizes your "chakras". Magnetism puts back in place the offsets of your "chakras" which cause stress and negative emotions ... See the section: Magnetism Learn more The advantages of the magnetizer Galvanize the mind and body, bring down the level of fatigue, relax the muscles, relieve the joints… These are the strengths of the magnetizer. You feel the energy transfers accompanied by sensations, heat or others, and, without prompting, even being (perfectly) in tune with your body. A one hour session is enough to achieve complete rebalancing. What you feel, what you think, depends on your energetic, psychic, physiological state. The energizing action of the magnetizer is radical to drive out the bad waves that hover in your body, in your head or in the air. This ancestral technique of stimulation, often by heat, of energy points seduces the planet. This practice promotes fascinating physiological changes and emotional well-being, in addition to stress management. Magnetism boosts the immune system and metabolism like never before. Learn or relearn to trust yourself, have your senses awake, follow your flair, be in full awareness, while keeping the connection to the earth. I have known M Carbone for several years now. He relieved me many times from back pain. Lately I had (intense) dizziness that the medicine could not cure (the diagnosis was made but there was no treatment to cure or even relieve). I called on M Carbone and in a few sessions my dizziness almost disappeared. My daily life which had become hell has become livable again. A big thank you to M Carbone for his availability. March 4, 2018 Delphine B. READ MORE TESTIMONIALS Magnetized water and magnetized cotton You can prolong a session of my human magnetism by magnetized water or by magnetized cotton. ​ One of the big advantages of magnetized water and magnetized cotton is that the benefits are felt very quickly. As noted above, it is imperative that you are the only person handling magnetized water or magnetized cotton. ​ Prices and details for magnetized water ​ Prices and information for magnetized cotton On the data page you will find the following: - the history of magnetism. - the different magnetizers. - the profession of Magnetizer. - My YouTube videos. - opinions. - in the tutorial: you will find answers to your questions. Learn more A view of the magnetizer's office I provide real support to all athletes, whether they are amateurs or experienced. All sports practitioners know it: to progress, you have to be able to recover quickly and efficiently. Magnetism is a gentle, natural and effective care method that can heal horses and other equines such as ponies and donkeys from a distance. Magnetism is also very useful for racehorses who undergo intensive training and have very stressed joints and tendons. As far as distance magnetism is concerned, the notion of time and space must be understood differently. I am indeed able to act on past or future events to alleviate the evils that appear in a present reality. I use my energy flow to restore the disturbed organism. The notion of distance is not an obstacle for me who am able to treat and cure various ailments, despite the distance from the physical body.I connect remotely to the mental and emotional body and focus on the area (s) to be treated. homeopathy In this video, you will be happy to know that I am doing homeopathy consultations again and I am giving you all the information. A view of the magnetizer's office In the "Articles" page, you will find the following: - my blog ; - the Gazette du Magnétiseur; - answers to the questions asked; - health information; - all the information on shingles; - to finish and relax: Covid-19. Learn more Magnétiseur Carbone Acne and the magnetizer Can pregnancy be an aggravating factor? Can we touch the buttons? 1,452 47 likes. Post not marked as liked 47 Magnétiseur Carbone Probiotics and magnetizer When does your intestinal flora regain possession of your intestines? Are there studies to show depression? 1,743 21 likes. Post not marked as liked 21 Magnétiseur Carbone The magnetizer and animal magnetism Exchange of fluids between two people. 859 25 likes. Post not marked as liked 25 Three posts from my blog The magnetizer realigns the mind and the physical to optimize the functioning of the body. It is an ancient science in the service of the harmony of the bodies. Magnetism is a science which proposes to put or put back its health between four energies in order to keep or to find, then to maintain its vital balance. What better task than: · to allow you to regain your freedom of thought, feeling and of course movement; · to free yourself from the evils that have gripped you for a short time or for a long time; · to allow your mind and body to accompany you as harmoniously and for a long time as possible. The magnetizer clears energy blockages by restarting the flow of energy throughout the body. After locating the tensions and dysfunctions of the organism, it eliminates them and restores the balance: harmonization of vital energies, release of stress, relief of muscular and nervous tensions, deep relaxation and state of relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, activation of the lymphatic system, elimination of toxins. It is true, a British study found, that heat, from 40 ° C, has analgesic properties by bypassing the propagation of the message to pain receptors. However, the heat given off by the energy of the magnetizer has multiple blows: it restores the flow of vital energy by suppressing inflammation, dilates blood vessels by facilitating blood circulation and relaxes contracted organs. Do not overlook its action on the emotions, the lower mind and the (causal) spirit. The magnetizer has many qualities The laying on of hands, because it helps to free oneself from addictions and has anti-stress and pain-relieving effects, is a fundamental principle which is gaining more and more followers. Shall we get started? ​ Non-invasive, painless and ultra effective as long as it is applied correctly, magnetism allows you to be calmer, to rebalance bodily energies as well as emotional and mental energies (lower and higher). It helps to resolve tobacco addictions, to reduce pain (low back pain, tendonitis, migraines, etc.), to resolve sleep problems and phobias. Without forgetting the support of people who wish to lose weight. ​ In short, even if since the 20th century, it should not replace medical treatment, it should play a role in many treatment protocols. The first comic book-type writings are found on monolithic stones and date back to the 12,000th century BC. However, this innate art has been envied for a very long time. In the 16th century, Jesuits brought acupuncture to the West. Given its lack of effectiveness, this new technique fell into oblivion after after getting off to a fine start in the 20th century. Then, in the nineteenth century, a confusion arises with hypnosis because of a very distant resemblance to the magnetic sleep sometimes induced by the magnetizer. Hypnosis will also be forgotten and reappear in the 21st century. ​ The magnetizer envisions the body or more exactly the being in a multi-dimensional geographic way, as if it were a galaxy. Like a planet that has, among other things, channels in which water circulates, humans are traversed by a magnetic field like the earth. This magnetic field responds to stress, but unlike the acupuncturist, the magnetizer knows that the seasons have no interference. For the magnetizer, the energy, which we will say vital, which bore and still bears many names or abbreviations according to the hemispheres and the times, circulates in the periphery and in the depth of the being, in connection with different constitutional layers. Magnetizer and diabetes The magnetizer has a role to play in diabetes, we only talk about diabetes from 1.26 g / l (fasting blood sugar). Normal fasting rate 0.85 to 1.10 g / l. The level between 1.10 and 1.26 g / L indicates that you should eat less sugar and exercise: this is not prediabetes and there is no sign of the disease. Magnetizer Smoking cessation The analyzes indicate that the normal vape is not without danger. Its long-term effects are otherwise unknown. 50% of active smokers die of their smoking (78,000 deaths in France). The French who try to quit smoking prefer the e-cigarette to the magnetizer, while the latter does not represent any risk in stopping smoking. However, the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in smoking cessation remains debated, because there is a lack of randomized trials to compare the two approaches. ​ The magnetiser's approach is attractive, especially since its field of action is aimed at everyone, from fertility, from newborns to seniors, and concerns all kinds of ailments, musculoskeletal disorders (torticollis, sprain, lumbago ...), gynecological problems ... People who come to see a magnetiser for the first time often consider it to be the last chance solution. Additional information: healer and magnetizer Thanks to human magnetism, we know that the organism absorbs and conveys many energy flows. The magnetizer harmonizes these energy flows which act on the psychic and physical level. ​ Magnetizer and healer The body. For our elders, the source of healing is in the ability to change our life, for illnesses happen for that. Even if this is sometimes true, the disease becomes a chance, it is far from always the case. The magnetizer raises awareness and supports change. Magnetism works wonders to have or to regain self-confidence. This vital energy acts on the proteins which have a role in longevity, it allows the lengthening of the telomeres located on the chromosomes, limiting the damage caused by certain chronic diseases. "When it is peaceful, they are happy" says the old text. The functioning of the real brain influences the physical brain, then by cascade, all the cells of our body. Stimulation by magnetism induces reactions at the same time on the psyche, the mind, the heart, etc. In spring and autumn, the organism does not wake up and do not fall asleep, but there are modifications to cope with external changes, so it can be useful for some people to be energetically rebalanced. Like any electrical device, the brain is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy. By using the nervous system, it has an action on the activity of cells. My research allows me to use the electromagnetic emissions of the brain as a complement. The brain is able to reshape its connections, this is neuronal plasticity. The magnetizer is able to act on genetic plasticity. The magnetizer will activate, stimulate, repair or energize one or more intersections. Intersection with two, three or four "waves" which leads to chain reactions. Or else it transmits energy, vitality to trigger the forces of compensation and defense. The magnetizer acts on a broader conception of health, integrating physical, psychic and social aspects: to what extent has your physical or mental state disturbed your relations with friends, neighbors, family, etc. The magnetizer improves the quality of life. ​ Epigenetic Magnetizer If genetics determine the general traits and physical aspects of the person, epigenetics studies the changes, for good or for bad, that the environment can bring to our genome, our hereditary heritage. To act consciously on your health: use common sense, consult a magnetiser, have a tangible pleasure in living, manage your stress well, eat healthily and exercise. (Measure the so-called methylation marks on the genes) The goal is not to become a cane, but to give the flick to restart the "mechanics". This is why, apart from the particular, problematic pathologies, it is better that it is the patient himself who decides to come to consult. There is no point in coming after a week when things are going well as or is no point in making an appointment in 5 weeks, when it is no longer going after 10 days. ​ Who can do the most can do the least, when the energy centers are blocked, nothing works. To (re) tie with plenitude, find or regain your emotional balance and fight against tensions, you have to (re) tune your "chakras". The magnetizer integrates the energetic, the spiritual, the physical and the emotional. It approaches being in a holistic way. It represents a kind of therapeutic booster that allows a spectacular and profound transformation. One day, INSERM will study the effects of magnetism on the brain using brain imaging. Quantum physics shows that we are immersed in a world of waves and vibrations with which we interact. Last question: can you tell me about the energy that can be taken from trees? The magnetizing tree is one of urban legends. On the one hand, in autumn the energy of the trees goes back down to the roots (perhaps making the pear tree) and in winter, there is certainly an extraordinary energy circulating in the tree! On the other hand, if it is true that everything that lives has a vibratory field, can a tree help a mammal? the answer is no, no more than an insect can magnetize a plant. Information by carbon magnetizer: latest news The magnetizer must untie the threads of the invisible, lift the veil of the supernatural and allow the general public to become sensitive to the waves. The history of magnetism deals with the wonders, the fears of yesterday until our contemporary period. To start reading is to force yourself to reread it. There you will find the science of an unknown world, beyond ethics. The electrified interest generated by this site can help reduce prejudice through the wealth of information. This site is essential for your knowledge of our time and of yourself. ​ Modern medical knowledge, the treatments dispensed by doctors, surgeons and magnetizers are complementary. Both use their methods to be helpful. Ancient medicine rejected magnetism. Currently, mentalities are changing, even if indecrottables think of the placebo effect and go so far as to accuse of simulation or psychological debility the incurables improved by the magnetizer. Whether you are convinced or not, you know that the gaze is heavy, penetrating or comforting; the distressing, unpleasant, reassuring or seductive voice, the threatening or calming gesture. You are likely to benefit from magnetic fluid. ​ The magnetizer is much more than a pain wrestler, he is a specialist in existence. The only thing that matters to him is you, maximum well-being thanks to your good alignment. ​ Magnetizers are specialists in energy, mind, emotions and therefore the nervous system. They cause the stimulation of your own self-healing and defense mechanisms, well-being is also created by the action on the spine. ​ Magnetizers watch over and provide for the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the individual by working on the square of health, freeing the person from these old and recent ailments. There is connection between the mind, the emotional and the physical allowing the energy to flow freely and the nerve impulse to pass freely, which optimizes the functioning of the body. ​ How does a magnetizer work? ​ Magnetizers act on the weak magnetic potential of individuals with a magnetic energy supply, most often by laying on of hands. This transfer of magnetism is most frequently felt by heat and should not be confused with animal heat. A magnetizer emits this feeling when he wants and only when he wants it. The healers and healers make energy treatments by laying on of hands and magnetic passes, they are traditional healers. These energeticians act on the weak magnetic potential of individuals with a magnetic energy contribution, most often by the power in the hands. Energy rebalancing is an energy therapy that treats the whole patient's body and souls, it is a path of life and true sharing. Human health is grateful after a magnetization consultation request. The power of the hands uses different techniques to relieve pain. Traditional medicine is at the service of conventional medicine. The magnetizing healer uses universal energy without side effects. The magnetized woman is grateful, after each session, for her healer who is not a reiki master because she obtains the ability to heal her energy system. ​ Natural remedy for painful periods What if you turned to a gentle method for period pain? Find out which one may be right for you. When the flow of vital energy is disrupted, symptoms appear: among others pain, especially that felt during PMS. By restoring the good circulation of vital energy in the body, the magnetizer releases tension and thus induces not an analgesic effect, but a real suppression of this pain. The heat released by the energy of magnetism on the lower abdomen calms spasms by relaxing the contracted organs and dilating the blood vessels; it also facilitates blood circulation. From the first days of the cycle or the first pains, make an appointment. ​ Magnetizers, from the start, act on the low magnetic potential of individuals: the rest of the article ​ ​ ​ 13 rules for aging well: ​ 1) consult a magnetizer; 2) eliminate all industrial food; 3) avoid cold cuts and grilled meats; 4) decrease sugar (it hides everywhere); 5) no tobacco; 6) limit, see removing wine (alcohols); 7) consume seasonal vegetables and fruits at full maturity; 8) prefer organic as much as possible; 9) be attentive to your body; 10) avoid snacking; 11) expose yourself to the sun gradually and reasonably; 12) breathe the healthiest air possible (ventilation); 13) move (walk 20 to 40 minutes a day), be like the older generations (do not be afraid of the stairs). ​ The practice of the magnetizer has been around for a long time, there is nothing supernatural about magnetism. Ludovic Carbone, endowed with magnetism, receives you to relieve your ailments by sending an energetic fluid, it is a natural gift. Ludovic Carbone in Charente-Maritime (17) offers you his services as a magnetizer, healer. I bring you support and answer your requests. Let's define together the needs necessary for your problems. Contact Ludovic Carbone for all information. ​ Magnetism has its place in a preventive strategy, especially during the changing seasons, but it is also effective in strengthening the natural defenses in the event of illness. It is rarely painful and always bearable. You end up relaxing and paying attention to your body's reactions. The magnetizer then determines a personalized support plan with exercises to be practiced at home, for example to relieve pain or soothe emotions. ​ Fortunately for the magnetizers: if the current period is conducive to questioning, it is also auspicious for experiments and observations. On my site, I inform you about my so-called magnetic sessions to help the healing capacity as well as other medicines. The burn healer or 'coupeur de feu', not to mention the 'coupeuse de feu', like the energetician, must cut the shingles fire and relieve burns from burns. There is also the burn healer for the burn caused by radiation therapy. The purpose of burn healers or 'coupeurs de feu' is to help the self-healing of skin and nerve disease. The spiritual healer initiates a process of non-illegal healing. Rebouting was a manual practice before osteopathy. The bonesetter was able to calm the back pain and constipation after several sessions. In lithotherapy, which treats discomfort and calms mental health, quacks are sometimes found in the use of crystals. Qigong can relax a knee or, through manual positions, calm joint pain. It has happened that hypnosis or sophrology, with medical monitoring, calms a painful situation such as rape by removing copies. The clairvoyant who practices clairvoyance and the medium who uses a ritual relieve depression. ​ A reflexologist practices plantar reflexology for headaches, but also non-plantar reflexology for the stomach. The sophrologist wants to reduce the emotional blockage that causes insomnia and prevents losing weight. A so-called spiritual practitioner uses prayers against warts. The therapist who practices herbal medicine gives advice to the physical body. It is always nice to read 'thank you again for what you do'. In my energy healing practice, there is the breath. ​ Animal magnetism uses meridians and at least one chakra with innate sense of healing on emotional practices and migraine. Grandma's remedies on my physical and cosmic purification journey are much better. The therapeutic methods are sometimes esoteric. At the first session, it's like a well-being massage that relieves rheumatism and tendonitis for good. Aromatherapy is said to be used in cases of herpes, chemotherapy and is effective on scars. Naturopathy can be used in chemotherapy and osteoarthritis. For scarring and psoriasis, improvement would happen inch by inch. A practitioner should give relief for sciatica, hernia, and otitis. Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine sometimes practiced by the attending physician, but rarely in the emergency room, and without a doctorate, it is an illegal practice. The energetic techniques of the healers cause tingling. Alternative medicine would work wonders for emotional states, eczema, skin problems and sprains. The healing power comes from unconventional intuition. In alternative medicine, there are doers on the verge of charlatanism. Practitioners use several non-ancestral, but empirical, therapies.​ ​ A healing medium with his mediumship will claim to heal, at the risk of practicing medicine illegally, without surgery, fractures. The reiki master practices Reiki, but not Ayurvedic with Ayurvedic massage. He can sometimes be in the quackery or in the humanist. The radiaesthete, not to be confused with the dowser, practices radiesthesia with his pendulum and the geobiologist who practices geobiology with the telluric effect are intuitive.

  • Magnetizer history | Historical magnetism

    Ludovic Carbone Magnetizer My priority : the result ​ The word magnetism is used for the sake of simplification, instead of universal, vital energy, prana, etc. or the real term Kuni. An integral part of Sumerian medicine, magnetism was born at the same time as life. At the beginning, magnetism arose from the most basic empiricism which consisted in placing one part of the body on another part in order to alleviate pain. Its evolution followed four axes, the fourth diametrically opposed to the other three, having no curative purpose, used the nebus (energy vortices, chakras) 8 - 9 - 10. It was originally, according to mythology , the disappearance of Lemuria, then Atlantis. One axis remained very primary, sometimes giving very good results, in some indications. Depending on the region, family customs, injunctions must be made, these practices are done on specific days or times (before, after sunset) often supplemented by "remedies" for example for warts to put a tip bacon on it and then bury it, when it is rotten the wart disappears, etc. Another axis metamorphosed and split several times creating different therapies, the oldest and most successful being acupuncture, the most recent and simpler being reiki (shiatsu). All methods that use energy in one way or another come from magnetism. Finally, the fourth axis has evolved over the centuries to become a structured therapy, obeying laws that modern science is barely about to rediscover. Thus for millennia, this form of treatment has been modified, enriched by considerable experience, used in all cases, with an unequaled past. However powerful as magnetism can be, there are sometimes pitfalls, which is why modern medicine has its place. However, as powerful as modern medicine may be, it cannot do everything, which is why magnetism has its place, the ideal being when complementarity acts. The magnetizing healer uses the laying on of hands and the healers make energetic passes and are not practitioners of the various medicines which have to cure ailments. The vibratory practitioner relieves the physical body by healing magnetism, he uses energy healing to give vital energy. The dowser needs a pendulum because he does not make an imposition but dowsing. ​ Extract from myths and beliefs around the world: One aspect of this gift is pain management. For the doctor, it is a clue, a symptom, he calms her if necessary, but does not consider her as such. For the healer, it is fundamental. His power is primarily aimed at her. It is for him an entity. Healing prayers speak of color, ask it to stop, they therefore recognize an existence in it, sometimes denied by doctors if it does not take place in their landmarks. The healer is the master of pain. His gift comes from knowing how to control her, from the strength and desire he has within him to take her on his own if necessary. Healer: A good doctor is one who has specific remedies, or, if there are any shortages, who allows those who have them to cure his patient. (LA BRUYÈRE - The Characters 1688) Text of the Middle Kingdom: I was a priest of Sekmet, powerful and skillful in his profession, who puts his hand on the sick, who thus knows what is involved, who is skilled with the hand. (History of medicine ...). “The magnetic fluid is an emanation of ourselves, directed by the will. To magnetize in order to heal is to help with one's life, the failing life of a suffering being. »Explanation of Deleuze also considering that a fluid emanates from the magnetizer. HISTORY OF MAGNETIZERS AND MAGNETISM ​ ​ Gilbert, William (1544-1603) ed. By Londini (1600) Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630) Plancus (1618) Cabeo, Nicolo (1586-1650) Philosophia magnética (1629) Grandami, Jacques (1588-1672) Flexiae: Georgium Griveau (1645) Kircher, Athanasius (1602-1680) Romae: Hermani Scheus (1646) - Romae: Sumptibus (1654) Franck von Franckenau, Georg (1643-1704) Francofurti: sumptibus (1679) Mesmer, Franz Anton (1734-1815) Audry, Charles-Louis-François (1741-1829) Paris: impr. From Monsieur (1782) Hervier, Charles (1743-1820) Bordeaux (1784) Eprémesnil, Jean-Jacques Duval (1745-1794) and Puységur, Maxime de; Report of the cures operated in Bayonne by magnetism (1784) Thouvenel, Pierre (1747-1815) London; Paris: at Didot the Younger (1781-1784) Thouret, Michel-Augustin (1748-1810) Research on magnetism (1784) Deslon, Charles-Nicolas (1750-1786) Letter addressed, concerning the extract from the correspondence of the Royal Society relative to magnetism, to the authors of the “journal de Paris” and voluntarily refused by them (1785) Bergasse, Nicolas (1750-1832), lawyer in Parliament and publicist (1750-1832), is best known for his Considerations on Animal Magnetism or on the Theory of the World and of Organized Beings According to the Principles of M. Mesmer ( in-8 °, 149 pages), written in 1784 in favor of the latter's system, of which Bergasse was the first pupil. It is thanks to his care that a subscription, the product of which rose to 340,000 pounds, was opened in 1784 in favor of Mesmer, that this compensation decided to remain in France, after the refusal he had made of an annuity. life annuity of 20,000 livres and an annual salary of 10,000 francs offered to him by Louis XVI. Paris among novelties (1818) Puységur, Armand-Marc Jacques de Chastenet (1751-1825; marquis of) Mahon, Paul Augustin Olivier (1752-1801) Serious and impartial examination of magnetism (1784) Deleuze, Joseph-Philippe (1753-1835) Response to objections against magnetism (1817) BONNEFOY (Jean-Baptiste) (1756 -1790), surgeon at the Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon, worked from MESMER's experiments on animal magnetism, to explain by electricity the observations of remission of various diseases: From l application of electricity to the art of healing. 1782, inaugural dissertation, on the influence of the passions of the soul in surgical diseases. 1786, two texts bound in one volume. Sousselier de la Tour; Dijon: JB Capet (1784) Puységur, Maxime de et Eprémesnil, Jean-Jacques Duval (1745-1794) Report of the cures operated in Bayonne by magnetism (1784) Bonnefoy, Jean-Baptiste Exam: correspondence from the Royal Society of Medicine, relative to magnetism (1785) The doctor Etienne-Jean Georget (1795-1828) was interested in animal magnetism, but died, struck down by tuberculosis at the age of 33. RICARD (J.-J.-A.) : he edited the Journal of Animal Magnetism and published several personal works on the subject. Theoretical and practical treatise on animal magnetism or Easy method for learning to magnetize. 1841. The first part contains a history of work on animal magnetism since Mesmer, the second part constitutes a theoretical treatise. Olivier, Joseph (18 ..- 18 ..) Treatise on magnetism (1849) Ballet, Gilbert (1853-1916) Reims: H Matot fils (1887) Gospel according to Saint Mark 5 21: "My little girl is at the very end, come lay your hands on her so that she may live. 30: "And immediately Jesus was aware of the strength which had gone out of him". Gospel according to Saint Luke 8 46: But Jesus said: "someone touched me; for I felt that a force had come out of me". (The Jerusalem Bible). On Egyptian bas-reliefs, there is the drawing of a standing figure, both hands extended towards a seated person, the fingers of the first radiating towards the second. “The fluid is a vital force like the Newtonian principle of interaction or universal gravitation. »Declaration of Baron du Potet. ​ In 1846: sermon by Father Henri Dominique Lacordaire (1802 - 1861) “you therefore invoke magnetic forces. : well ! I sincerely and firmly believe in it… ”in Notre-Dame Cathedral. ​ In 1856: the Holy Office does not condemn magnetism in itself, it condemns abuses. He approves the use of magnetism for science, but he condemns the use of magnetism in order to obtain perverse phenomena. Wednesday, July 30, 1856: the use of magnetism… is not morally forbidden, provided that it is not for an illicit purpose or bad in any way. More in the post ​ ​ Magnetizer and doctor are therefore located at two different levels, and the complementarity between concrete and symbolic is found here once again. Doctors are more on the side of the concrete, the magnetizers on the side of the symbolic. But each of the healing processes, there are always two aspects, the practice of the magnetizer is based on the concrete, that of the doctor is haloed with symbolism, but he does not always accept it. Also, recourse to the magnetizer and recourse to the doctor are not incompatible. Author magnetizers Personal data. Magnetizer: a whole body

  • Magnetizer | Covid-19

    Ludovic Carbone Magnetizer My priority : the result Covid-19 magnetizer or coronavirus disease New information on COVID-19 ​ “Viruses that mutate a lot, such as COVID and HIV, make the vaccine's efficacy temporary, in the more or less short term. New vaccine failure against the AIDS virus. It has been 30 years since all attempts at an HIV vaccine have failed. The latest failure is that of Johnson Johnson, who uses technology identical to that used for his vaccine against COVID. After 2 years of hindsight, they know that the protection is only 25%. (2021) ​ Against Covid-19, there would be an alternative to vaccination, faster to develop and easier to implement: the lure. ​ The principle: to fix the virus on decoys from which it can no longer be released, which prevents it from infecting cells. Subsequently, it is eliminated naturally by the body. ​ These decoys are small proteins (peptides) that mimic ACE2. They do not elicit immune reactions and are not biologically toxic. ​ COVID-19 has a stronger affinity for them than with human cells. ​ Their administration could be done as a preventive measure in the form of a nasal spray and therapeutic via sublingual tablets which would line the mucous membranes of the upper airways. ​ 'old generation' vaccines Adenovirus vaccine How to distinguish between Covid-19 and the flu For or against wearing the systematic mask during childbirth? ​ The extraordinary situation of this multitude of vaccine candidates under study increases the need for volunteers to test the tolerance and efficacy of these vaccines. So far, none of the clinical studies initiated have involved French patients. ​ Since Thursday 1/10/2020, any French adult who wishes can register online to participate in phase 2 and 3 clinical trials on the platform . There is no age limit or health prerequisites. The goal, on the contrary, is to recruit various profiles especially vulnerable to the coronavirus.Even people who have already had Covid-19 can also participate. Volunteers from the most affected regions will likely be privileged, because they must be exposed to the virus in their daily lives to measure the effectiveness of the vaccine. ​ As always, trial participants are not guaranteed to receive the vaccines. Some will have placebo injections without reporting it to avoid interpretation bias, they are control individuals. As for the risk incurred ... ​ The goal is to identify several thousand volunteers, receiving an allowance to compensate them for the time and constraints suffered in order to achieve: ​ 5 phase 2 trials with around 100 participants each. They aim to estimate the optimal dose of treatment, measure the immune response and verify the safety of the injection; 3 phase 3 trials with thousands of individuals. They assess the protection of the vaccine in real life. Last step before the marketing request. The first tests should start in France at the beginning of 2021. The challenge of the initiative is twofold: they allow French scientists to stay in the race and advance international research. ​ 24 clinical investigation centers will be spread over the territory. They will welcome the volunteers for the injections and the accompanying medical follow-up. Covid-19, the track of monoclonal antibodies. How does immunity work? How long is the immunity? Is there hope for an end to the Covid-19 epidemic? What are the risks of recontamination with Covid-19? Can Covid-19 stay in the body? Who is the target of Covid-19? What treatment against Covid-19? Does the virus mutate? How effective will the vaccine be? Is the pandemic spreading? Is there a risk of a second wave? Covid-19: workers at risk. Covid-19: blood circulation. Early or not taking an anticoagulant? Why these thromboses? Vascular inflammation 2 theories: Why do young people and non-young people refuse to wear the mask? Contaminated mink slaughtered in the Netherlands. Fewer drugs against Covid-19. UV-C and Covid-19. 51 tests have been validated Swine flu, end of June 2020 Zoonoses Good news Occupational disease and Covid-19 First case of intrauterine contamination Anosmia Does wearing prescription glasses protect against Covid-19? Rapid antigenic tests ? vaccine projects (blog / post) The persistence of the coronavirus on everyday surfaces. Are there other solutions for those who refuse the vaccine? (blog / post) Eli Lilly's monoclonal antibody Long Covid Covid-19, the track of monoclonal antibodies ​ The intensity of the pandemic is in full swing in Latin America and appears to be rebounding in Asia. One question is prominent: How long has the immunity conferred on the 8 million (8,884,000) people worldwide who to date (June 21, 2020) have survived after contacting Covid-19 (465,000 are died in 196 countries and territories) will it last? Can they be contaminated again? If the answer is no, how do you make a vaccine profitable ? How does immunity work? ​ Immunity consist of 2 main categories: ​ 1) The innate is the body's first line of defense made up of physical barriers which are: skin and mucous membranes; mucus and secretions; white neutrophil cells and macrophages - our infantry cells; cytokines stimulate the immune system. 2) The adaptive Whose role is to protect the organism in case an organism attacks it again. It consists of 2 forms which complement each other: humoral produces immunoglobulins (antibodies) that neutralize infection by using B cells; the cell uses T cells which are made up of CD8 + (their job to destroy infected cells) and CD4 + to coordinate and direct CD8 + attacks. How long is the immunity? ​ The duration of adaptive immunity after infection with a coronavirus is highly variable. For the SARS-CoV pandemic, in 2002-2004, very aggressive, but fortunately of small magnitude, there were 8,096 infected in 30 countries and 774 deaths. The antibodies of the survivors persisted for about 3 years. In contrast, the antibodies linked to the coronaviruses responsible for mild colds persist only for a few months. In the case of Covid-19, the antibodies would become weakly neutralizing after a delay of 3 weeks to 3 months. Serological tests only relate to the presence or absence of antibodies (humoral immunity). These tests have a lot of false negatives, so their reliability is far from perfect. ​ Is there hope for an end to the Covid-19 epidemic? The good news would be the existence of cross immunities: Old coronavirus infections such as simple colds would have the capacity to protect a significant part of the population against Covid-19. There would be group immunity reached faster than expected, causing the epidemic to end. This is thanks to the presence of CD8 + and CD4 + directed against the Spike protein. The virus uses this protein to enter cells. What are the risks of recontamination with Covid-19? At the moment we often talk about the risk of recontamination in the short term, but there is no hard evidence to support this idea yet. ​ Can Covid-19 stay in the body? ​ Viruses that can remain latent in the body in cell reservoirs are DNA viruses, while Covid-19 is an RNA virus, the answer is no. ​ Who is the target of Covid-19? The virus targets the ACE2 receptor to enter human cells. It has been identified 14 antibodies which neutralize this receptor, BD-368-2 would be the most powerful. Studies will begin in humans. This monoclonal antibody could be available from next winter and be given as a preventive and curative measure. What treatment against Covid-19? The monoclonal antibody (BD-368-2) could be available from next winter and be given as a preventive and curative measure. It could be produced on a large scale and allow the wait, within 12 to 24 months, of a vaccine conferring cellular and humoral immunity or one of the two. There is also the technique of injecting plasma from cured people which is not applicable everywhere, although it seems to work. ​ ​ Does the virus mutate? ​ Since its emergence more than 30 mutations of the virus have been identified. ​ Highly contagious agents try by this natural process to strengthen themselves to become more resistant and more aggressive when they multiply. Their behavior only changes for certain mutations. ​ The D614G mutation would increase the contagiousness and speed of reproduction of the virus. By its progression, it could become the dominant strain. It affects the Spike protein that Sars-CoV-2 uses to infect human cells. How effective will the vaccine be? We have every right to be concerned about the efficacy of the vaccine for 2021, as many vaccine projects have only taken the initial Wuhan strain as a reference and have found the Sars-CoV-2 mutation unlikely in the short term. ​ ​ ​ Is the pandemic spreading? ​ In Europe it is weakening, but while the number of new cases worldwide was 100,000 two months after the start of the epidemic, we are now at 100,000 new cases per day. ​ The African continent, very spared so far, sees the spread of the disease mainly in 3 countries: Nigeria, Sudan and South Africa. ​ Bombay and New Delhi are densely populated cities with overcrowded intensive care units. Rural residents stranded in cities were allowed to return home, which allowed the virus to spread to rural areas and to towns in Indian states crossed by these special trains. ​ India has 410,461 cases and 13,251 deaths, although these figures are rising sharply, they remain lower than France, although this country has 1.4 billion inhabitants. ​ The epidemic in the United States with its 2,311,345 cases and 121,609 deaths: the epidemic would have crossed its peak and would begin to decrease with a drop in daily deaths, with a shift from the epicenter of New York to the states of south, west and center. On the other hand, in Latin America and mainly in Brazil the situation is very worrying where the population is not confined and the announcements on the deaths are occasional. Is there the risk of a second wave? ​ There were 3 rebounds where the epidemic had already passed: in early May in Singapore for construction workers, in late May in Seoul for a hundred people infected in a nightclub and the last in Beijing where 158 people were infected. at the Xin Fadi wholesale market. The danger comes from asymptomatic subjects who are difficult to detect. ​ There are many who think that by the fall and next winter more rebounds will occur, so why be so lax in this context? ​ Covid-19: workers at risk ​ The deconfinement protocol which relaxed the health rules in companies provides that people at risk of severe form of Covid-19 can remain telework until August 31, 2020. If it is impossible to exercise their profession remotely, they benefit the extension until this date of the simplified work stoppage system. ​ Covid-19: blood circulation ​ After the airway cells, Sars-CoV-2 particularly attacks those of the vessels. ​ Early or not taking an anticoagulant? ​ It appears obvious that the vascular, arterial and venous lesions that it induces are the source of serious forms and of fatal cases. These lesions result in pulmonary emboli or organ, heart, brain and kidney failure. The creation of multiple microthromboses in the pulmonary vessels prevents many patients from being well ventilated and die. Arterial, aortic, carotid, cerebral, renal and digestive damage has been observed. People with healthy arteries have had unusual myocardial infarctions due to coronary thrombosis, sometimes with complications from heart failure and death. The occlusion of millimeter-sized vessels causes micro-frostbite. ​ Prevention by anticoagulant does not seem sufficient. It is also useful to administer in intensive care a strong anticoagulation and not only preventive. ​ Why these thromboses? ​ Any infection favors the occurrence of venous thrombosis, but the vascular tropism of Sars-CoV-2 goes far beyond. The virus directly attacks the arteries and veins. It specifically targets so-called endothelial cells which form a layer in permanent contact with the blood and which reacts with all circulating elements. ​ These cells are equipped with the ACE2 receptor used by the virus to enter human cells. The viral load period lasts 5 to 7 days, and if the body's immune defense reaction is too violent, massive activation of macrophage cells, this creates major lesions where the viruses reside in the lungs and blood vessels in particular. Damaged endothelial cells cause more or less diffuse coagulation disorders (thrombosis). This concerns vessels of any caliber and anywhere in the body. ​ Vascular inflammation 2 theories: ​ The first, the infection is initially pulmonary and thromboses are only one mechanism among others. The proof is not constant in all patients. The second, and the conclusion of the autopsies on deceased patients which show a diffuse coagulation of the small arterial vessels which border the pulmonary alveoli, an endothelium everywhere damaged or modified. In this case, at the start of infection, the systematic intake of an anticoagulant at a preventive dose would be fully justified. ​ Why do young people and non-young people refuse to wear the mask? ​ In both cases, it is selfishness that governs them. Younger people mistakenly think that they risk nothing, that their children did not risk anything either and that if older people die of their faults they do not bother at all. As for the older ones, they assume that they have lived well and as long as they are not sick it does not matter and their grandchildren are not at risk. ​ It would be time to show sociability, responsibility, respectability and fraternity towards others in this area as well as others, everyone would in reality be a winner. The following 2 pieces of information may help to make the right behavior choices: ​ Seasonal coronavirus infection does not protect against infection with the Sars-CoV-2 virus and other related illnesses, such as Kawasaki disease syndrome. Children and young adults are not protected. Although it is true that people of a certain age were initially injected with deadly sedatives to make room for the younger ones, what would happen if there were too many sick young adults? At the same time, would that happen with the coin toss system? To avoid this choice, maybe it's time to respect yourself and others. ​ Contaminated mink slaughtered in the Netherlands ​ In 20 farms, cases of mink contaminated with Covid-19 lead to the slaughter of tens of thousands of these mammals. The slaughter of the last 12,000 mothers, from the last farm, took place on Monday 12/7/2020 and 2 livestock workers reportedly contacted the Covid-19 via mink. ​ Fewer drugs against Covid-19 ​ Discovery and Solidarity (European clinical trials) discontinued ritonavir / lopinavir treatment on suspicion of side effects and considered ineffective. The 2 trials now only focus on remdesivir. Within the EU, conditional placing on the market has just been obtained. ​ The WHO has endorsed the discontinuation of hydroxychloroquine. ​ ​ UV-C and Covid-19 ​ UV-C ultraviolet rays are present in solar radiation and have a shorter wavelength than visible light. They are harmful to the skin, but fortunately filtered by the ozone layer. ​ They kill 90 to 99% of bacteria and viruses depending on time of exposure and distance. ​ Tests have also shown that, if the influenza virus is destroyed with radiation of 6 megajoules, the Covid-19 is resistant to radiation of 70 megajoules. ​ The sale to individuals of UV-C radiation devices is prohibited. ​ For professionals, there is for example the Deeplight (Deliled). A robot that costs 2,000 € and which eliminates germs from an enclosed space in 30 minutes for a 20 m2 room. ​ ​ 51 tests have been validated, the list can be found on: ​ Https:// , but they do not all offer the same finesse of detection and, worse, some manufacturers have only had their tests validated once, allowing not monitoring the quality of industrial production. Their purchase price varies from 5 to 12 €. Pharmacies, since July 11, 2020, have been authorized to perform rapid diagnostic orientation tests (TROD). These serological tests are carried out from a sample of a drop of blood put in contact with a strip containing an antigen recognizing the presence of antibodies against Covid. In a few minutes, the result appears allowing to know if one has made antibodies and indicates a past infection. If the test is positive, the person who has been infected with Sars-CoV-2 will be asked to go to a medical laboratory for a serological test to confirm the Trod result and a PCR, as it is important to know if she is still carrying the virus. The latter 2 are reimbursed if there is a medical prescription. The price of the Trod test is between 20 and 25 € not refunded. For information, the price for a complete laboratory test is 45 €. Besides the fact that these tests generate a certain number of false positives, it is believed that antibodies have developed, but this is not the case and false negatives, antibodies that one possesses are not detected; You should not let your guard down prematurely, even with positive results, as it is far from certain that immune protection is effective against reinfection. And there is no evidence that one cannot shed the virus again even without being sick oneself. The rapid detection test (RDT) carried out by a medical biologist, the rapid diagnostic orientation test (TROD) carried out by another health professional in his pharmacy or practice and the self-test carried out by the patient himself ( prohibited for sale by the Haute Autorité de santé!) are identical products except for possible subtle changes in design. ​ ​ Good new: The price framework for single-use masks as well as hydroalcoholic gels and solutions is extended until January 10, 2021, when it was initially due to expire with the end of the state of health emergency. ​ ​ Occupational disease and Covid-19 ​ Recognition as an occupational disease allows 100% coverage of care, but also more favorable coverage of daily allowances, as well as the annuity allowance or capital in the event of permanent incapacity and finally a annuity paid to beneficiaries in the event of death. ​ Facilitated procedures: all caregivers in medico-social and health establishments, non-nursing staff working in face-to-face in these structures as well as people providing support and transport for patients and private health professionals suffering from a severe form of COVID - 19 (need for oxygen therapy) will have their disease automatically and systematically recognized as an occupational disease. ​ For non-caregivers, recognition will be facilitated, the regional committees will be replaced by a single national recognition committee dedicated to Covid-19 and will ensure the homogeneity of the processing of requests. No degree of permanent disability will be required under this simplified procedure. ​ ​ First case of intrauterine contamination ​ The first confirmed case of intrauterine contamination with Covid-19 arrived in March 2020. The newborn male suffered from neurological symptoms associated with Covid-19. ​ It can occur by transmission from mother to fetus via the placenta in the last weeks of pregnancy but it is very rare. ​ No more than 2% of children born to mothers with Covid-19 have tested positive for the virus and even fewer developed severe symptoms. ​ Anosmia ​ It is known that the loss of smell can be linked to viral respiratory infections. ​ The mechanisms are not yet very clear: a swelling of the nasal mucosa would close the olfactory feint blocking the transmission of odors to the brain; the virus would invade the central nervous system and the olfactory bulb (MRIs would have shown damage to this olfactory bulb); the virus may not directly infect olfactory neurons, but support cells rich in ACE2 receptors causing massive loss of olfactory neurons. ​ 50% of patients recover their sense of smell within 15 days, 35% within 2 months and 15% for whom it is longer. ​ Stem cells, present in the nose, allow olfactory neurons to regenerate, but for optimal functioning they need olfactory rehabilitation. Just breathe 7 simple and different smells 3 times a day. ​ It is likely that this intense inflammatory reaction causing the loss of smell is the body's response to prevent the virus from spreading to the rest of the body and thus protect the lungs. This would explain why in severe, even critical forms (acute respiratory distress syndrome), only 7% of patients have anosmia. For moderate forms (pneumonia), we find 4.5% and for mild forms the percentage rises to 85%. ​ ​ Does wearing prescription glasses protect against Covid-19? ​ Wearing glasses is a little extra. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ There are 2 potential routes of eye infection: ​ The conjunctival way. It is known that in the conjunctiva, the ocular mucosa, there are receptors for the virus. The tear duct. When contaminated tears flow into the nasal passages, they affect the airways. 10% of patients with Covid-19 would present with eye manifestations of the disease (conjunctivitis). Eye protection: glasses, visors or face shields have a dual role, they protect against infectious droplets and they prevent their wearers from touching the eyes (this gesture is repeated unconsciously about ten times per hour). ​ It is recommended to wear protective glasses which are much wider than prescription glasses which are not sufficient. ​ As this route of contamination remains secondary, it is necessary to put on protective goggles when necessary without wearing them all the time. ​ ​ Rapid antigenic tests deliver a result in less than 30 minutes (Price: 10 €) ​ By looking for a virus protein, they are well suited to mass screening and allow sorting in the population between negative or not very contagious subjects and very contagious subjects that they identify. ​ Question: of the three tests best evaluated by AP-HP, two are from French SMEs, the firm AAZ, and Biosynex, the third, is from the American group Abbott. Where did Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, buy 5 million antigenic tests on Thursday, September 17? These tests are not efficient enough to replace the virological PCR test. They could miss 50% of people positive for Covid, because their sensitivity is in the order of 80% in people with symptoms for less than 3 days. This sensitivity drops to 60% after 3 days and only 40% after 8-10 days. ​ Sensitivity is the likelihood of getting a positive test when a person is sick, which indicates their ability to identify the viral agent. ​ Sensitivity should not be confused with the specificity of a test, which is its ability to distinguish, in this case, Sars-CoV-2 from another virus (95% are the requirement of the French standard). ​ The antigen test requires collection of cells by nasopharyngeal swab as for PCR. ​ It identifies the virus capsid, the protein structure that surrounds RNA, instead of identifying the virus by the presence of this nucleic acid. ​ Roche Diagnostic has a PCR test: which can simultaneously detect both Sars-CoV-2 and influenza A or B viruses within 15 minutes. ​ The High Authority for Health has extended to asymptomatic people (after its first authorization for symptomatic patients), the authorization of samples taken by a swab from the back of the throat (oropharyngeal), taken € 37. ​ Another confusion: while a decree published in the official journal on 9/16/2020 states: ​ Antigen testing is only prescribed for asymptomatic people and contact cases; a positive result must be confirmed by a virological test. HAS specifies: ​ The test is reserved for symptomatic people showing signs of infection with a virus seen by a doctor; that it is not necessary to verify the result by a PCR test if it is carried out by a healthcare establishment or a medical laboratory. Price of the spectrometer to analyze the samples: € 20,000. LC - Thursday September 24, 2020 ​ ​ How to distinguish between Covid-19 and the flu ​ Loss of smell (anosmia) is probably "the" symptom that best differentiates Covid from the flu or the common cold. ​ The flu has a typical pattern of high fevers: for 3 days, fever of 40 °; drop in fever for a day; then, resumption of fever at 40 ° for another 3 days. In addition, the flu more often causes a high fever. ​ The absence of fever, cough, runny nose, headache or throat, fatigue rather leans in favor of a cold. The fever in case of a cold usually lasts less than 24 hours. Do not forget that it is possible to have the Covid without having a fever. ​ Sneezing is more a sign of a cold. ​ Headaches seem to be a little more frequent in the case of Covid. ​ Symptoms of difficult breathing, diarrhea or muscle pain point to the flu or Covid. Usually, the bronchi are not affected during a cold. This information is not intended to make a diagnosis. ​ This year, the flu shot will inevitably be put even more prominently. A vaccinated person (depending on his age,…) would hypothetically have 5 out of 10 chances of not developing the flu. What is the percentage for an unvaccinated person? ​ We can hope that barrier gestures, wearing a mask and washing hands (which seems new to some people) will reduce winter infections. ​ Remember: Until proven otherwise, any infection should be considered a Covid infection. To continue to live normally and to say to oneself that it is not serious, it is to make take a risk to the community (health and economic). Even with the flu, isolating yourself during the symptoms is useful so as not to participate in the spread of a disease which is also dangerous. ​ It is also possible to distinguish influenza A or B from Sars-CoV-2 by means of a PCR test from Roche Diagnostic with a result in 15 minutes. ​ ​ For or against wearing the systematic mask during childbirth? ​ Women, who were embarrassed to breathe with the mask and demanded to remove it, experienced confrontation with caregivers requiring them to wear the mask. ​ The National College of Obstetrician Gynecologists of France (CNGOF), after a long internal debate, published an opinion which indicates that for asymptomatic women, wearing a mask during childbirth remains recommended in the presence of caregivers, but cannot be imposed. ​ Wearing a mask can promote the resurgence of old traumas due to sexual or physical violence. ​ ​ The persistence of the coronavirus on everyday surfaces. ​ The first thing to remember: the coronavirus is eliminated in 15 seconds, after using an 80% hydroalcoholic solution. ​ As the temperature drops, the lifespan of Sars-CoV-2 increases. ​ Important information so as not to panic after reading the following: the quantities detected would certainly not be sufficient to affect a person, because according to research on SARS, surfaces would no longer be contaminating beyond the maximum period of 14 days, assuming that it takes a few hundred particles on a surface for it to become contaminating. ​ In addition, all experiments were performed with an atmosphere of 50% humidity and with no light. However, we know that high humidity degrades the virus and the absence of light prevents UV rays which also destroy the virus. ​ After 28 days, at 20 °, it is still on stainless steel, glass, vinyl, banknotes and plastic surfaces. The only material spared is cotton, hence the importance of washing your hands. ​ It should also be remembered that the coronavirus resists, on average, 9 hours on the skin in an atmosphere at 50% humidity and at 25 °. By comparison, the flu virus under the same circumstances lasts 1:48 ’. ​ ​ Adenovirus vaccine ​ This technology presents risks: - it has been shown that the vector DNA can occasionally integrate into the host cell genome at random. It cannot be ruled out that it then interacts with some of our genes and disrupts cellular mechanisms. Unlike RNA vaccines which deposit genetic instructions in cell space without the possibility of incorporation into our genomes to be read, adenovirus vaccines, on the other hand, inject their instructions, in the form of DNA, into the nucleus of the cells. - so-called harmless vector viruses can still affect cells where there is a dysfunction and then aggravate an ongoing disease that may or may not be ignored; - adenovirus and RNA vaccines use a single vaccine antigen to immunize people: the spike protein. This is their main flaw in the face of a virus that produces many variants. He often mutates by constantly changing Spike. For example, the AstraZeneca vaccine is ineffective against the South African variant. Its protection is only 22%. The reason is simple: Spike is no longer recognized by our immunity, the vaccine is useless. The 3 vaccines using adenoviruses as an immunization vector are: - Astra Zeneca from the University of Oxford in the UK. A study of about 17,000 people gives it a protection rate of 70%; Vaccination of nursing staff has been suspended due to too many and too intense adverse effects in the Breton hospitals of the CHU of Brest, Rennes and Morlaix. 25% of people vaccinated have had flu-like symptoms with high fever (39 degrees) leading to work stoppages for at least 24 hours. - Spounik V of the Gamaleya research institute in Moscow under the aegis of the Russian authorities. A study of about 20,000 people gives it a protection rate of 91.6%. With the risk of developing flu-like symptoms only in 1 in 500 vaccinated; - Janssen Pharmaceutiqua, a subsidiary of the American laboratory Johnson and Johnson in Belgium. A study of around 43,000 people gives it a protection rate of 72%. With the risk of developing flu-like symptoms only in 1 in 500 vaccinated. They are far from the 94% effectiveness of RNA vaccines. However, they are above the 50% efficacy which is the threshold required by drug agencies around the world. ​ They all use harmless adenoviruses that are used to carry genetic information to help produce the Sars-CoV-2 Spike protein. This protein would allow the immune system to identify the enemy and trigger the immune response necessary to fight against it. These vaccines have the advantage of having a logistics that meets the need for rapid and broad vaccination with lasting storage at temperatures of 2 to 8 degrees (RNA vaccines can only be stored for a few days after being stored and transported at temperatures of minus 20 degrees for Moderna and minus 70 degrees for Pfizer). There is no point in providing 90% protection against one mutant and only 20% against another mutant that has become dominant. As explained above, Spike is no longer recognized by our immunity. At the current rate of change, no logistics necessary for the vaccine process will be able to follow and it will be quickly overwhelmed. Without losing sight of the fact that populations risk losing the pleasure and satisfaction of repeated vaccinations. The solution might be to revert to 'old generation' vaccines produced from whole inactivated viruses. This would allow our immune system to identify all the viral proteins instead of just one that is constantly changing, which would lengthen the duration of immunization, regardless of the modification of Spike. The CoronaVac vaccine (Sinopharm) is Chinese and is the only vaccine of this category currently marketed in the world. On a study of 50,000 people, the results obtained are: reduction of the risk of infection by 50.3%, protecting 70% of vaccinees from infection and 100% of them from serious forms. In addition, its tolerance is very good. It is safe, sufficiently efficient and durable with fast and simple logistics, in short: the dream! Long Covid The WHO recognized the long Covid syndrome in August 2020. Its characteristics are very varied, more or less intense and durable. Symptoms persist beyond 2 months or reappear after a lull. Even though some of these complex patients were hospitalized with severe Covid-19, most only had mild forms. They are rather young patients (36 to 51 years old), most of them athletic. Most of them are women and 50% have allergies. The majority do not have proof of their initial infection. All describe various disorders affecting almost all parts of the body. There are 50 different manifestations of the syndrome. At first, they were sometimes treated with antidepressants for hypochondria. ​ Fatigue accounts for 14% of symptoms, loss of smell or taste 12%, shortness of breath 9%, cough 6% and headaches 3%. There are also tremors of the limbs, icy hands, burning sensations in some parts of the body, chills, hair loss, rashes, digestive disturbances, extreme bedridden fatigue, disturbances in memory and joint pain without the check-ups or imaging tests revealing an abnormality. In the majority of cases, there is no trace of biological causes. It is not uncommon for late clinical signs to appear as following the outbreak of sars in 2003 and also after chikungunya which often gives rise to fevers and joint pain in its wake. All infectious pathologies can give rise to lingering forms. For now, there is no explanation, only possible avenues. Among them, we find the persistence of the virus in the organism, a particular genetic ground which favors an inadequate immune response which is prolonged, an inflammation of the blood vessels, the deterioration of the autonomic nervous system which controls digestion and respiration. Likewise, the researchers do not exclude the stress caused by a new disease or the sedentary lifestyle linked to confinement. ​ For information on a session by magnetizer, see the magnetism page.

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