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  • Wrongful death

    According to a 2019 report, medical errors are preventable in 50% of cases. And these mistakes should not be confused with intentional mistakes. 1/3 of medical errors are drug-related. To avoid them, it would be enough to have a double verification of the dosages and that the preparation is made in central pharmacy as well as to combat the interruption of tasks during the preparation. It would also be wise for the patient to have a medication report at various stages of their care pathway. Most are due to surgical or invasive procedures. The third cause is the one that should be the easiest to deal with, and that is hygiene. Although today, fortunately, we are no longer in the time of Ignace Philippe Semmelweis and the many deaths of pregnant women, there is still a problem of disinfection of professionals, equipment and premises. A little, more than half of these events occurred at night, on a holiday or on the weekend. France has been equipped for 15 years with many tools for reporting adverse events related to care. EIAS is the term that was created to take into account all the risks faced by patients and define a satisfactory methodology (somewhat curious word) to analyze them. EIGS is used for serious adverse events following care, but risk prevention in medicine is still ineffective. To this 2 reasons: not only does it imply a profound change of mentality, culture or habit as we could see for asepsis, but then you have to spend a minimum amount of time that the teams, or more particularly managers don't always want to exempt. Some professionals have the illusion of being infallible, but in this profession, as everywhere else, human errors are frequent with preventable incidents. I remember this famous surgeon in Nantes, who, during an audit on the certification of risks, spent his time during the entire operation to be offended by this control. However, when counting the compresses after the surgery, his face went through all the colors when he missed one! Fortunately, this time, nothing serious happened, the missing compress was not inside the patient, but it was glued to the protective arch. It is unfortunately part of human nature to see the faults of others, but never his own. Which motorist will recognize that he forgets to put on his blinker or others? For many people, it is very painful to admit that one could be wrong. The person or team who admits to having made a mistake must not be condemned, punished, reprimanded and considered vulnerable. This would lead inevitably hide a future accident and prevent any discussion of the causes and origins of the error. The main individual factors are: fatigue, stress, difficulty memorizing many data, managing emotions, personal worries, hunger and oversized ego. The main team factors are: the work of people who are not accustomed to working together, the problem of new coaching in lack of experience, pressures related to productivity, and therefore to time, and sometimes being overwhelmed by certain events such as COVID. The certification is valid for 5 years. This point is very important because, as soon as the health establishment has been followed and obtained its sesame for 5 years, it's the "party". A 2013 survey of city medical care found that patients or those around them identified 1/3 of the errors. But, many patients do not dare to report a problem, for fear of reprisals (fear of being treated less well afterwards) or out of kindness, not wanting to disturb the caregivers. It must be acknowledged that some “lizards” still regret the time when patients only wisely and passively underwent appropriate or inappropriate care without daring to ask for any explanation. 3 million adverse events occur each year during hospitalization and are associated with the care patients receive. 1.3 million should not take place.

  • Taphophobia and the magnetizer

    The Magnetizer helps to free oneself from taphophobia, as with all other phobias. Before getting help, you have to understand what it is all about. Taphophobia is the phobic fear of graves and cemeteries, or in this case, of being buried alive. It seems that the fear of being buried alive gradually leaves the realm of the rational to move on to the irrational. Indeed, while the subject was long debated in the 19th century, it continues today while there are still intense debates between the limit of life and death. Yet today we identify final death with clinical death, coma, brain death with vital activities that can be maintained with medical assistance while the encephalogram is flat. This fear of waking up buried in one's coffin or in one's family vault was commonplace thirty years ago. The reason is very simple: many people had acquaintances around them who told them stories of gravediggers. Likewise, I will be able to tell you: when I was just starting out as a magnetizer, on numerous occasions, cemetery employees told me that, when they had to lift bodies to make room, they happened to find bodies in postures leaving no doubt about their agitation in the coffin with often traces of scratches inside the coffin. One can always wonder if it was not an urban legend. It is obvious that there will always be fabricators, but for these traumatized gravediggers and by the way in which they told these facts having frightened them, the doubt was not allowed. In 1705, the will of a priest from the diocese of Poitiers, who died in Paris, is very revealing: "for a few hours, may it please God to call me to him, I want my body to be kept as long as possible. that we can without great inconvenience and until we are perfectly assured of my death by very certain marks: not that I have much attachment to life, but because the examples of those I know who were buried alive make me all the more fearful of the sensations to which I would be exposed if I came to myself in the tomb as it happened to some of my ancestors. This fear of being buried alive has these celebrities, especially from the 19th century: the Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel and the composer Frédéric Chopin would have received this phobia from their father. But it was in the 18th century that the French were most haunted by this panic. At that time, this very old fear was revived and amplified by an accumulation of various facts relating these events for some as always apocryphal, but for others not being able to be denied. In 1740, Jacques Bénigne Winslow, a French doctor, was one of the first to bring this morbid fear of graves and cemeteries, or of being buried alive, into a now public health issue: "If surgical experiments are fitter than any other to discover less uncertain marks of a dubious death” is the title of a thesis initially published in Latin and translated in 1742 with many comments released in 1742 by the doctor Jacques-Jean Bruhier to which he added 200 pages. In 1745, Jacques-Jean Bruhier released a second volume with an evocative title: 'dissertation on the uncertainty of the signs of death and the abuse of hasty burials and embalming'. In this work, he informs that the signs usually used to characterize death - immobility, pallor and especially absence of reaction, pulse and breath - are not significant of the death of a person. There are certainties only when there is putrefaction. This could explain why in many cultures the dead are watched over before being buried. In 1752, a young member of the Royal Academy of Surgery, Antoine Louis, who today is best known for being one of the creators of the Louison which will be called the guillotine, published "letters on the certainty of signs of death with as subtitle this clarification directly addressed to Jacques-Jean Bruhier: where the citizens are reassured of the fear of being buried alive". He exposes a sharp decrease in premature burials and adds 2 criteria which seem to him irrefutable: flaccidity of the eye and rigor mortis. We find in wills from the beginning to the end of the 18th century the trace of taphophobia by mentioning unequivocally the apprehension of being buried alive. In 1790, Madame Suzanne Necker in her pamphlet "precipitated burials" describes these fears of being buried alive, informs about different techniques that would make it possible to ensure that death is not an illusion and relates different anecdotes of people considered dead. who regained consciousness at the burial. She received illustrious scholars of her time such as Diderot or Buffon. In 2015, Anne Carole wrote "The high level of risk of being buried alive is basically of little importance". It's always just a matter of perspective! Burial is no longer possible without a death certificate drawn up by a doctor after sometimes an examination of the body. However, if the burial or cremation is done too quickly, (we will say) trouble can still occur. The advantage in cremation is that it will be impossible for future generations to know what really happened, with revival or not. It is perhaps for these visions of awakening in the oven of the crematorium that some seers believed they saw hell.

  • Sudden death

    50% of sudden cardiac death victims consulted a doctor, a magnetizer could not have done anything more, in hospital or in town in the 15 days preceding their death. In addition, their consultation requests were four times more numerous than those of the general population. These facts suggest that there are many warning signs that should lead to prevention. Different analyzes have made this sad observation. The last is the analysis of the 29,000 cases from the Danish Sudden Cardiac Death Registry that occurred between 2001 and 2014. Sudden unexplained death It is a very sudden, almost instantaneous, death that has no identifiable underlying cause. After autopsy, doctors generally qualify this death as a natural death. It makes sense that deaths related to cardiomyopathy-like coronary artery disease or so-called Brugada syndrome or long QT (which are electrical abnormalities), whether known or not, be excluded in the sudden death category. Sudden death does not also include cases of aneurysm rupture type and therefore all other extracardiac causes. 10% of European adult mortality is due to sudden death which affects those under 40 in 1/3 of cases. These deaths are more frequent at night. In Asia, we like to designate them by names having links to the supernatural: TAI lai meaning more or less I die, I cry. It is interesting to know that the heart, which is a muscle, which beats 100,000 times a day, works thanks to electrical impulses. Electricity comes from self-pulse cells that act as a battery in the right atrium. It is an electrical flow that propagates to the left atrium to eventually access the 2 ventricles. The impulse must be transmitted in a harmonious and regular manner without any heterogeneous obstacle being able to interfere with the rhythm which would cause a risk of arrhythmia. A first explanation for these sudden deaths would be ventricular arrhythmias in 90% of cases. A few square centimeters of myocardial cells would be affected by a microscopic alteration that would disrupt the propagation of the electrical impulse, to the point of creating fatal electrical turbulence. We can compare it to a seizure induced by a scar in the brain. These lesions affecting myocardial cells are undetectable by standard ECG, invisible on imaging or in an autopsy. Their formation is sometimes genetic or caused by a virus, tissue fatty infiltration or microfibrosis. The origin of this discovery comes from relevant studies of intracardiac mapping in a few hearts collected after death, during organ donation and in young subjects who survived the arrhythmia, thus making it possible to precisely obtain the characteristics of the microlesions responsible. The problem does not come from the treatments that exist, but from the identification of those at risk. A new high resolution ECG system (THE ECG HR) has been created which is 3000 times more sensitive than a standard ECG. It is able to detect microlesions responsible for these arrhythmias by mapping the heart to the surface of the thorax. Later, the high-resolution ECG will be coupled with secure external stimulation, which will better detect arrhythmogenic areas. The treatment is an intra-cardiac radiofrequency cauterization: ultrasound creates a uniform lesion which could cure the heterogeneity, and therefore the disorder. There is also the installation of an implantable defibrillator whose protective effectiveness would be remarkable or even certain drugs. Science has not arrived at a degree of relevance to know the number of people saved or not after consulting a magnetizer. There is a real effectiveness of first aid gestures during sudden death. Figures from the French study by the Sudden Death Center of Expertise (AP – HP – Inserm – University of Paris) show that survival in the event of cardiac arrest in a competitive or recreational sports context has increased from 28, 3% between 2005 and 2007 to 66.7% between 2016 and 2018. These figures demonstrate the importance of rapid intervention by cardiac massage and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). The general public has been allowed to use an AED since 2007. Although this study is carried out for athletes, its teaching applies to all sudden deaths. A training of one to two hours is sufficient to learn the basics of cardiac massage without mouth-to-mouth.A victim's chance of survival is reduced by 10% for every minute that passes without CPR. Better a bad massage than no massage at all.

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  • Magnetizerr Bordeaux | Magnetizer 33

    Is it better to use a magnetizer in Bordeaux? No, not necessarily, it is even possible, even preferable, to cohabit a magnetizer in Bordeaux with a healing magnetizer from another city. In my case, it is easy to come and consult me from the Aquitaine region. However, I advise you to favor local healing magnetizers for bobology, for you no risk and faster and for me it gives me time for more important cases, that's why you can use various people as a magnetizer Aquitaine depending on the circumstances. In addition, cohabitation is possible, even interesting for the follow-up of my energetic action. I use human magnetism, but I don't mind if you see someone who uses animal magnetism. What is the main reason for consulting me? The main reason for consulting me is for my re-harmonization. My technique will act: on the etheric body, this framework which served to build the physical body. A defect in this canvas affects the physical body. You can tell me that its usefulness is only at the time of the creation of the physical body, but this is false, if at the time of its conception of the physical body this mold has a primary utility, it remains no less true than it continues to have played a role throughout existence, which is why it continues after physical death for a certain period of time. on the lower mental body, at the level of your thoughts without modifying them because I have no right, but by calming the agitations. on the emotional body, to allow you to take a step back from the events. You give the opportunity to find yourself. on the energetic bodies to allow me to recharge you and relearn you, without realizing it, to function harmoniously. I must not become a crutch. 1 to 2 rebalances are sufficient per year. all of this obviously, so that your physical body works more homogeneously. This session of more than an hour is to be offered at least once a year. You can also use my services for your "non-curable" problems or to avoid unnecessary interventions, when possible. What is the difference between a magnetizer, a healer and a dowser? You should rather consider myself as a magnetizer but what exactly is the difference with a healer or a dowser? The magnetizing healer uses the laying on of hands and the healers make energetic passes. They are not practitioners of different medicines which, for their part, have to treat ailments. The magnetizer is a vibratory practitioner who relieves the physical body by using its healing magnetism, the use of the hands is for the fun and ritual side allowing for faster participation. It uses energy healing to give vital energy. The dowser needs a pendulum, he does not emit energy, but dowsing by sending a signal that comes back to him. One does not prevent the other. Personally, I like to use the pendulum for the visual image of my introspection on the person. The energetic rebalancing that I practice is an energetic therapy which treats the whole of the physical body and of the "souls". It is a path of life and a true sharing. Human health is grateful after a magnetization consultation request. Animal magnetism is not used. The human magnetism that I use uses different techniques to relieve mental, psychological and physical pain. Traditional medicine is at the service of conventional medicine. The magnetizing healer employs universal energy without side effects. The magnetized has gratitude, after each session, for her healer who is not a reiki master, because she obtains the ability to heal her energy system. Likewise, me magnetiser, if you have the chance to consult me, I would be honored to be of service to you.

  • The magnetiser's gazette | Healer

    Gazette Magnetizer Carbone Ludovic Royan 17 Actualités du magnétiseur Carbone Personal Health and Safety News by magnetizer Danger ! Do not use hot water for cooking if it comes from a cumulus cloud protected by an aluminum-based anode. For information, aluminum decomposes and is found in drinking water. No problem if titanium anode. There is no more decomposition. Euthanasia The decree of March 28, 2020 relating to the coronavirus restricted the administration of hydroxychloroquine to the most serious patients. He also authorized doctors to prescribe outside the hospital, at home or in nursing homes, a drug in injectable form, Rivotril, to cause death by eliminating suffering. Rivotril is dispensed in pharmacies on presentation of a prescription bearing the words "prescription off-label (marketing authorization) in the context of Covid-19". The waiver was to last until April 15. It is not compulsory, but advised that the decision of terminal sedation be collegial and connected with a palliative care team that can take over in the event of a complication. The decree aims to remedy the shortage of midazolam. On February 10, the HAS (High Authority for Health) had recommended the prescription by GPs at home of another drug, midazolam by injection, which puts the patient to sleep until death. This is a response to an open letter of March 26 to the Minister of Health by geriatrics professionals: "ensure worthy care of the asphyxial respiratory distress of the very many residents who will die in nursing homes, because they do not fall under of hospitalization”. This text, which seems to grant doctors a right of life or death over the most vulnerable patients, arouses emotion. Choking to death is certainly not the most pleasant way to leave. Ideally, the will of the patient or a trusted person should be taken into account. The decision to end the suffering of people who can no longer be saved because of their condition or because of the lack of beds is not easy. HAND SPINNERS: BE CAREFUL These objects are intended to help autistic (or hyperactive) people by involving them in a kind of "soothing" self-hypnosis. It may be useful for a small percentage of the population, but it should not turn into obsession with a large percentage of the population. ​ Excessive use could lead to devolution. (magnetizer Carbone 06/17) For or against vaccines? The government is working on establishing an exemption clause for parents who are fiercely opposed to the vaccination of their children. ​ Minister Agnès Buzyn announced on Thursday, July 6, 2017, that she wanted to make 11 vaccines compulsory, while allowing exceptions in the event of parental refusal. (magnetizer Carbone 07/07/2017) The end of mixing for infant vaccines The three mandatory vaccines against diphtheria (1938), tetanus (1940) and polio (1964) should be available without association with other vaccines. (magnetizer Carbone 02/17) Glasses without prescription As of Monday, October 17, opticians are authorized to adapt the prescription of contact lenses as part of a renewal and they may also, in emergency cases, issue corrective glasses without a prescription, according to a decree published this Sunday in the official journal. ​ (Source La Marseillaise, Monday October 17, 2016) It's a chance to get used to them so soon In the diet of young children (small jars, powdered milk, cookies) there are nine pollutants (heavy metals, PCBs, etc.). ANSES (national agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety) concludes, following an unprecedented study, that a significant number (especially for those concerned) of children have an exposure greater than the toxicological reference values. Toxicological reference values! ? ! (Bordeaux Carbon Magnetizer 09-16) ANSES has published its report, after five years of research, on the impact of pesticides on farmers. The observation is the urgent need to reduce the use of pesticides in order to protect the health of a million people, breeders, seasonal workers, heads of farms, grain farmers, who are the first victims. The ANSES report mentions the evidence of an association between exposure to pesticides and certain pathologies, certain neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cognitive disorders and certain cancers, hematologic malignancies, prostate cancers, brain tumors, skin cancers, etc. There is a questioning of the reliability of the existing data in the context of product registration. The national Ecophyto plan aimed to reduce by half the use of three types of pesticides (plant protection products, biocides and veterinary drugs). Originally scheduled for 2018, the deadline has been extended to 2025. (Lathes, Carbon Magnetizer 08-16) After the "French paradox", the "American paradox" ? When it comes to cancer, physical activity reduces the risk. The National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, USA) sifted through data for more than 1.44 million people of both sexes aged 19 to 98, followed in Europe and the United States for an average of twelve years. During this period, 187,000 cancers were declared. This work confirmed that the risk of developing at least 13 types of cancer was reduced by physical activity (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling), provided it was performed at a moderate to intense pace for at at least 150 minutes per week or 75 minutes if it is really very intense. Under this condition, the risk reduction can go, for example, up to 45% for the liver, from 23 to 29% for the lung, from 8 to 30% for myeloid leukemia. (Source Paris Match 3499) IA (intelligence artificielle) ne peut pas faire preuve d’humanité. Le développement et les recours aux technologies ne doivent pas remplacer la décision médicale partagée avec le patient. Même avec des algorithmes de deep learning (auto-apprentissage) et une capacité de traiter des milliards de données à la seconde, la machine n’aura jamais le « flair », la capacité de voir une… alternative. ​ En cas de réaction après la prise d'un générique, conserver la boite pour que le médecin puisse faire une déclaration des effets indésirables auprès de l'agence du médicament. Food labeling From January 1, 2017, France will experiment with labeling of the origin of milk in processed products. The "French paradox" called into question A review by American researchers of the 54 largest known studies on wine stating that moderate consumption is more beneficial than abstinence calls this dogma into question. According to these researchers, most studies suffered from a bias that skewed the calculations. Among the non-drinkers identified were included subjects who had stopped drinking due to a general fragile state or to ongoing treatment. Consequently, the conclusions drawn would have been incorrect. (Source Paris Match 2971) Bisphenol A banned from July 2015 "The French food safety agency (AFSSA), which had concluded that bisphenol A was harmless, has reopened the file..." (Source Le Figaro Magazine of January 23, 2010) ​ The Senate unanimously adopted the PS bill banning bisphenol A in food containers. Carcinogenic substances in medical devices intended for infants, young children and pregnant women will be prohibited from July 1, 2015. Tobacco and brain development Based on data concerning 5,200 primary school students and questionnaires sent to their families, an INSERM study observed that children of parents who smoke have twice as many behavioral problems (aggressiveness, disobedience, lying, etc.) than those of non-smoking parents. Nicotine is harmful to brain development, according to the authors. (Source Paris Match from 22 to 28 October 2015 - N ° 3466) Brain degeneration : Sleeping on your side? It was long believed that the brain was devoid of lymphatic circulation. In 2012, a team of Prof. Maiken Nedergaard (University of Rochester, United States) demonstrated, in mice, using a sophisticated imaging technique, the existence of cerebral lymphatic vessels ensuring the elimination of waste, such as proteins whose accumulation is the cause of Alzheimer's. A slowing of lymphatic circulation is thought to be responsible for most cerebral degenerations. A process mainly active during sleep. The team has just observed in animals that the lateral supine position provided more efficient drainage than the prone or dorsal positions, which should also be the case in humans. (Source Paris Match from September 10 to 16, 2015 - N ° 3460) EFT There is a very important difference between the magnetizer and the principle of EFT. EFT, which dates from 1994, builds with the patient a phase of acceptance of his problem while magnetism must solve it. Immunity boosted by fasting Work involving research centers, including that of Prof. Valter Longo in Los Angeles (University of Southern California) has studied the impact of fasting on immunity. The available data show that a fast of 48 hours or, better of 72 hours every six months significantly reduces the glucose level and the activity of two key enzymes of cell proliferation: insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and especially protein kinase A (PKA). The immune system rebuilds, because the fall in glucose forces the body to consume its sugar reserves, to preserve its energy and to recycle damaged or aged immune cells, which are then eliminated. The lowering of PKA stimulates stem cells which produce large amounts of new immune cells. (Source Paris Match from 07 to 12 May 2015 - N ° 3442) But A 44-year-old woman died during a naturopathic course which consisted of abstaining from eating in Noyant-de-Touraine (Indre-et-Loire). This course in Noyant-de-Touraine (Indre-et-Loire) certainly had the advantage of not being expensive, since there were no catering costs! Hospital. Operate more to earn more According to a recent study published by the Ministry of Health, surgical activity has increased by 9.3% in the public and private non-profit sector compared to private clinics since the reform of the financing of public hospitals (1). Is this a good sign? Activity-based pricing, T2A in the jargon, was introduced in France in 2004 to make financing fair and improve efficiency. It consists of remunerating each treatment according to a fixed rate and has gradually replaced the annual global allocation. Budgets are therefore a function of the number and characteristics of stays. By definition inflationary, T2A could encourage hospitals to prefer lucrative activities. As for the impact on the quality of care, a report by Irdes (2) noted at the end of 2012 that "in most European countries where T2A is implemented (...), monitoring of quality of care appears to be inappropriate and insufficient ". André Grimaldi, diabetologist, head of department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, is himself fiercely opposed to it. "It is an infernal machine, he explains. It leads to developing profitable activities to pay others." Perhaps it should be reserved for certain activities. According to Irdes experts, the drifts could be avoided by adjusting the T2A formula in order to reward the costs incurred in quality. (1) Drees, January 2014 - (2) Irdes, January 2012 (Source Le Nouvel Observateur January 16, 2014 - N ° 2567) Powdered vegetable drink 100% vegetable, lactose-free, vegetable proteins, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, no added sucrose, no added salt, no coloring or preservatives, guaranteed GMO-free. Food allergy to milk is caused by a reaction of the immune system to certain proteins, including casein and beta-lactoglobulin. This allergic reaction causes a set of symptoms: itching, asthma, hypotension, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and can go as far as anaphylactic shock. In this case, milk, dairy products and milk-based products are clearly contraindicated. The "distracted" pulmonologist pursued ? It's a mess... The former head of department at Bichat hospital. Michel Aubier, known for regularly minimizing the effects of pollution on health, did receive subsidies from Total: from 50,000 to 60,000 € per year since 1997! All the more serious since he recently swore in the Senate, during a hearing on the theme of the cost of pollution, to have no link of interest with the economic players in the sector... (Source Auto Plus du Friday 1 April 2016 - N ° 1439) Perverted doctor A 66-year-old retired doctor in Maine-et-Loire was indicted for incestuous rape of one of his daughters-in-law, then a minor. He was placed under judicial control Thursday, September 23, 2021 with entry in the file of perpetrators of sexual offenses. This doctor is suspected of having filmed his naked patients during examinations. Sunday September 26, 2021-SOUTH-WEST Libidinous psychiatrist A psychiatrist in La Rochelle is suspended for 4 months from June 1, 2021 until September 30, 2021. This decision follows the complaint, in 2018, of one of his patients. The national disciplinary chamber of the Order of Physicians, headquartered in Paris, says: “a marked breach of the rules of dignity and morality that all practitioners are required to respect. For 3 months, he had sex during consultation hours in his office twice a week. This is what was criticized by the Council of the Order. On the other hand, curiously, he was not found guilty of psychological influence! It all started in 2012, when the patient came for a burnout. It is after 2 years of consultations at the rate of 2 times a week that the psychiatrist will take action. In defense of the professional, he would not have known how to manage the countertransference ... while he has the keys! The patient had written to the Charente-Maritime order of doctors on the advice of a new shrink where there will be no follow-up. It is for this reason that she decided to file a complaint. In 2019, the Nouvelle Aquitaine chamber had already sentenced the therapist to an exercise ban for 6 months. The psychiatrist appealed. He was right since the end of the case did not take place until February 2021, when he only got 4 months. Tuesday June 22, 2021-SOUTH-WEST- page 11 ​ The Caen University Hospital Sentenced to € 575,526 for a nosocomial infection which cost a 13-year-old child a leg in May 1983. ​ The MPC City doctors will be able to take occupational health training under the law of August 2, 2021 which strengthens occupational health prevention. The MPCs (corresponding medical practitioners) will participate in the medical follow-up of workers in conjunction with the occupational physician. However, the MPC cannot be the worker's attending physician at the same time. The topics of safety at work and the fundamentals of health will be covered. The axes of the training will be on the missions of the SPSTI and the professional risks and their prevention. For the doctor, the training will be free and it will take place in the form of distance modules and will last a few months. There will also be interviews with occupational physicians and experts. At the end of each module, there will be a scientific evaluation in Sion at the end of the course. INRS and many employer and employee organizations have initiated this process so that the city doctor takes care of the medical follow-up of employees with the exception of reinforced medical follow-up. Gynecology CUP and toxic shock syndrome It is an infectious disease linked to the multiplication, in the vagina, of Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium capable of producing a TSST-1 toxin. As it passes through the blood, it poisons it and activates the immune system, which is responsible for the shock. Blood rushes to vital organs to the detriment of the rest of the body. The limbs, insufficiently irrigated, can necrosis. There is a risk of amputation or even death. High blood pressure and organ failure can also occur. The symptoms are: a high fever, vomiting and body aches. The cup or swab should be removed immediately and, if this persists, be promptly attended to the emergency room. Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) affects 1 in 100,000 women and 4% carry the strain of Staphylococcus aureus in their vagina. The risk is greatest at the age of 15. Before, SCT was associated with tampons (20 cases per year in France). 9% of women of menstrual age use a menstrual cup. It is not possible to say which of the two, the tampon or the cup, generates the most risk. With both systems, the blood is blocked. This creates a favorable environment for the development of Staphylococcus aureus if the woman is a carrier and if she keeps them for more than four hours (six hours maximum). Unlike condoms, cups like tampons are not medical devices. To date, there are no regulations or any obligation to disclose their composition or to properly inform women. Brands, concerning the wearing time of the cup, advertise on their site “all night” or “twelve hours.” Some brands use silicone catalyzed by peroxide (not without danger) while others use catalyzed silicone platinum (used for pacemakers), but the latter device costs five times more. Classification as a medical device and regulation of the composition of cuts can only be decided at European level. a study concerning twenty sections for the leaflets and the analysis of ten sections will be published, but, as always, no checks are carried out for platforms outside the European Union Advice to follow: sterilize the section before each use and have a second sterilized cup on you, to avoid any risk of TBS. What is in the hygienic protections? Pesticides. According to a study conducted by scientists at the University of La Plata, Argentina, 85% of tampons and sanitary napkins contain traces of glyphosate, the most widely used weedkiller in the world. This product is considered "probably carcinogenic" by WHO and is thought to pass into Argentine cotton during agricultural treatments. This discovery warns about the composition of tampons, particularly in France, where no regulation requires the transparency of the components used by manufacturers. (Source VSD from 05 to 11 November 2015 - N ° 1993) Medical research Medicine: These voluntary human guinea pigs Of the 1,100 trials declared to the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) in 2005, "there are 70,000 reports of adverse and serious events", explains Chantal Belorgey, head of the clinical trials evaluation department. of drugs to Afssaps. ​ If too many adverse effects are noted, the trials are terminated. This is the case, in phase 1, for 40% of them. Those who continue in phase 2 allow the product to be tested, this time on patients: the elderly, children. At this stage, 30% of the trials are stopped due to insufficient efficacy or tolerance. After the third phase of trials, which must confirm the results, only 10% of drugs will be on the market. ​ And each stage has its unforeseen events and dangers - sometimes even after they are put on sale - despite strict regulations. That of France is among the most severe, which has the paradox of increasing the number of human guinea pigs... (Source Le Figaro magazine of April 1, 2006) French site dedicated to clinical trials: Epidemiology Béarn: health studies After the revelation in March of the details of a statistical study which demonstrated excess mortality between 1968 and 1998, the Regional Health Agency has just launched two epidemiological studies on the health data of the population of the Lacq basin. (Results available at the end of 2017) The atlas of epidemics WHO provides Internet users with a database containing the latest information on major epidemics: tuberculosis, rabies, cholera, AIDS, malaria ... and influenza. It is possible to view this database on an online map and to download. Medications - Pharmacology Distilbene It was half a century before the Mediator case and more than twenty years before the tainted blood affair. Between the time of its withdrawal in 1977 and its marketing in 1951, an estimated 200,000 patients have taken this treatment. Distiblene causes malformations up to the third generation such as thalidomide or depakine. It was banned in the United States in 1971, in Belgium in 1975, in Canada in 1976 (in France 1977), in the Netherlands, in Germany and in Austria in 1978 and the winner: Hungary in 1983. The ultra-addictive sugar product is however completely legal. In 2007 in the laboratory of Professor Serge Ahmed in Bordeaux, it was shown that cocaine addicted rats preferred, when offered to them, sugar water over their drug ration. Sugar is only timidly singled out for the economic interests associated with it, despite a population of 400 million diabetics and 600 million obese. 7 in a triangle: polycarbonate and contains BPA (Biophenol A). 3 in a triangle: indicates the presence of phthalates. Depakine More than 10,000 women have taken Depakine, an antiepileptic drug accused of causing malformations in the fetus, between 2007 and 2014, says "Le Canard enchaîné". (Source Sud-Ouest of August 10, 2016) BRAVO PROBLEM SOLVED Codeine Alert Addiction: The phenomenon is growing. More and more minors are using non-prescription drugs to make devastating and sometimes deadly cocktails. ​ Two teenagers have died since the start of the year after taking the drug turned into drug. Codeine drugs are mostly available without a prescription. ​ The addiction sets in quite quickly. (Source le Parisien Friday June 9, 2017) Take codeine only with a prescription. (magnetizer Carbone, Thursday, July 13, 2017) Health Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche announced yesterday that it had obtained the green light from the European Union for its drug Avastin, for an advanced form of lung cancer. (Source Southwest 09-06-16) After valsartan, Irbesartan from Arrow Generic laboratory (another medicine for hypertension) is affected by batch recalls following the presence of a substance classified as a probable carcinogen. (magnetizer Carbone 12/01/19) Exemption from liability of pharmaceutical companies Mediator, Vioxx, Distilbene, Isomeride... Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the exemption from liability for development risk, thanks to the European directive of July 25, 1985, transposed into French law by the law of May 18, 1998. The European directive of 1985 allows each Member State, by way of derogation from Article 7 point E to maintain the responsibility of the producer "even if it proves that the state of scientific and technical knowledge at the time of the release of the product by it did not allow him to detect the existence of the defect ". As soon as France informs the European Commission in advance, it would not be contrary to the letter and the spirit of the European directive to end the exemption from liability "for development risk" MEP Michèle Rivasi considers it urgent to remedy this exemption. The Minister of Health Marisol Touraine should integrate an amendment into her health law. Di-Antalvic The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) recommends the withdrawal throughout Europe of a controversial painkiller, dextropropoxyphene (DXP), present in particular in Di-Antalvic in France and at the origin of fatal overdoses for several years . The Emea Committee for Medicines for Human Use, meeting in London, concluded that the risk presented by these products, "particularly the risk of fatal overdose.", Was greater than their benefits, while it did not there was "no evidence that these (products) are more effective" than others. The European Commission has sixty-seven working days to give its opinion. In most cases, it follows that of Emea. (Source Sud-Ouest of June 26, 2009) Work (organization) other than magnetism Chemical risk assessment tool Software available free on the Internet. It was developed over three years by the National Research and Safety Institute (INRS) in partnership with the General Directorate of Labor (DGT), public health organizations and professional federations. Namely, the CnamTS and the Robert-Sauvé Research Institute in occupational health and safety. But also the National Council of Automobile Professionals, the National Union of Paintings, Coatings and Varnishes Industries, the Union of Metallurgical Industries and the Union of Chemical Industries. “Our goal is to help companies learn about chemical risks and identify the most dangerous ones,” summarizes Nicolas Bertrand, chemical engineer at INRS. Small businesses fail to make the connection between the products the business uses on a daily basis and chemical risk. However, some of them contain agents classified as CMR (carcinogens, mutagens or retrotoxic) which can cause cancer by inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration. The software consists of several steps. First the inventory phase which is facilitated by an image analysis tool. You only need to photograph the label for the software to recognize the hazard statements. Seirich offers 3 levels of expertise knowing that it is aimed at different audiences. These include business leaders, QHSE managers, doctors, occupational health services as well as chemists, toxicologists and other chemical risk specialists. To find your level, just answer the quiz available on the site. The latter also offers assistance in identifying dangerous products and substances specific to each activity. The employer just has to indicate his activity (automobile, media, hairdressing, etc.) for the software to draw up a list of the dangerous agents concerned. For example, typing 'manufacture of ready-mixed concrete', the employer will know that this activity presents risks linked to the presence of inhalable and alveolar dust. Other Clarice and Colibrisk software. Asbestos: prejudice of anxiety extended to all employees. The Court of Cassation, in a judgment delivered on Friday 04/05/19, declared “that an employee who is not sick, but presents a significant risk of developing a serious illness due to his exposure to asbestos, can now claim compensation for this prejudice of anxiety, even if the employee has not worked on sites listed by law. "The employee may take legal action invoking" the employer's safety obligation ". Forbo Flooring Systems FFS publishes a white paper on asbestos. Downloadable free of charge, the book presents training courses and regulations relating to asbestos (also flooring solutions). Do not forget the very technical guides produced by INRS. Variant of Dilbert Businesses put the incompetent in where they will do the least damage: in leadership positions. It's sort of an extension of Peter's Law. Service for the elderly and social assistance without magnetism Retirement home: the tool that makes life easier for families Finding the establishment that best suits your needs is a puzzle. Public and free, a website is now accessible (Source La Nouvelle République of June 02, 2016) Free places for disabled people Law n ° 2015 - 300 of March 18, 2015 in OJ n ° 66 of March 19, 2015 and article L.241 - 3 - 2 of the code of social action and families. (05/18/2015) The spaces reserved for disabled people with a European parking card are free. A fee may be required in parks with entry and exit terminals accessible from the vehicle. The European Ombudsman: Investigating cases of maladministration The European Ombudsman investigates complaints of maladministration (insufficient or failing administration) by EU institutions. These complaints can be addressed to it by citizens, residents, businesses and institutions of the union. What does the Mediator do? The Ombudsman is elected by the European Parliament for a renewable term of five years. By receiving and examining complaints, the Ombudsman helps uncover instances of maladministration by the European institutions and other EU bodies, i.e. cases in which an EU institution fails to comply with its obligations or fulfills them inadequately or even commits a reprehensible act. We can cite as examples: - unfair practices; - discrimination; - abuse of power; - a lack or refusal of information; - unjustified delay; - incorrect procedures. Any citizen or resident of an EU Member State, as well as any association or company headquartered there, can contact the European Ombudsman, he acts with complete independence and impartiality and does not seek or receive instructions. from any government or organization. A practical guide for filing complaints is available on the Ombudsman's website. Environment: the magnetizer is concerned Information site of the Ministry of Sustainable Development Intended for all audiences, this information site deals with technological risks as well as natural risks. ​ The information site of the Ministry of Sustainable Development deals with technological and industrial risks: pipes for hazardous materials, polluted sites, classified installations, nuclear installations and is also interested in natural risks: shrinkage-swelling of clays, floods, earthquakes, land movements, avalanches... The site offers the possibility of geolocating a place on an interactive geographical map. As soon as you start to fill in a field, the system offers suggestions. Filtration of its research according to specific risks: flood, clay, ground movements... up to nuclear installations. The navigation interface is intuitive, thanks to the icons that unfold from the interactive side panels which display search functionalities or mapping options (aerial views, background maps, etc.). As for the thematic files on risks, they also take up the overall cartographic effort and offer didactic content, through sub-sections: risk detection methods, actors, context, risk management, access to data ( offered the metadata sheets available). Geo risques complies with the European INSPIRE directive which relates to the provision and dissemination to the public of cartographic data on the Environment. ​ Know more The site of the associative collective dedicated to chronic diseases, is full of information and resources: news, practical sheets... This database references the 400 member associations of the INSERM Associations network, which aims to bring together the associative world of research. On the website of the Ministry of Health, the "rights of health users" area gives access to the list of approved patient associations. Glyphosate: Good News The European Commission has announced the extension, for eighteen months, of the authorization in the EU of glyphosate (herbicide). The committee explains that it is waiting for "the European Chemicals Agency to publish its opinion no later than the end of 2017". (Source Sud-Ouest of June 30, 2016) Glyphosate on hold The EU has not reached any agreement on the renewal of the authorization of glyphosate (the best-selling herbicidal substance in Europe). This is the second time, after a meeting in March, that the representatives of the member states have given up voting. ​ The registration of glyphosate expires on June 30, 2016. In the absence of a decision, Member States will have to withdraw the authorizations for all glyphosate products. Pollution = Airplane Experience a day's air traffic reduced to a one-minute video, all seen from space. Rainwater harvesting and boreholes: two useful sites The Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea Two guides can be downloaded from the French rainwater industry (ifep) website, document section. Physics - Electricity and Magnetic Energy Why do we sometimes get an electric shock? The explanation is due to the electrical balance which reigns between the objects. There are as many protons (positive charges) as electrons (negative charges) in the atoms that make up every person, every object. When people experience friction with air or other matter, electrons on the surface of atoms can be torn off and transferred, protons are safe in the nucleus of atoms. The rubbed body loses electrons and becomes positive, the body that receives the electrons becomes negative. When you touch a body with an electric potential different from yours, it is the electric shock. Linky counter : 48 mayors refuse the installation In the name of "concern for the protection of the health" of the inhabitants, but also of the protection of their personal data "which could be used for commercial purposes, but also of surveillance and questioning of public freedoms", around forty municipal councils of small French towns have voted against the replacement of our old meters by the Linky. In PACA, this is the case of Reillanne, in the Alpes de Hautes-Provence or Revest-les-Roches, in the Alpes-Maritimes. Elsewhere in the world, smart meters are also a cause for concern. In Ontario, Canada, the removal of some 36,000 of its devices has been required. The State of California has allowed customers to deny their installation. (Source La Provence of March 23, 2016) Publication of a law to regulate electromagnetic waves Potentially harmful to health, electromagnetic waves due in particular to mobile telephony and wifi are at the heart of Law No. 2015-136, published in the Official Journal on February 10, 2015, relating to sobriety, transparency, consultation and information. The electromagnetic risk also concerns the world of work, it is the subject of Directive 2013/35 EU to protect employees exposed to electromagnetic fields and waves, it should be transposed by July 1, 2016 in France. (02/26/15) Gas and electricity price comparison A price comparator launched by the public authorities makes it possible to gauge the offers of suppliers and to find their way around. CERN October 2009, this fall, the LHC, CERN's giant particle accelerator, should finally be able to restart after a year of repairs following the melting of one of its magnets. At CERN, near Geneva, we are working, with a lot of millions, trying to swing hadrons against each other thanks to a particle accelerator 27 km in circumference. Last November 3, when pressing the contact, paf! Short circuit. We now know why: an owl had dropped bits of bread on the electrical circuit. When men try to emulate the big bang, God draws out his sense of humor. (Source Sud-Ouest of November 29, 2009) Darwin aboard the Beagle Wisps are the result of the decomposition of plants and corpses. These sparks, often blue or sometimes yellow, are best found in cemeteries or swamps. Corpses produce phosphine, a gas that ignites on contact with air and ignites methane, which is in greater quantity and produced by the decomposition of plants. The degradation of phosphine gives phosphorus pentoxide and forms a sticky atmosphere. Methane and phosphine are classified as anaerobic (without oxygen). In other phenomena that can be falsely assimilated to will-o'-the-wisps, there is the presence of rocks rich in silicon quartz and arsenic which create electrical effects channeled on the surface by water vapor. Magnetizer ludovic Carbone Astronomy - Cosmology - Astronautics - Magnetism Universe Everything that is familiar to us does not represent more than 5% of the total continuum of the Universe, the rest is composed of dark energy (68%) and dark matter (27%). Dark energy would be a repulsive force. Filling space evenly, it would be responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe faster and faster. Dark matter, more transparent than black, sensitive to gravity, gives its attractive mass their cohesion to galaxies, clusters of galaxies, etc. Are you intrigued by something in the sky? Wondering what object it could be? Here is the site for you. You will find not only the position of comets, planets and other stars, but also that of satellites, of the International Space Station. 1959, that year While America sees its rockets exploding on takeoff with regularity, the USSR consolidates its technological advance with Lunik 2. After a thirty-three hour flight, this tiny capsule weighing less than 400 kg is the first terrestrial object to reach the Moon. The capsule crashed into the Sea of ​​Tranquility. Geography -Travel See the map of the Landes de Gascogne Park which lists the healing sources, to spend a moment in the Landes nature. Paris Visit Paris by small colored squares or at the bottom click on home, another tip for visiting. Religion - Spirituality DALAI LAMA The exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism could break with a centuries-old tradition and call for democratic elections, before his death to appoint his successor instead of relying on reincarnation. (Source Sud-Ouest of November 22, 2007 Miscellaneous information: the magnetizer advises Can we leave instructions for its end of life? Yes, to the question can we indicate in advance our desire for end of life? a law of February 2, 2016 is very clear. Anyone can indicate their choice of end of life in a dated and signed document in advance. If you are struck by an illness, an accident or any other cause which could prevent you from expressing your will, the directives given: limiting, stopping or refusing treatment win over the lives of doctors or relatives. They are forced to comply. Obviously, there may be a slight delay in a vital emergency, the time necessary for them to verify the existence or not of such a document. It is for this reason that I strongly advise you to indicate to your relatives or to any other person the presence of such a document. Some goods that the State sells: Sentinel , an easy-to-access global site , dedicated to all users of Sentinel solutions (treatment of central heating circuits), has different access points depending on whether the Internet user is a private individual, installer, specifier or collective / tertiary. Each of these entries provides access, among other features, to an explanatory video as well as many recommendations. To consult my latest information you can go to the home page

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    Why consult a magnetiser in Paris or outside the Paris region 75 If you are in Paris or in the Paris region, it may be more convenient for small concerns to consult someone near you. On the other hand, when no professional magnetizer or healer lives near you or if your problem is important and cannot find a solution, you can call on my services. You can of course call on me for simple cases: psoriasis, eczema, asthma…, but especially for much more complicated things. You may need me for various other reasons as well, which I will give you in the last part. To consult me you have several possibilities: you can of course move if your state of health allows it, either with a return trip after a break, for example at the hotel (the most practical is for people with close acquaintance from my house) ; either by using a remote magnetizer service, you can click on this link for more information, you will find on this page and on the other complementary pages of the same group all the information necessary for the treatment of pets, sportsmen, equines with the prices. What techniques does the Healing Magnetizer use? It is common to believe that the magnetizer uses an energetic fluid that emanates from his human hands. This is completely wrong. This is why I have no problem with remote magnetism. I use a vital force, human magnetism, which should not be confused with animal magnetism. Very often, there is a confusion between the action of a magnet which creates a mode of attraction and rejection and the action of the magnetizer on the rebalancing of the organism. In the same vein, it is regrettable to think that all diseases start with a poor distribution of the energetic fluid. , pain, inflammation and dysfunction. Conversely, a great stress, a chronic nervousness or an anger triggers an energy dysfunction with all its cohort of complications first the pains which are the lights which light on the dashboard. Quickly seeing the dysfunction, I have the opportunity to act on the disharmony that creates the person's problem (s). Sometimes the pendulum can be used as a supplement, a real pendulum not a lick antenna. Magnetized water or magnetized cotton can also be of service, but in no way holy water which is not within the jurisdiction of the magnetizers which has a nobler role than to heal for those who believe. What are the other services that the magnetizer can render? By going to my service page, you will already have a great vision of the different possibilities that I offer you and on my magnetizer home page you will have a great complementarity. Already I can tell you, I offer you a remote homeopathy consulting service with a very precise protocol, a magnetized water and magnetized cotton supply service, the design of esoteric jewelry with full support. More specific requests will be considered, but very few will be taken care of. I only deal with cases "out of the ordinary" when they are true, for example if a cat walks without touching the ground (more than 20 cm) or of non-harmonious scarification and in a forgotten language. To "wake up" Kundalini for the purpose of awakening, the person will need to be able, only two to date. The ceremony cannot be done remotely. For the other possibilities of its action, everything depends on the people and will also be studied. I hope you found me out of curiosity and not out of necessity if ever that was the case, I will be happy to be of service to you. ​ ​In addition to Paris, the magnetizer Carbone frequently intercedes for remote consultations anywhere in France: Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes , Strasbourg, Toulouse

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