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Probiotics and magnetizer

Important information: it is your own intestinal flora which regains possession of your intestines after 15 days of stopping taking probiotics.

You have to differentiate between probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are the bacteria that work in your gut, among other things, and prebiotics are the food for probiotics.

Magnification of Several Bacteria in Human Anatomy Intestine

You should also know that intestinal bacteria are harmless, they are vital, therefore beneficial. Their purpose is to aid digestion, but they also manufacture vitamins and many other metabolites essential for our health.

They also have the aim of strengthening the wall of our intestine and we should not especially forget their role in the immune system.

Studies have shown that they have an action on neurotransmitters, allowing our gut to communicate with our brain. These same neurotransmitters influence emotions, pleasure, stress ...

Researchers and doctors believe that the microbiota influences stress, anxiety and depression as well as addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, sugar, not to mention anorexia, bulimia, obesity and 'hyper sensitivity. More curiously, the microbiota would also have an influence on Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diseases. Health experts believe that all of this could one day be treated by targeting the intestinal flora.

The microbiota is the collection of living organisms found in the intestines. There are said to be 10,000 species of bacteria identified to date and there are likely to be millions more to be discovered. You should know that there are 100,000 billion bacteria that inhabit our intestines. Optimists believe bacteria existed before us and will be here after us.

Intestine as a whole with magnification of viruses, bacteria and prebiotics.
Virus - prebiotic

Why are these bacteria out of balance?

Sometimes there is an invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Their proliferation is facilitated by the depletion of the microbiota as a result of lifestyle. This can come from a diet too rich in sugar, from too much consumption of processed products with sweeteners ... which would promote the occurrence of certain pathologies, for example Crohn's disease.

Are there any clues as to whether our microbiota is out of balance?

It's relatively easy to tell if your bowels are not doing well. If you have a stomach ache with or without bloating, if you are constipated or, on the contrary, you have very watery stools, you certainly have dysbiosis. Less rational, you could also have dysbiosis if you suffer from hypersensitivity, addiction, if you are anxious or stressed.

Do we have a weaker immune system, for example, in the face of Covid-19 with weakened dysbiosis?

With weakened dysbiosis, the immune system will generally be less effective. As of this writing, studies are underway on COVID-19.

Are there studies to show that depression or stress is linked to bacteria?

There are always researchers, with important moral values, who are ready to do very interesting research!

They had the very good idea to transplant stools from depressed people into mice. They then noticed a change in behavior and they deduced that they had acted on the morale of the mice.

They did not, for a second, realize that the suffering they inflicted on the mice was changing their behavior.

Enlargement of probiotics in the intestine.

Can you improve your microbiota?

To improve your microbiota, all you have to do is resume an ancestral, logical, fundamental diet, and you must also completely eliminate, at least as much as possible, all industrialized products.

Is it helpful to supplement with probiotics or prebiotics?

It is useful to take probiotics whenever there is a risk for our flora: when traveling in certain countries, to avoid certain inconveniences with antibiotics, to fight certain infections. But also to treat certain symptoms, such as intestinal permeability.

In any case, the magnetizer is there to help you.


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