• Magnétiseur Carbone

When is magnetism useful?

Magnetism is useful when the body can no longer manage the various stresses that can arise:

- emotional: family, romantic or friendly disappointments; professional responsibilities when one has exceeded one's level of competence (Peter's principle); financial difficulties ...

- physical: repetitive bad posture, fall, trauma, childbirth for mother and child, learning to walk for young children, for the person using for the first time stick canes or a cane ...

- organic: alcohol, tobacco and poor diet; drug treatments, various pollution ...

The hands of the magnetizer lift a woman out of the water, representing stress, as the sun rises on the horizon.
Magnetism must help

Stress acts immediately or over the course of life and causes an immediate reaction or countermeasures that allow the body to compensate and endure as long as possible, this is called self-adaptation.

Fortunately, this self-adaptation occurs normally without the person being aware of it, and without danger to the psyche or the physical. But as soon as there could be danger for it from one point of view or another, blockages are created which cause pain, among other things. The energy balancing makes it possible to release this / these blockages and to restore the good transmission of energy and nerve impulses. The magnetizer therefore has a double role: to find the initial cause and to free the being.


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