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Spasmophilia and the magnetizer

The spasmophilia that was all the rage 45 years ago is now almost forgotten. It is still poorly defined and attributed to the effects of stress. Tetany is the ultimate expression of spasmophilia. Spasmophilia is characterized by muscular and nervous hyper excitability, it is due to deficiencies and inappropriate behaviors. Spasmophilia causes manifestations most often benign, but sometimes persistent and disabling, heavily affecting daily life. It can lead to newer diseases such as fibromyalgia, electrosensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome. Spasmophilia would affect 20% of the population and could be transmitted if all the conditions were met.

Spasmophilia is a protective mechanism that gets carried away. Once this process begins, it self-sustains endlessly, even if the fatigue or stress that triggered it is no longer there. For example: the production of adrenaline, which results from insomnia causing the absorption of calcium and magnesium, is one of the factors that aggravates this process. Phenomena will lower the threshold of sensitivity to stress, they are: a permeability of the intestinal mucosa, poor absorption of vitamin D3 or minerals essential for the production of toxins. The spasmophile feels good when he is exhausted and wakes up tired after a night's sleep, because fatigue calls for an additional secretion of adrenaline which gives a feeling of energy and euphoria, but creates a build-up of fatigue.

Young woman in crisis of spasmophilia sitting on a sofa, she waits for the magnetizer and uses magnetism during this time.
Beginning of a tetany attack

We must not forget the role played by serotonin, produced largely in the intestinal tract. Its role is that of neuromuscular relaxation and arousal. Vitamin B and magnesium regulate serotonin.

A constant supply of magnesium may make spasmophilia worse.

The symptoms of spasmophilia are: light tingling in the extremities, occasional contractures, exaggerated emotionality, problems with digestion, difficulty falling asleep, temporary nervousness and constipation, restless legs syndrome, cramps, a feeling of lump in the throat, tachycardia, respiratory oppression, chest pain without organic origin, palpitations.

For some, fibromyalgia could be the exact same condition as spasmophilia. For others, fibromyalgia is only the result of the total exhaustion of a spasmophile ground. These 2 theories have a common basis.

Spasmophilia can occur as a result of hormonal changes: puberty, pregnancy and menopause, but also as a result of excessive exercise or emotional shock.

Spasmophils are short-breathed with poor cellular oxygenation.

The magnetizer must restore the balance of the ground in depth. Its action must begin with the liver, because there is always a hepatic fragility, from moderate to slight. It is then necessary to act on the intestinal flora and to have an action on intestinal hyperpermeability. It is then necessary to restore the functions of sleep.

It is sometimes useful to take: vitamin B, omega 3, calcium, magnesium and it is sometimes useful to treat against the presence of heavy metals.

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