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Otitis and the magnetizer

Otitis is inflammation of part of the ear, but it comes in different forms.

What is the most common ear infection in children?

In children, the most common is otitis due to a viral or bacterial infection of the middle ear (the middle ear communicates with the nasal cavity through the Eustachian tube and begins with the tympanic membrane and allows transmission of sounds to the inner ear). This ear infection often occurs after a cold when viruses multiply and invade this part of the ear. Coming from the nose, they pass through the eustachian tube.

When do we talk about purulent otitis?

Viruses, tiring the local defenses, sometimes promote the proliferation of bacteria. Sometimes the germs involved cause the eardrum to become red and bulge due to the presence of pus.

A child suffers from an ear infection and holds her right ear with her hand
Ear infection

How do you recognize it?

As a rule, the pain increases with lying down because the pressure on the eardrum increases. Frequently a fever occurs. If the eardrum perforates, there is discharge of pus with great pain; then the fever and the pain subside, but you should not assume that the infection is cured.

Can we avoid it?

It is important to teach the child to blow his nose and It is necessary to carry out nose washes with for example physiological serum (the secretions and the microbes evacuate when the duct which connects the nasal cavities to the ear opens when you blow your nose).

Remember that children's exposure to tobacco smoke increases the risk of recurrent ear infections because tobacco smoke is irritating to the respiratory mucous membranes.

What is otitis media?

Serous otitis is also called otitis media. It is a chronic inflammation of the middle ear. It is favored by colds or by recurrent acute otitis media or by enlarged adenoids. There is formation, without pus, of a viscous liquid behind the eardrum.

Otitis viruses multiply and invade the ear.
Otitis: viruses tire the local defenses.

This ear infection sometimes goes unnoticed, because it does not give pain or fever. There is only the risk of a hearing loss which varies from day to day (this ear infection, which sometimes goes unnoticed, can delay language acquisition in young children).

Its best prevention is always to teach the child to blow his nose and especially not to sniffle.

In almost all cases, this ear infection resolves spontaneously within a few weeks or months.

What is otitis externa?

Fungi or bacteria, which like hot and humid environments, produce inflammation of the ear canal.

Otitis externa is recognized by severe pain that can spread to the jaw and neck.

After swimming, avoid too frequent use of hygiene sticks that are pushed too deeply into the ear. However, you should dry your ears well by dabbing them with a towel or you can also use a hair dryer. If waterproof earplugs are used, they should be removed immediately after swimming to avoid retaining humidity, as they are rarely fully waterproof.

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