Contact magnetizer Carbone Ludovic Royan by e-mail

For any request, please fill in your contact details so that I can contact you.

I will answer you by email if your message is not too complex, urgent or if you have given me news. And I will call you in cases where your message is urgent to assign you an appointment at the magnetizing firm, for a remote magnetism session or, deserves explanations, to avoid an error of interpretation.

Usually you will receive a response quickly within minutes to hours. But, sometimes there are technical problems or a problem that prevents me from receiving or sending messages.

Recontact me in the same way or by another means at your convenience if you have not received a response from me within 36 hours.

Don't forget to check the "I'm not a robot" box last to be able to send your message.


How to write my text in the Carbone magnetizer messaging?

You must write your message without complex, embarrassment or fear of judgment. All topics can be covered. If your case is not within my jurisdiction or if I cannot take care of it, I will let you know. For example, two businesses of similar activities with the same catchment area, a pathology where my help will not be significant, false magic or nonsense problems that really cause "return of the loved one" pain. Rest assured that I will not criticize, I will not make fun and I will be of absolute discretion.

The purpose of messaging is a quick and accurate exchange of information. On the other hand, messaging cannot and should not become a waste of time for both parties. Fortunately, it rarely happens that trading has to be stopped. One or more conscious or unconscious assumptions of the person who completed the form are the cause of this lack of understanding. Don't be offended. There will be nothing against you, just as you will have nothing against me. Perhaps we can even contact each other again on another subject with pleasure.

Magnetizer Carbone contact by a person by means of an email sent by his phone.

Why contact magnetizer by email?

It is interesting to contact a healer magnetizer by his voicemail to take the time to explain calmly and without omission the reason for the request for help. It is possible to prepare the text with reflection, it is less anxiety for the first contact.

You keep track of your request and the exchanges with your magnetizer.

You have the certainty that all your personal information is correct and that nothing will harm future contacts between you and the professional.

You know that your request will be studied with relevance and seriousness.