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Menopause and the magnetizer

Menopause is not a pathology, it's just another stage of life.

I made a clarification on February 8, 2022.

Since my various articles, comments and especially my last post in my blog things seem to want to change concerning the menopause. Could this finally be the end of a taboo?

However, if society begins to change its view of this hormonal transition, Above all, cosmetics brands should not seize on the subject for their own benefit. If labs did that, they would distort my purpose.

Women should be prepared for this change. They often experience this event in loneliness and a form of shame.

Over 40% of postmenopausal or premenopausal women have heard sarcasm about it. One of the most common misconceptions is: "It's her menopause that affects her morale" which means "she is having her period".

It could be almost seen as funny, but in reality it is distressing: in 2021 to speak about the rules, contraception, how to have a ********* and other details… is normal, on the other hand to speak about the end of the periods. menstruation is still a taboo.

Women who are more or less famous sometimes want to talk about the sexual violence they have suffered, to the point of giving details. But none will want to talk about their menopause, because in our imagination that means that they are no longer attractive, that they are old, in a word, they are good to be discarded.

In 1800, modern medicine prescribed bloodletting or the imposition of leeches to treat this blood retention considered morbid.

Do not confuse the imposition of leeches with the imposition of the hands of the magnetizer.

Over the centuries, this completely natural event was viewed more and more in a very negative way and as feminine aging. The pathological conception of menopause was born.

It is time to understand that menopause is a natural stage in a woman's life, not a problem. This design may benefit some.

However, it is certain that this moment will pass much more easily if not very easily if we do not perceive it as a problematic period. The way we will experience the end of menstruation will have a big role in the perceptions experienced.

Unfortunately, it is evident that in our time, it is more difficult to go through menopause as an executive because it can undermine authority or cause mockery. Whereas in the countryside this event is priced with more detachment.

Vaginal dryness is not a requirement for women at this time of their life. It is only due to a lack of desire. It is for this reason that women who start a new story after 50 do not have this symptom, the biology is ultimately less strong than the desire.

One last very important point: some women propagate the concept of andropause to men in a spirit of false equality.

This business idea, imagined at the end of the last millennium, was a flop. But everything comes to a head ... by surreptitiously infiltrating ... these good salespeople manage to re-germinate the notion of andropause.

Out of pity, ladies, balance the scales.

It’s not a disease for women, it’s not a disease for men and we are equal.

Just because menopause is not a disease and should no longer be a taboo, andropause does not have to take its place by becoming a disease.

According to doctor Philippe Gorny in number 3780 of Paris Match, there are in France 12 million postmenopausal women and 450,000 new ones each year. He regrets that only 600,000 take hormone therapy (THM). The average age of natural menopause, which represents the cessation of ovarian production of estrogen and progesterone, is 51 years.

He thinks that menopause promotes cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, the onset of cognitive disorders, mood, sometimes depression, sleep disorders, weight gain, decreased libido and sexuality ( vaginal dryness), aging of all skin and mucous tissues. You have to add estrogen, but as there is a health risk, to minimize them, you must:

1) do not forget that it is contraindicated to give it in the event of hormonal dependent cancers and certain thromboembolic diseases;

2) propose and not impose this treatment of menopause only after a complete assessment, in particular a mammogram and a coronary CT scan, especially in smokers;

3) favor the cutaneous route (patch, gel) to the oral route which, apparently, would not increase the risk of thromboembolic accidents;

4) use the smallest effective dose, European estrogens (oestradiol minidose) have the longest scientific background and are said to be the safest;

5) Combining oral or vaginal progesterone would be helpful in protecting the uterus, especially against endometrial cancer. Estrogen alone would be sufficient in the absence of a uterus;

6) progesterone must be natural, because synthetic progesterone is at vascular risk; in addition, it can promote the onset of breast cancer;

7) THM treatment should not be administered for more than 7-10 years, as it is harmful!

The risk of treatment with THM requires regular monitoring at least annually (until the age of 65) which may allow earlier detection of breast cancer. It should allow a reduction in colon cancer, protection against the risk of atherosclerosis, an improvement in carbohydrate and lipid profiles without weight gain. It would effectively fight osteoporosis as well as cognitive and memory disorders and preserve sex life.

In 2002, a large American study to prove the benefits of substitution treatments and to silence those who criticized these treatments for this false disease was prematurely stopped after 3 years instead of 6 because of an increased number of accidents cardiovascular and breast cancer among others. This began to trigger a staggering loss of the labs. The laboratories launched an English study over 3 years explaining that Americans did not react in the same way as Europeans. This study was stopped after a year and a half. In desperation, it was said that Nordic Europeans were different from American-type English. A study was started in Northern Europe which was stopped after a few months for always the same reasons: catastrophic figures. The years have passed, many friendly meals inviting gynecologists were established with speeches from specialists who would have been paid up to € 1,500 per day. And the trade was able to pick up nicely, supported by other studies using wisely chosen women.


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