• Magnétiseur Carbone

Magnetizers, let's stay optimistic

A little girl holds a lion with her arms in the savannah.
A little girl tenderly holds a lion

My dear colleagues who practice the art of magnetism , let us remain neutral. The powerful energy we use must not be corrupted. If you are wronged a little, don't give in to the temptation to retaliate disproportionately.

A cat rubs tenderly against a dog in the grass.
Friendship between dog and cat

Never forget that if someone seeks to really and seriously harm you, you are protected, you do not risk anything, this is unfortunate for these beings. Smile at bad jokes, this turbid period allows the release of the hydra contained in women and men.

A young woman in a white dress sitting on a rock leaning on a white tiger in nature.
The young woman and the white tiger

Many signs appear. Here's one: As many economic sectors are dying, some are getting richer without scruples - New York Stock Exchange: 2,237.4 on March 23, 2020 and 2,928.80 points on May 8, 2020. Let's stay good, don't we let's not pollute. Let us continue to do good.

I wish you courage and serenity.


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