• Magnétiseur Carbone

The magnetizer and animal magnetism

There is a taste for painting, music, and the aptitude of the magnetizer. The latter has a biological capacity.The being is traversed by currents, waves and fluids which govern energy, vitality, health, but also the laws of repulsion and attraction. There is sometimes confusion between the magnetizers who have magnetism, the energy they process and animal magnetism where we find the conquerors " one glance galvanized the young recruits" and the seducers who transmit an assurance of pleasure.

Internal heat yoga or tummo yoga uses visualization, breathing and recitations. This practice increases resistance to cold. She created a confusion between internal heat and magnetism. The same applies to being able to walk on embers, it is not a question of magnetic insulation but of a technical process.

Some people go even further by imagining that tightrope walkers use a magnetic cushion to ensure their movement and balance. I advise magnetizers not to believe in this nonsense “some have tried, they have had problems”.

The word magnetism is a generic term that brings together several ideas. We find the general concept of an energy bathing absolutely everything and with which all beings are endowed with it to exist.

People misuse it by confusing it with the attraction that some people exert through money, fame and power.

It is for the magnetizer the energy and matter that he uses to treat others. Animal magnetism alludes to an era. One does not have to with the aura, which is also a vibrational energy, its role is different.

When a magnetist uses magnetism in a professional sense, she observes and realigns bodies, it studies the mind and the emotions and it analyzes the circulation of energies. It repairs, regenerates and rebalances the whole. The magnetism of the magnetizer is a faithful friend, who renders many services.

Magnetism gives you the opportunity to live fully and the traces in the past are numerous, I

would add that from the beginning, it is a reflex to put a hand on an area of ​​your body or your child in pain.


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