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My priority: the result

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Magnetizer by magnetism in Royan in Charante-Maritime 17


Magnetism is interested in the whole of the organism, both in terms of its functioning and interactions.

The action of magnetism on the spinal column is particularly interesting, because it restores it without any violence and without any risk of any kind. You should not forget that information passes almost constantly between your brain and the different parts of your body passing through the spinal cord.

Magnetism works on the internal and external neuro-energetic square, that is to say the interactions between the mental, the emotional, the physical, the energy and the exterior.

The magnetizer represented by its four energies

Magnetizer: question and answer

Who can consult a magnetizer ?


            The consultation of a magnetizer is recommended for anyone who feels a problem, discomfort, pain in their daily life, without knowing the origin where knowing her, a fatigue, a chronic stress or not, a ill-being, without forgetting the magnetizer for the babies who do not sleep, etc.


Procedure and risk of a magnetism session.


After lying down, treatment can begin. There is no risk, because no effort, movement, pressure or displacement is made.

Magnetism promotes the circulation of energies, drives out nervous and muscular tensions, facilitates falling asleep.

The magnetizer modifies the energy circulation, rebalances the energy. Then, you feel light, calmer, revitalized.

There are thirteen powers. The four fundamental powers of the universe, of present human existence, must balance each other almost constantly in each person.

Energy passes from organ to organ in precise, flexible, changing circulations. When an organ is too slow or on the contrary too active, the flow no longer circulates correctly. It can then create an excitation or an energy barrier that must be resolved as quickly as possible.


How long does a magnetism session last ?


The correct answer to the question: a session with the magnetizer lasts a certain time

             (for those who know the classics: about the same time as a cannon barrel takes to cool, after firing).

 You must understand that the result is important, not the time you try.

More seriously, the duration of the session varies according to the complication:

  • for a plantar wart without other complications: 10 minutes is more than enough;

  • for stopping smoking: 5 minutes;

  • for a sprain: 15 minutes;

  • for a herniated disc: 30 minutes;

  • for complete re-harmonization: about 1 hour.


Magnetizer : do we have to believe it for it to be effective ?


           No, fortunately for all those who are objective. They are the first, afterwards, to believe strongly in it.

           No, unfortunately for those who are in bad faith, even after improvement,

because they continue to say that it was useless and that it was the old treatment that had its effect.

Magnetizer tariff.

My price as a magnetizer varies depending on the service.

For a complete re-harmonization, the price is 75 €.

Smoking cessation magnetizer prices: 30 €

Magnetiser consultation price for ailments that require a visit: 50 €, (sprain, etc.)

Healing rate for ailments that require 2 to 3 appointments: 40 €, (sciatica, herniated disc, etc.)

Magnetizer session price for simple cases or problems requiring several sessions: 30 €, (wart, etc.)

The price of magnetizers may seem important, but we must not forget the number of sessions necessary. It is easy to understand that a 40 € session is better than 10 € 10 sessions.

How do we find out about the donation ?


By predisposition, like Mozart, Rembrandt, etc. From the start we notice different things.

On the other hand, afterwards, there are circumstances and life events that play a role. Likewise, Mozart, if he had been born into a family of lumberjacks, would have known wood to make pianos, but not the instrument.

Then, he has the means that we give ourselves or not.

What am I feeling ?

          A : the fact of feeling is not demonstrable, the result yes.

Unfortunately, there are cases, for example:

       a 91 year old man complaining for three days was considered sensitive, it was a broken shoulder! Exceptionally, this has been helpful.

          B : the most important is that I feel something or that the person who consults no longer has his pathology ?

                                                                                 A person has, one day, a stain on his ceiling: do we need a person who feels humidity?

A person who is content to repaint the ceiling after each rain, a person finding the explanation of the task, noting a broken tile, in question clay of poor quality. Or someone who just changes the tile and checks the condition of the roof. Of course, this does not prevent the passage of other trades, for repainting for example.

Does everyone have magnetism ?


Everyone has magnetism.

                                                                   Everything that lives has magnetism, but those that die off, survive, live, etc. There are nuances.

Anyone can put on ice skates, however, to do a back flip ...

Anyone can make noise with a violin, on the other hand, be the first violin of an orchestra ...

For what pathology ?

For myself and those who don't like any restrictions.

On the other hand, for the others, anything that does not make the person take a risk.

For serious pathologies, only on written advice from a doctor.


Answers to various questions about magnetism

Is having a diagnosis made beforehand embarrassing ?

Of course not.

When we take a treatment is there a problem ?

No, often it is said that for shingles, you should not take any treatment, it is wrong, it is not disturbing.

Is it better to act quickly ?

In all areas, the faster it is taken the easier it is.

What is your greatest achievement ?

Is there one case more important than another ?

On the other hand, I am very happy to follow families over three, even four generations.

What can a magnetizer do ?


Magnetism is good for health, morale is a source of well-being.

Magnetism is beneficial for venous or arterial circulation,

                                                                  it is ideal for heavy legs, varicose veins, it promotes lymphatic drainage and unclogs tissues.

The magnetizer also has an analgesic effect on the joints. Magnetism is beneficial for the immune system.

15 minutes of magnetism is enough to increase positive emotions, well-being and self-confidence.

See also my page : information for the colleagues magnetizers.

Magnetizer: healing through energy fields: how ?

Beneficial power of the human body.

Suffering can result from fear, hatred of others or of oneself, of the illusion of separation and of illness.

Do you know that you are in control of your life, that you can direct it much more than you imagine and that you can heal yourself from an illness, no matter what its phase ?

                  My desire is that you see yourself in a new way, that you can go beyond the limits of your life and I wish to grant you a new life.

I love the fact that I can galvanize you to renew the matrix of your knowledge of life.

A practitioner, with a reputation built on 43 years of practice,

I am most adept at dealing with many aspects of the energy field, whether human or not.

To avoid any confusion or amalgam, I will only deal here with the “physical body enhancement” side. If time permits… I will then pass on all my knowledge about the energy fields.

Information: on the chakras (general public term),

                                         more than seven, on the observation or not of the aura (general public term) which allows to receive information.

The goal is to obtain healing of the body.

The therapist, although living in several existences,

                                            must deal primarily with the physical, can encourage a more harmonious life, but must never judge - lead - etc.


Lithotherapy and magnetizer.

Lithotherapy or "Crystal Healing"

                                arsenal in vogue without any virtue to rebalance the animal or human kingdom, and can not regulate their emotions.

The mineral kingdom,

while being different from the vegetable kingdom, is like it without "vibratory" relation with the human (animal) kingdom.

On the other hand, the placebo effect is not to be overlooked and is not without danger,

if it serves as a tool for personal development, to express your true nature, etc.

                              The influence felt in these centers is often pleasant, the places are calm, pleasant, the employees not lacking in charm.

The aberration "use rolls stones" (mechanically - not rough).

Do not forget, like everything, the stones charge (in + as in -), obligation to "unload" with a trickle of cold water above.

Remote treatment : I advise you to consult the page ' Remote magnetism '

What is magnetism?

Magnetizer : a healing experience

Healer Practice : A young woman miscarried and was unable to get pregnant afterward. Examining his aura, looking only at the physical, emotional and disruptive parts, made it possible to see cellular abnormalities, including inside the uterus, psychic and disruptive dysfunctions. It was thus possible,

while acting with little intensity,

                                     and without seeing, but with unlimited power, to force regulation, cleaning, harmonization and proper functioning.

                                       Thereafter, the patient no longer needs rest in the mountains or by the sea, a specific diet, meditation or solitude.

                                                     Complementary allopathy, phytotherapies and homeopathic treatments that do not interfere with healing.

                                                                      If you have any other questions, ask them on 'Contact Me' and I will be sure to answer them.

For questions on the history of magnetism, see the page : 'Historical'.




Magnetism is the energy practice that relieves your brain of dark thoughts, negative emotions, unfounded judgments, and bad beliefs.


IThere is no point in clearing your head.

You just need to regain your full consciousness to think and act according to your true choice, without the influence of others, and to be free from the influence of bad or excessive stress that destroys your life.


The Art of Wellness - Magnetizer : A sensible but very complex science of life.

Magnetism is sovereign to purify his mind and his body.

The goal of the magnetizer is self-actualization and the maintenance of health.

Who is magnetizer for ?

Magnetizer is addressed to everyone before conception until the last moment, since it is interested in existence, with a unique and specific support according to the moments of existence.

If the magnetizer is also intended for those who are in good shape and want to stay in shape, it is especially intended for those who are in pain. At the level of the physical body, age does not matter. The magnetizer is for the whole family.

The fair middle

Everything that lives is traversed by vibratory waves (oscillating), two to twelve in number.

The human kingdom has four, the first two being frequently used by magnetizer.

The vertical oscillation is that which has been retained by acupuncture, the acupuncture points are determined by the intersection of the vertical oscillation with the horizontal oscillation.

Trauma is imprinted in the joints, muscles and tissues under the appearance of knots that interfere with the functioning of the organs by altering nerve information and blood circulation.

The practitioner detects and unties without needles or manipulations, but by emissions.

Video magnetizer on YouTube

The magnetic field characteristics of the magnetizer can be a variation of the alternating magnetic field. Earth's magnetism with its electric and magnetic fields can create a magnetic field with magnetic saturation depending on the magnetic susceptibility of the geomagnetic field. Magnetism has a uniform magnetic field and is unlike the earth's magnetic field or the magnetic field of a magnet. Magnetic moments with its magnetic properties and magnetic force give magnetic effects. The magnetic phenomena and the magnetic fields around the magnetic energy field work out the strength of the magnetic field with a magnetic state without a magnetic signal of the electromagnetic field. Magnetic attraction creates a magnetic field with magnetic forces that promote magnetic power with its radiation of electromagnetic waves.