What is the difference between the woman magnetizer and magnetizer?

From an academic point of view, the difference comes from the polarity. I will return to this principle after this preamble.

It is obvious that the terms 'magnetizer' and 'magnetizer' do not change anything in reality, except that one is masculine and the other feminine. For a real magnetizer and a real magnetizer, the masculine side or the feminine side does not change anything. As in other professions, one would often be led to believe that women would be better able to listen, to be considerate and more empathetic, this is called a positive bias. However, biases are inherently unhealthy and harmful, whether negative or positive.

To say that a woman is less intelligent than a man is mischievous is to say that a man has less compassion than a woman. The greatest difficulty for the professional is to put his own children after those of others. When a person uses the energies, he must have absolute selflessness, complete dedication to the service of others. One must be able to practice properly to have the special ability to feel the suffering of others without being disturbed.

Above all, it should not be confused with habit, routine or protection as medical professionals generally do. It's different for the healer magnetizing woman, it's about the certainty of improvement. She knows deep down, like the Healing Magnetizer, that all negative feelings and thoughts can only hinder her abilities. It is for all these reasons that the woman magnetizer is neither inferior nor superior to the magnetizer.

On the other hand, it's funny that for magnetism, women often prefer to keep the term magnetizer. Unlike other professions where women want the name of their profession to be feminized such as notary, inspector, mayor or even prefect. You may tell me that later, men in a spirit of parity will call themselves magnetizers (in the feminine). We believe that mentalities change, but in real life it is very difficult to change. Together or in front of others, we act strong, when we are alone, in front of ourselves, old bad habits resurface. It's all the more grotesque and distressing because since the dawn of time, it's women who magnetize.

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What is the polarity of the woman who practices magnetism?

I return now to polarity. Polarity issues are rarely discussed, yet they are important. There are several reasons for this: People with inexhaustible energy capacities do not bother to think about this or any other concept. They expend incredible energy to achieve the result, mea culpa, I frequently use my magnetism without finesse. Yet it is easy to use less energy with greater knowledge or finesse, which enables magnetic ecology!

I will not go into the details of the principle of polarity, it is not a question of giving a complete course in magnetism. I will content myself with an approach that will suffice for the subject that interests us today.

Man and woman have opposite polarity. You have just found the reason for Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy. The error of Taoism is to believe that these are two opposing and complementary forces. At the start of this misunderstanding, there is the confusion between the magnetism of living beings and the magnetism of magnets where opposite polarities attract each other and similar polarities repel each other. Vital energy has long since fallen into disuse, yet the expression is more precise and less confusing. The term magnetism has taken over.

The two magnetisms have nothing in common and each have their own principles. This resemblance causes many wanderings. Some people have tried to find a solution by modifying or creating a new expression. We have for example: animal magnetism, which has the disadvantage of causing other errors. You must remember that if the woman and the man do not have an identical polarity, it is nevertheless of similar nature. The magnetizer and the magnetizer (woman) do not compete and do no harm. They cannot harm themselves or the person they magnetize by not respecting the magnetic polarity. Likewise, it is impossible for them to interfere with the use of magnetism. On the other hand, they can waste a lot of energy for little result.

What magnetism for the woman magnetizer?

For the information that follows, I assume that we are in the northern hemisphere. Just reverse everything for the southern hemisphere.

We assume that the man has his positive right side and his negative left side and that the woman has a reversed polarity. A magnetizer and a magnetizer theoretically act inversely.

A magnetizer must be on the left side of women and the right side of men to disinfect and slow down the energies and on the right side of women and left side of men to repair, regenerate and accelerate the circulation of magnetism. A magnetizer will stand on the right side of women and the left side of men to disinfect and slow down the flow of magnetism and the left side of women and right side of men to repair, regenerate and accelerate the energies. You may find this information: the magnetizer, when pregnant, has a polarity that reverses and becomes identical to that of a man. Others go even further and speak of a change in polarity during puberty and menopause.

We cannot ignore the hymen, because it is true that it has a very particular action on the level of energy which deserves a chapter. This should not be confused with unhealthy beliefs, the real concern is that in 99.99% of cases, we return to remote times with no real relationship to magnetic energy.

The healer does not use magnetism, she uses different practices, questions of polarity are indifferent to her.

It is the same for a healer.

We find for the magnetizer (woman) as for the magnetizer the different categories with the different groups. I hope you can use one or the other if the need arises, do not miss a precious help.

What is the difference between a woman Magnetizer and a Healer?

People use the two names interchangeably to speak of the one who magnetizes and who uses magnetism, for them there is no dissimilarity. However, the analogy stops at the desire to help. The magnetizer does not use any other method that could not be inferior to magnetism. The healer is a woman who practices various techniques. Sometimes she may pretend to practice magnetism to try to make her actions matter.

In the healer there is a wide variety of styles. It goes from bobo to bohemian and rustic with all possible variations. The one who lives in the mountains or at least in the countryside while respecting nature is closest to the shamanic spirit. The incantations and rituals she performs will more easily touch the minds of the disciples when they themselves are in communion with nature than when they are in the heart of a noisy metropolis.

Is it better to consult a woman shaman healer or a woman who magnetizes?

You have to ask yourself: why do I want to see a magnetist? Your answer is: I need a solution for me or a loved one about a real problem or I need effective and fast help for a problem of which I know or do not know the cause. In both cases, the answer is without hesitation: consult a magnetist.

It's best to go to a shamanic healer when the answers are: I want to have fun, I need folklore, I want to meet people, I don't have any particular difficulties, but I have an easy life which seems boring to me. You understand, the approach is not the same. The healer does the magnetizer a favor by leaving her with a clientele that would otherwise waste her time. Each has its own usefulness, the important thing is that everyone finds their account.