Ludovic Carbone magnetizer offers you his remote magnetism services in Bas-Rhin 67, for Strasbourg with an overview of the various leisure activities to practice in the Grand Est region.

A magnificent sunset over strasbourg magnetiseur and its notre dame cathedral

Do you live in the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine region in one of the 6 other major cities: Charleville-Mézières, Châlons-en-Champagne, Colmar, Metz, Reims, Troyes? And you want the help of a healer near your home in Mundolsheim 67450 near Strasbourg? Unfortunately, you have not found the professional you wanted in the Alsace region: considerate, qualified and thoughtful. Have the specialists you have met so far brought you the desired change? Ludovic Carbone can help you.

Strasbourg, European capital, is a dynamic and attractive city in which to stay. It is indeed famous for its atypical half-timbered houses and its many restaurants which offer succulent local varieties such as flammekueche, pretzel and sauerkraut among others. And to have a good time, what better than to go and enjoy a good beer on a terrace or to consult a magnetizer remotely to recharge your energy and get back in shape? Here is an overview of the different leisure activities to practice in the Grand Est region.

Indeed, Ludovic Carbone is at your disposal for remote magnetism treatments. Thanks to this, you will not have to leave your place of residence from Entzheim 67960 to Strasbourg 67 in the Grand-Est.

Your magnetizer gratifies you with his qualifications in the wish to support you. Without the anguish of a new place, you find your tranquility comfortably arranged at home in Lingolsheim 67380 not far from Strasbourg.

Why consult a magnetist in Strasbourg?

After having remained in the shadows for a long time, the magnetizing activity is now revealed in broad daylight to complement traditional medicine. Because it happens that some problems are not solved by medical care. Or the worries reappear after having disappeared for some time. It is therefore not necessary to wait any longer to consult a Strasbourg magnetizer remotely and thus find a harmonious life. You should know that magnetism is found in every living being. But it sometimes happens that this energetic fluid circulates badly and becomes blocked in the body, causing health problems that prevent you from living a fulfilled life. It is at this moment that the role of the magnetizer proves to be indispensable. This one, conscious of the exceptional gift which it possesses and which it manages to control, is in charge of rebalancing all this energy so that it circulates in an optimal way in the whole of the organization. The blockages and tensions that were present in the body and the mind thus end up disappearing. The practitioner in energy care is therefore an expert in solving both physical and physiological problems. This gift does not only work on adults since the magnetizer can also soothe children, babies and animals.

The care provided by a magnetizer in Strasbourg

When traditional medicine does not overcome certain health problems, magnetism in addition can solve these worries and bring about a permanent cure. The magnetizer can indeed relieve many ailments such as skin problems such as psoriasis, warts or eczema.


A magnetism session can also bring a marked improvement to the problems caused by shingles. Intestinal, uro-genital and joint disorders can also be relieved thanks to the supply of energetic fluid, the benefits of which accelerate healing. The Strasbourg magnetizer also has a positive influence on sleep and ophthalmic disorders. Stress, fatigue, phobias, burn-out and headaches are just a bad memory after a visit to the healing magnetizer. Indeed, the fact of consulting an energy care practitioner brings unparalleled mental and physical well-being and allows you to face daily worries again.


The magnetizer brings all his empathy to release emotional tensions and start afresh on a healthy basis. the energy care practitioner does not replace medical monitoring. On the other hand, another significant feature of the magnetizer is its ability to treat people remotely, by telephone, or simply with support from the person or animal to be treated, such as a photo for example.

Magnetizers and fire cutters

There is no difference between a magnetizer and a fire cutter or helmsman. The terms are synonymous and are used to designate energy healing practitioners who use magnetic fluid to reduce or even entirely eliminate symptoms related to burns. 


Many structures require the services of a magnetizer to treat severe burns or soothe the effects of chemotherapy sessions.

The course of a remote magnetism session in Strasbourg

Established in Royan, in the department of Charente-Maritime 17, in the heart of the pleasant seaside town, your magnetizer performs magnetism sessions remotely throughout France. The distance from Royan to Strasbourg has no influence on the excellence and the conclusion of the treatment. You can be with the Royan magnetizer or on your sofa in your home in Ostwald 67540 on the outskirts of Strasbourg, Ludovic Carbone will reduce your distress with the action of magnetism.

The patient is lying down or seated depending on the areas treated by the magnetizer. There is no need to remove clothes. The energy healing practitioner sends his magnetic fluid through the patient's body. Energy passes from one organ to another without any effort, movement or pressure being made. The magnetizer, by modifying the energy circulation, rebalances the energy and revitalizes the patient.

The benefits of remote care with your remote magnetizer are numerous. No more nervous traffic in Strasbourg as in all major cities and the annoyance of wasting time in the waiting room. The icing on the cake, these remote sessions make it possible to avoid many magnetism visits to Bischheim 67800 north of Strasbourg. Intrinsically, for Ludovic Carbone it is only the result that counts and you will know the fees for the service with no surprises.

For the price and the protocol, see the page: remote magnetizer price

Is it necessary to believe in magnetism for it to work?

The energetic fluid transmitted by the magnetizer propagates in the patient's organism, whether the latter believes in it or not. Even people who were reluctant at first come to recognize the effectiveness of magnetism when the symptoms improve markedly and eventually disappear completely.

Behind gorse in bloom, Notre Dame Strasbourg cathedral magnetizer stands out against a beautiful blue sky and is reflected on the water

Notre Dame Cathedral and the must-see places in Strasbourg

The imposing pink sandstone building is not only one of the city's most famous attractions, it is also the 4th tallest religious building in the world. The narrow streets around the cathedral already offer an impressive view of the splendid Gothic facade.

The statuary outside with its multitude of characters commands admiration, as well as the rose window 14 meters in diameter and the astronomical clock inside equipped with a perpetual calendar and composed of automatons which come alive . The visit is definitely worth the detour.

The Orangery Park

Here is the ideal place to relax in an enchanting setting. Spread over 26 hectares, the park offers a complete change of scenery with walks around the lake, the discovery of the mini-zoo and the stork enclosure. Children will also find their happiness in the playgrounds. Nature lovers will take a few more steps to get to the nearby Botanical Garden.

The pretty houses of la petite France strasbourg magnetiseur reflecting on the river on a sunny day

The Petite France district and Alsatian culinary specialties

After strolling through the winding alleys of the Petite France district and observing the typical half-timbered houses that border the confluence of the Rhine streams, a stopover in a brasserie is a must to taste the succulent local specialties: kouglof, spaetzle, munster or sauerkraut accompanied by a good glass of wine or beer are a real delight for the taste buds!

The historical museum of Strasbourg

To find out more about Strasbourg's tumultuous past, the museum retraces the medieval history of the city through the Second World War, up to the creation of the European institutions.  Des interactions with objects around the collections are available to reflect and learn in a fun way.  A captivating journey through time!

The flowered houses of Riquewihr magnetizer Carbone on the Alsace wine route

The Alsace wine route and activities in the Grand Est region

Whether you are a lover of oenology or not, following the wine route which extends over no less than 170 km is an excellent way to discover the many Alsatian villages and taste the great wines of the region: Sylvaner, Gewurztraminer , Riesling… exquisite beverages that revive the palate and soothe the senses.

Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

Built in the 12th century, this fortress dominates the whole of the Alsatian region from the top of its 750 m. Some towers were even built in the 16th century.  The construction therefore covers a historical period ranging from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Ideal to quench the thirst for culture of enthusiasts and the curious.

Haut-Koenigsbourg castle seen from the sky by magnetizer Carbone

The 3 seats of Duke Stanislas

Built by the last of the Dukes of Lorraine, Stanislas Leszczynski, the Places Carrière, d'Alliance and Stanislas were created in the 18th century. These 3 magnificent places are made of a neo-classical architectural ensemble which is inspired a little by the rococo style of the Renaissance. A true heritage treasure, the 3 squares have been listed by UNESCO since 1983. Places in the Grand Est to discover absolutely!

Madine Lake

A detour in the heart of the Lorraine natural park is a must to relax on the shores of Lake Madine. The body of water is a real paradise surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking landscapes.  It is even possible to go around the lake with a length of about 20 km at bicycle before going to the beaches to take a bath and cool off. Idleness and well-being guaranteed!

In addition to Strasbourg, the magnetizer Carbone frequently intervenes for remote consultations in all places in France: Bordeaux , Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Paris , Nantes , Toulouse