Remote magnetizer for athletes
Remote pet magnetizer

Magnetism provides real support to all athletes, whether they are amateurs or experienced. All sports practitioners know it: to progress, you have to be able to recover quickly and efficiently. The faster the recovery takes place, the more the athlete can increase his training and thus improve his performance. Doing a magnetism session after an effort optimizes the margin of progress, accentuates fitness and significantly reduces the risk of injury thanks to energy rebalancing. The energy that I transmit recharges the batteries and regenerates the whole body.


Remote magnetism session suitable for athletes

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Remote magnetism and the mental

Athletes are all aware of the fact that the mind is as important as the physical to achieve goals. The mind is indeed a significant vector of success.

Magnetism is a precious ally for improving motivation, concentration, surpassing oneself ...

Many injuries can disrupt the life of the athlete and hinder his room for improvement. The most frequent problems encountered are muscle tears, tendonitis, sprains, fractures, back pain ...

After one or more sessions depending on the patient's pathology, magnetism allows a clear improvement in symptoms up to the total healing.

The energetic fluid transmitted by the remote magnetizer is an accelerator of physical performance, but also helps to boost the athlete's mind. I realign the vital energy through the whole physical and psychic system.

Magnetism to manage your emotions

Stress is often the athlete’s most formidable adversary: ​​it reduces mental and physical capacities, increases the risk of injury from intensified muscle contraction and often leads to inevitable failure. I am there to support athletes in their emotional management so that they improve their ability to concentrate and refocus on themselves better.

The athlete better apprehends stress and then manages to better evacuate past failures.

Remote magnetism and physical preparation

With magnetic energy, the body regains its balance and the athlete can thus optimize its performance.

Magnetic fluid allows the practitioner to improve their strength, endurance, flexibility and speed. The body is better prepared for physical changes and for stress. Muscle pains disappear more quickly and the athlete can resume his activity thanks to a reduced recovery time.

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Through remote magnetism, I send an energy that rebalances and improves the psyche. This energy therefore allows the athlete to start again on a healthy basis.