Consult Saintes magnetizer or the remote magnetizer

You are Saintais, it is logical that you consult a magnetizer in Saintes for small troubles, but for a complete reharmonization (I will give you the explanation after) or an important problem, it will be preferable to come and consult me. To serve you, I have several means. I do magnetism from a distance, this method is very practical when you cannot move or for a loved one. You will find all the explanations in my "remote" pages. For all requests, I remain at your disposal.

In my office, I do not practice animal magnetism, but human magnetism. This energy will resolve energy conflicts. The vital force repairs energy leaks, slows down or on the contrary accelerates the circulation of fluids. You have to know how to remove the entities, vibrations and pollution that parasitize networks and nodes.

During a session, I sometimes use a pendulum to support a vision.

You have the option of having magnetized water or magnetized cotton.

I can also provide you with advice in herbal medicine and homeopathy. For homeopathy, I use test boxes with a precise protocol. I advise you to watch my explanatory video on my Homeopathy Page.

I have other services, I leave you the pleasure of discovering them.

Complete re-harmonization is essential to regain good hygiene. This high practice allows to rebalance the mind, the emotions and the physical together. The session lasts at least 1 hour and costs € 75. Its goal is to act on a broad spectrum and not on a practical case. This gift should not be used for a simple pain in the knee or shoulder, its role is quite different. The complete re-harmonization will act on a centering of the true values, a vaster vision of the events and a generalized feeling pleasant and light.

Sometimes I have been asked: how does magnetism work?

Magnetism modifies certain areas of the brain associated with the regulation of emotions. We can observe on medical imaging a decrease in the activity of the amygdala of the brain, that of stress and fear, and the strengthening of other areas. Clearly, magnetism practiced regularly has a positive effect on the body, because it acts on immunity, cellular aging and inflammation. All the parameters of aging and the onset of disease are reduced. With the magnetizer, we increase the chances of aging better.

With the energy passes, energy or other blockages are very effectively regulated without any apprehension for children or for adults who fear other more or less violent, unpleasant or intrusive methods.

For the magnetizer as for the healer, the practice is not an end in itself, there must be knowledge, because this ancestral knowledge allows people to no longer be dispossessed of themselves and no longer be satisfied with be puppets. One might think that this knowledge simply evokes "agricultural common sense", however, it is not. People understand and feel better their body and especially its operating system.

The tips to get started? We consult a magnetizer who has a plate indicating his profession of magnetizer, who practices with his name and especially not only with his first name.

The healers and healers make energy treatments by laying on of hands and magnetic passes, they are traditional healers. These energeticians act on the weak magnetic potential of individuals with a magnetic energy contribution, most often by the power in the hands.

What is my magnetizer procedure?

My procedure is not similar, it is true that I am a magnetizer, that changes everything. I am a scholar in ancestral action and hold the understanding and the faculty. I have the possession of the energetic capacities and the experience for a different use of the energy.

Magnetism is particularly suitable for calming the mind and body during pregnancy.

The magnetizer relieves the tensions and pains of pregnancy, the tensions and the body is totally released.

Magnetism aims to solve sleep problems, nausea, and helps to better manage the apprehensions of pregnancy. This method of progressive relaxation completely relaxes future mothers.

What could be better than being immersed in the energy to let go? The magnetizer relaxes the cervicals, shoulders and facilitates the opening of the pelvis to gently prepare for labor.

Magnetism uses prenatal lives and family memory to make them appropriate for the baby.

On the contrary, family ties must become very strong again. Memory is not the source of suffering as many authors with no knowledge make believe. This will be the subject of another article.