Is there another choice than the Rochefort magnetizer?

I present to you my services of magnetizer: my specialty the complete reharmonization which acts uniformly on the chakras, the energies and restores the energy with harmonization of the feelings and intellectual faculties for a realigned physical functioning; my remote magnetizer services for which you will have all the necessary explanations on the "remote" pages of my site; homeopathy service or if you prefer herbal medicine; supply of magnetized water and magnetized cotton and many others that I let you discover.

If I were a magnetizer at Rochefort, my power would be the same. I hope you don't need me right away, but the day you need my services, you'll be happy to count on me. I take this opportunity to be with you to answer a few questions.

How does a demagnetizer magnetizer work?


I will answer you in 2 parts: in the first, I explain the operation in relation to my profession of magnetizer and in the second, the operation with the industrial apparatus.

  1. With human magnetism, there are 2 ways to demagnetize:

  2. either by practicing reverse passes with the very rare aim where there is a utility we will say to trigger an "energetic tranquility";

  3. or by a pseudo-magnetizer having no capacity, and who is content to "vampirize" his poor victims. These people need to "falsely magnetize" to hold themselves in a certain shape. These people are recognizable because they say they are obligated to exercise. Of course, they find different excuses to explain themselves.


2)  The device consists of a coiled coil which connects to the current. The principle of operation is very simple.

All you have to do is put the object you want to demagnetize in the center of the coil, turn on the device and slowly remove the object to be demagnetized.

Once at a distance of plus or minus one meter 50, the device must be stopped and the object is demagnetized.

How to become a magnetizer?

In the same way that one becomes a surgeon, conductor, athlete, pilot, engineer in physics, etc.

We should rather know if we want to become a magnetizer, a good magnetizer or an exceptional magnetizer. In an almost identical way, we will see it later, if one wants to become a surgeon, a good surgeon or an exceptional surgeon. The same goes for any other profession.

You should also know what prompts you to become one. In the same way as for the other activities I mentioned above:

  1. or you have the innate skills and then there is not even to ask the question "how to become?" »Since we are already;

  2. either you are bored and / or big shocks have shaken you and you need to find explanations, goals. Perhaps you have by chance seen state advertisements pushing to set up as magnetizer (which, somewhere, is a form of recognition of the French state vis-à-vis magnetizers, YES!) . In these cases, several possibilities are available to you:

  3. you lose money stupidly or you cunning and make the community lose money by using your acquired points for training, by following pseudo courses. It is easy to understand that not every good professional has time to provide training, only the incompetent try to find a lifeline. Their training changes names frequently: magnetizer, bioenergetist, reiki ... following the fashion, to be always in tune with the times. This cannot be learned, except perhaps by me, but at a price ...

  4. you can watch my videos free of charge. You can also help yourself if you feel the need by reading different books and taking what you think is good for you;

  5. you absolutely have to believe it: "Human Magnetism" is really wanting to help others. In this case, do it as you feel it. You won't be able to do any harm, especially if you know how to hand over to a real professional when necessary.


Who knows a good magnetizer?

It all depends on what you are really looking for. If you are looking for a dubious person, a weird practice, and a weird place, you need to find out from dubious people themselves, always looking for stories and always having stories. If you are looking for a competent person, you can of course ask healthcare professionals and / or caring people, but most importantly, search as you would search for a dentist, gynecologist or cardiologist. You have to remember to check if there is a professional plate etc. like any other professional. If this sounds strange to you, it's because you're looking for questionable people (don't worry, you'll find them easily). So don't waste time on those who can actually help others.


Who replaces Michel Royer magnetizer?


On Monday, October 25, 2010, Michel Royer, a magnetist healer, committed suicide at the age of 69, perhaps following the report “the right to know”. (The Tours tribunal de grande instance opened judicial reorganization proceedings against Michel ROYER, magnetist healer, residing in Le Cruchet, 37330 SOUVIGNE.

Since then, if you need to consult a magnetizer , you have 2 possibilities:

  1. if you do not have an absolute need to consult face-to-face, you can call on my services. To do this, see my "remote magnetizer" page; (Create a link)

  2. for a consultation with contact, you have 2 possibilities:

  1. either you are looking for a competent person, in this case you have to turn to the medical community who will provide you with information or do a search in the directories;

  2. or you are looking for someone with somewhat curious practices, and in this case refer to the paragraph "who knows a good magnetizer ?" "


How to be a magnetizer?


A magnetizer must be available to others, sacrifice himself and his relatives for strangers. It is certain that, sooner or later, we will have to learn all the same to sort out the people who deserve it and the others. Empathy is more than a notion, it's a rule of life. One must have absolute confidence in human magnetism, this implies having no doubts, bearing contempt and prejudice with indifference while always keeping the same line of conduct.