Why consult a magnetiser in Paris or outside the Paris region 75

If you are in Paris or in the Paris region, it may be more convenient for small concerns to consult someone near you. On the other hand, when no professional magnetizer or healer lives near you or if your problem is important and cannot find a solution, you can call on my services. You can of course call on me for simple cases: psoriasis, eczema, asthma…, but especially for much more complicated things. You may need me for various other reasons as well, which I will give you in the last part.

To consult me you have several possibilities: you can of course move if your state of health allows it, either with a return trip after a break, for example at the hotel (the most practical is for people with close acquaintance from my house) ; either by using a remote magnetizer service, you can click on this link for more information, you will find on this page and on the other complementary pages of the same group all the information necessary for the treatment of pets, sportsmen, equines with the prices.

What techniques does the Healing Magnetizer use?

It is common to believe that the magnetizer uses an energetic fluid that emanates from his human hands. This is completely wrong. This is why I have no problem with remote magnetism. I use a vital force, human magnetism, which should not be confused with animal magnetism. Very often, there is a confusion between the action of a magnet which creates a mode of attraction and rejection and the action of the magnetizer on the rebalancing of the organism. In the same vein, it is regrettable to think that all diseases start with a poor distribution of the energetic fluid. , pain, inflammation and dysfunction. Conversely, a great stress, a chronic nervousness or an anger triggers an energy dysfunction with all its cohort of complications first the pains which are the lights which light on the dashboard. Quickly seeing the dysfunction, I have the opportunity to act on the disharmony that creates the person's problem (s).

Sometimes the pendulum can be used as a supplement, a real pendulum not a lick antenna. Magnetized water or magnetized cotton can also be of service, but in no way holy water which is not within the jurisdiction of the magnetizers which has a nobler role than to heal for those who believe.

What are the other services that the magnetizer can render?

By going to my service page, you will already have a great vision of the different possibilities that I offer you and on my magnetizer home page you will have a great complementarity. Already I can tell you, I offer you a remote homeopathy consulting service with a very precise protocol, a magnetized water and magnetized cotton supply service, the design of esoteric jewelry with full support.

More specific requests will be considered, but very few will be taken care of. I only deal with cases "out of the ordinary" when they are true, for example if a cat walks without touching the ground (more than 20 cm) or of non-harmonious scarification and in a forgotten language.

To "wake up" Kundalini for the purpose of awakening, the person will need to be able, only two to date. The ceremony cannot be done remotely. For the other possibilities of its action, everything depends on the people and will also be studied.

I hope you found me out of curiosity and not out of necessity if ever that was the case, I will be happy to be of service to you.

​In addition to Paris, the magnetizer Carbone frequently intercedes for remote consultations anywhere in France: Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse