Information from the Nantes Magnetizer consultations

Ludovic Carbone offers you his remote magnetism treatments in Loire-Atlantique 44, for Nantes.

Do you live in the Pays de la Loire in one of the 6 other major cities: Saint-Nazaire, Angers, Cholet, Le Mans, Laval and La Roche-sur-Yon? And you want the help of a healer close to your home in Rezé 44400 near Nantes? Unfortunately, you have not found the specialist you wanted in the Pays de la Loire region: attentive, experienced and serious. Have the professionals you have met so far brought you the desired change? Ludovic Carbone can help you.

Indeed, Ludovic Carbone is at your disposal for remote magnetism treatments. Thanks to this, you will not have to leave your accommodation at Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire 44 in Nantes 44230 in Loire-Atlantique.

Your magnetizer provides you with his qualifications in the desire to help you. Without the stress of a new office, you find your well-being comfortably installed at home in Bouguenais 44340 not far from Nantes.

Aerial panoramic view of Nantes by magnetizer Carbone in France

Who to choose as a remote magnetizer in Nantes 44000 in the Pays de la Loire region? 

Established in Royan, in the department of Charente-Maritime 17, in the heart of the pleasant seaside town, your magnetizer submits magnetism sessions remotely throughout France. Royan's distance from Nantes has no influence on the quality and the result of the treatment.

You can find yourself with the Royan magnetizer or on your bed in your home in Vertou 44120 on the outskirts of Nantes, Ludovic Carbone will reduce your torment with the action of magnetism.

The benefits of remote care with your remote magnetizer are multiple.

No more stress of comings and goings in Nantes as in all major cities and the annoyance of wasting time in the waiting room. The icing on the cake, these distance sessions make it possible to avoid many magnetism visits to La Chapelle-sur-Erdre 44240 south of Nantes. Essentially, you will know the fee for the service with no surprises, with Ludovic Carbone you know that only the result counts.

The Nantes railway station is reflected on the water by the magnetizer's office

Ludovic Carbone takes care of you in Nantes by means of remote magnetism

Ludovic Carbone acts on many more or less problematic themes:

  • endometriosis ;

  • herniated disc , cruralgia, sciatica;

  • the pudendal or pudendal nerve;

  • covid;

  • complications following or not the vaccine;

  • radiation or other burns;

  • tobacco, alcohol, gambling and drug addictions;

  • tinnitus;

  • migraines or headaches.

You need additional information on the action of magnetism at a distance for Nantes, contact your magnetizer on 05 46 39 99 19 or by email: messaging

For the tariff and the protocol, see the page:   remote magnetism tariff

With regard to addictions and tinnitus, the payment of fees is made after the result.

For emergencies, such as: recent shingles and burns, send a photo with your phone number to my internet messaging.

In addition to Nantes, the magnetizer Carbone frequently intercedes for remote consultations in all places in France: Bordeaux , Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Paris , Strasbourg , Toulouse