Is reharmonization a La Rochelle magnetizer?

To come and consult me, you have 2 reasons: either to solve the recent or old problem that no one has been able to solve for you, but in this case remember that it will take 3 to 5 sessions; or for my specialty, complete reharmonization.

Often the magnetizer or magnetizer is confused with a person using animal magnetism. People who know absolutely nothing about energies take pleasure in peddling this old gossip. I use human magnetism, the term universal energy is respectable but not quite appropriate, with the aim of the energetic and therefore emotional and physical repair of beings.

Although you are near my office, maybe you will have difficulty getting there, in this case I advise you to use my remote magnetizer service. In this work of magnetism at a distance, the energy that I emit can be very useful to you in many areas, with the exception of re-harmonization which can only be practiced on the spot.

You will find all the details in the different pages of my site, if you need additional information, you can contact me by email.

I now give you some information and wish you a good reading.

The magnetizer is a servant who uses magnetic energy to restore harmony between the mind, the spirit, the desires, the aspirations To find a good functioning of the physical body. How much does it cost ? What happens during a session ? What is the definition of a magnetizer? There are more and more people with no real knowledge of human magnetism let alone the ability to magnetize who are circulating the legend that everyone with magnetism implies everyone can become a magnetizer. Everyone has a brain with neurotransmitters, but not everyone has the same intellectual capacities. Likewise, everyone has muscles, not everyone has the same strength. In an identical way, almost everyone has magnetism which circulates like their lymph, without being able to use it on others.

A magnetizer cannot train in energy therapies

A magnetizer cannot be trained in energy therapies that could only disturb him in his apprehension and in his service to others. It is for this reason that the practice of magnetism is no different from one practitioner to another. Because there is the same predisposition or gift if one prefers this term although it would not be legal for the magnetizers. It is impossible to train, everyone can kick a ball, not everyone can become a top pro. Most unfortunate is that these people deep down inside know that they have no capacity to magnetize others. It is for this reason that they do not believe it, it shows in their behavior. They never go to a real magnetizer and they are the first to cry foul when a magnetizer works "miracles". The fakes hope to make believe that they have energy in their hands because they heat up, I advise you to consult this article which speaks precisely about this subject. Magnetism is over 12,000 years old and is one of the oldest healing methods. What is the use of a magnetizer? what is the role and function of the magnetizer? The magnetizer transmits to the creature he wants to help his own energy, this is his human magnetism and in no way cosmic energy. Often this transfer of energy is carried out with a ritual of passage through the hands, although this is in reality of no interest. By transmitting this power, it allows the different bodies to rebalance, which initially allows stress to be released, but also soothes pain while cleaning up the various dysfunctions of the organs. Its role does not stop there, it also acts on emotions and on cerebral dysfunction. Does the magnetizer have a role to play in stopping smoking? yes of course, it is even quite spectacular. Since it only takes a single 5 min session to quit even a heavy smoker at 2 packs per day, it is obvious that not all true magnetizers have all the same levels, so the number of sessions can be different but the result must be there.

What is the training of magnetizers?

As we have seen previously there is no real training even if for a very long time some fake schools have given magnificent diplomas as you can see below, yesterday as today none is recognized by the French state . So there is no certification. Under these conditions, how can we recognize a good from a bad? Actually this is really very easy, the most important thing is to know what you are really looking for. If you find a person without any gift of magnetizer, it is not necessarily a charlatan, the main thing is that he really believes in it so he will send you to someone competent if you really have a pathology or an energy problem. But, if your problem is simply listening, he must know how to listen (active listening), step aside and his empathy and benevolence is very real. What is the price with a magnetizer? The price varies from 80 € to 20 € Depending on whether the session is a first, the importance of the subject, the time required. Hence this question: how long does a session last? a lot of people crystallize on the duration of the session, in reality the most important is the work carried out and that has been the effectiveness. However we can say that the average time is 30 to 45 min. Is it necessary to believe in magnetism? In absolute terms, no. But if you consult a magnetizer without believing it, you will have more difficulty to let go. This will be more complicated for the professional and you will stop the sessions before the recovery to be able to consolidate your false opinion.