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Magnetizer healer in Royan 17, Ludovic Carbone has been welcoming you for 44 years

Magnetism indication

The being is studied in its physical mechanism, its neurological, hormonal and vascular regulations, its energetic mechanism as well as its pollutions (adhesions) created by him, by others, or others.

Far from being confined to the energy field, magnetism is indicated in all daily disorders, whether functional or gynecological (the discipline is aimed at disorders related to rules, menopause, infertility). The healer magnetizer also heals babies (regurgitation or sleep problems). The magnetizer treats circulatory, ENT and digestive problems. In general, the problems of athletes (vertebral fields) are also treated. The field of application is therefore varied.

Healer magnetizer Carbone in front of a blossoming rosebush in Royan

Healing magnetizer for what? And magnetizer for whom?

What does the healer magnetizer see?

As the musician hears music when he looks at a score, the healer magnetizer, when looking at a body, sees the undulations, the variations, the waves, the "Disruptors", etc.


The art of the magnetizer

Magnetism is an ancient energy art.

It represents one of the nine pillars of traditional Western medicine (alongside the art of energy movement, nutrition, ra-Del massage, energy visualization, phyto, Er'i thought, of pressure Nubus, Crosëner).

Energy: it is the sending of messages which act on the muscular, articular, mental well-being, etc.

Magnetism Releases tension, relieves pain, strengthens the skeleton, muscles, regulates organs and breathing.

It allows to work on the emotions, the mind (according to the organic needs, the practice follows the cycle of the seasons and of the day).

Magnetizer for whom?

Magnetism is recommended:

- pupils and students during the examination period or not;

- to women (female ailments), pregnancy;

- to combat stress;

- for the voice (singers, actors ...)

- For sportive people.

Magnetizer and absence of side effects

I consider the person in his entirety and I take into account his predispositions to certain affections, his characteristics, his psychic and physical modes of functioning. This allows me to act on measure and preventively, because I simultaneously treat the symptoms and the imbalance that created them.

My method is also pleasant because of its absence of side effects.

How does the magnetizer work?

Consideration of the magnetizer

The magnetizer views physical health as a subsystem of a larger system.

The magnetizer examines the energetic, organic, psychic, functional and relational plan. To help people find harmony and peace so that they can flourish.

Motivation to help others at the expense of one's own existence, altruism guides the magnetizer.

Magnetism allows you to reconnect with the power of your own bodies by effectively stimulating each energy center. You come out with a happy heart, a relaxed mind.

The magnetizer is generally called upon as a last resort, even if it is rewarding to succeed where others have failed, it would be more judicious to… atomic bomb after diplomat, the more logical reverse! Yet the real role of the magnetizer is to act upstream, taking into account moods, psychological and physiological constitution, seasons and evolution. In the testimonial section, you will find opinions.

The harmony of the mind, of desire, of the physical, therefore of health in the broad sense, is based on the balance of the four vital energies and the elements (time, space, air, water, earth, fire ...) which are specific to each individual and which determine his values, balances, strengths, but also weaknesses, imbalances, excess ...

The magnetizer helps to find energy, but also serenity. The theory of "four words" is essential to understand magnetism. “Four words” are four energies that complement each other, one from the “smallest”, another from the “bigger”, the third from “mind - expansion”, the fourth from “matter-implosion”. The balance of these energies is found in everything that surrounds us, but also in us. To obtain harmony between these complementary energies, the magnetizer is there. The ma / gné / tis / me invites you to do exercises regularly. One of the objectives is to improve health, among other things by strengthening the physiological potentials that each human being has in him. When the body (re) synchronizes and rebalances itself, the heartbeat becomes coherent, we get better stress management, lower blood pressure, and an optimized immune response.

Magnetism to find harmony between body and mind. Rebalancing of fundamental energies.

The magnetizer defines dysfunctions, strengthens the immune system, eliminates nervous tension.

The magnetizer has retained the principle of life, aiming to restore the harmonious circulation of energies in the body. The magnetizer works on energy imbalances, knots and muscular tensions, blockages.

Animal heat and the magnetizer line .

Does the magnetizer heal?

If magnetism heals why don't we know more ?

Bernard Brunhes, French physicist (1867 - 1910) discovered in 1906 that the polarity of the Earth's magnetic field was not constant.

Its name was given to the present period of normal magnetism, which began around 7,000,000 years ago. (Source Hachette Multimedia / Hachette Livre 2001)

Since 1906, we have known that the polarity of the Earth's magnetic field changes. Today, in 2016, how many people know it, believe it?

For magnetism healing: it's the same thing ...

In the ' Magnetism ' section, you will find the answers to your questions.

Can the Healer magnetizer use another method?

When a method is good and has been in use for years, there is no need to look for other methods to try to get a result.

The magnetizer must have absolute professional secrecy in relation to everything he has understood, seen and heard. This concerns everything entrusted to him by the people he received at his office.

My method is also pleasant because of its absence of side effects.

Prayer in addition to the magnetizer : prayers have an action.

Sarcopenia : Sarcopenia is the decrease in muscle capacity.

Animal magnetism: there is sometimes confusion between the magnetizer.

Energy color of a magnetizer bathing a woman


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Various information on the healer magnetizer and other energy practices

The magnetizer price is not the same of a magnetizer healer to a psoriasis magnetizer, just as a loire atlantique magnetizer and a sciatic binder differs from a medium magnetizer or a high loire magnetizer. A magnetizer to get pregnant, whether it is a Basse Normandie magnetizer, a dead treble magnetizer or a Haute Loire magnetizer will have a magnetizer price not necessarily identical to a medium magnetizer or a weight loss magnetizer. The high rhine magnetizer with the tinnitus magnetizer and the child magnetizer diverges from the haute savoie bonesetter with the healing gift of the good loire atlantique magnetizer without forgetting the tendonitis binder of the Swiss magnetizer. The healer shingles treatment can be an energetic magnetizer in the Paris region without being a binder in the Paris region, because the maritime seine magnetizer like the Haute Marne magnetizer is often an animal magnetizer. A magnetizer for pudendal neuralgia or a herniated disc bonesetter can luckily be in the list of magnetizers of the gnoma that he happens to be a high savoy fire-cutter and exorcist magnetizer, a high vienne magnetizer being a desenvouteur magnetizer who is an energy healer or a bonesetter, la grande motte being a magnetizer that removes tinnitus, without forgetting the magnetizer therapist with a healing magnetizer rate identical to the back pain magnetizer of the magnetizer sainte luce sur loire.

The magnetizer and chemotherapy which can be a magnetizer around me is not a game, whether he is a Haute Vienne healer, a North sur Erdre magnetizer or a St Helene Vosges magnetizer. The burn magnetizer, the anxiety magnetizer seems magnetizer and arthritis, yet the baby sleep magnetizer as magnetizer and tinnitus helps depression magnetizer because magnetizer and stress validate magnetizer for depression whose price consultation magnetizer is for allergy magnetizer and endometriosis magnetizer changing the magnetizer and pregnancy. A magnetiser for healing or a high saone bonesetter

A healing toucher is not a rosacea magnetizer

The dormouse and dear friend of the bonesetter seine maritime is a magnetizer for psoriasis with the energy magnetizer hardly resembles the desenvouteur healer, nor the naturopathic magnetizer and even less the magnetizer and herniated disc with a urticaria magnetizer or the magnetizer for stress . Magnetizer and hyperactivity is a home magnetizer

The magnetizer and depression magnetizer fire cutter can be a known magnetizer which heel spur magnetizer or herpes zoster can be a water magnetizer useful as a back pain binder, sciatica binder or weight loss magnet. The quantum magnetizer or medium magnetizer is not a vagal discomfort or herniated disc magnetizer magnetizer of the good magnetizer who has the gift of magnetizer of the sleep magnetizer to be a depression healer with magnetizer gift.

The verneuil disease magnetizer and the anxiety magnetizer is not an online magnetizer nor a haute marne bonesetter.

In the frequently asked questions we find: can a magnetiser dry out a herniated disc? Can a magnetizer do harm? Can a magnetizer remove tinnitus? am I a magnetizer? and can a magnetiser cure anxiety? The hollow magnetizer and the high vienna magnetizer which has a gift of the baby colic magnetizer, baby eczema magnetizer and acne healer magnetizer is a child magnetizer or a baby magnetizer. In the magnetizers we find: shingles healer, horse magnetizer, eczema magnetizer, fire magnetizer, plantar wart magnetizer, adult eczema magnetizer, pregnancy magnetizer and sciatica magnetizer.

We talk about a woman magnetizer or a woman healer, but what is the difference between the magnetism of a woman magnetizer and the energy of a magnetizer?

Alternative medicine other than magnetizing healers

In alternative medicine we find several methods: osteopathy originally created by a person believing himself to be magnetized. This is the reason why the osteopathic practitioner searches for energetic pulsations; the dowser falls into the category of healers, she works with a pendulum or with the stick. Dowsing can be used to find remedies in herbal medicine; it has happened that an attending physician has experienced the power of the hands to heal headaches or migraine, with the aim of trying to understand the energetic techniques of the magnetizing healer; the reflexology practitioner, without having the healing power, can sometimes relieve the pain of painful periods or help radiotherapy sessions by plantar reflexology; acupuncture triggers self-healing during appointments sometimes in hospitals on warts. The placebo effect has been demonstrated by means of empirical positioning of needles supposed to relieve pain; the spiritual healer is not there to magnetize in the image of the magnetizer but gives spiritual help to the discomfort of the burnt person as a cutter can bar or cut off the fire; the healing medium has the belief of the kings of France in their herpes healing abilities. He makes divinatory predictions by clairvoyance; the dowser deals with geobiology without having a curative goal for sprains and without claiming to cure mental health; hospital in the emergency room can call the helmsman for burns, the cutters are healers who work the breath of universal energy for the burned; reiki is not a conventional medicine and like the healer, the reiki practitioner wishes to obtain cures without surgery or medical treatment on their patients and their skin problems; sorcerers do not care about the damage caused by witchcraft, which they practice with rituals of the sign of the cross and pater for breast cancer; Ayurvedic is a manual practice of purification in the esoteric areas of the human body that can sometimes be of use to traditional healers.

The healing magnetism of a magnetizer could work wonders with the magnetic passes that trigger emotional, psychic and spiritual relaxations leading to the healing path bordering on magnetic hypnosis.

To make an appointment with Royan's magnetiser, call or go to my site where you can leave: thank you for your intuition, your feeling and your kindness; I wish you good continuation in energy care; I thank you for your radiance which allowed me to quit smoking; thanks never enough for relieving the pain; thank you to you who are not a chiropractor and yet! I appreciate what you are doing.

The vital fluid makes it possible to use an energy healing capacity in the healing process, from the first session with the magnetizer, there is a real sharing during the vibratory harmonization by the magnetic fluid. The power in the ancestral hands is an energetic healing or an energetic therapy by the vital energy.