Remote magnetizer for horses

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Magnetism is a gentle, natural and effective care method that can heal horses and other equines such as ponies and donkeys from a distance. These sentient beings are traversed by energy that runs through their entire organism. This flow of energy can sometimes be disturbed, causing physical or mental disorders in the animal that it is important to treat as soon as possible. I am able to realign this energy field and bathe the animal in all the healing energy. Many health problems encountered by horses can be solved by one or more sessions of magnetism. I treat horses by transferring energy and improving their quality of life.


The energy flow of horses can sometimes not be evenly distributed. Several factors go into altering the distribution of energy. It could be a shock or an injury that prevents energy from flowing freely through the horse's body. Magnetism is necessary to release this energy stuck in a specific place.


Poor animal posture can cause imbalance and block energy. The mental state of the horse can be disturbed by anxiety and stress. Magnetism allows this energy to be released and the pressure to come down.

Magnetism is also very useful for racehorses who undergo intensive training and have very stressed joints and tendons. Thanks to the magnetic energy, I can relieve the pain and improve the flexibility of the horse.


The thoroughbred horse

The mind of the thoroughbred horse must be able to accept the pressure of acceleration at the right time. One of my roles is to maintain mental and physical balance. It is also necessary to improve its velocity. Thoroughbreds are among the breeds that require the most care and attention. It is preferable to know the jockey who will guide him to create a communion between the horse and the man.

The trotter

Even if, apparently, it is easier for the trotting horse to keep the balance because it always has 2 feet on the ground, it nevertheless happens frequently to have a slight imbalance. Improving or even removing this imbalance can make all the difference. It would be unfortunate to think that it is strong enough. It is important to increase your fighting spirit, your dynamism, but above all your obedience. The care will be different for the more agile and light. These treatments will be more suitable for horses with a harnessed trot than for those more compact and large which are adapted to the mounted trot. It is preferable to also know the jockey who will be riding it to create trust between the horse and the man.

The AQPS horse 

These horses specially designed for obstacle courses need absolute precision for hurdles. This is what will save them a few precious fractions of a second.

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The CCE horse

Knowing that as a general rule, show jumping horses are considered mature and experienced from the age of 10, it is possible thanks to magnetism to save some precious time. My role for the best who are often over 12 years old is to maintain their physical potential to allow them to always be at the top level, even when they are over the age of 16. My work will also focus on the complicity between the rider and the horse.

Here is a list of pathologies that I can treat by remote magnetism:

  • Rheumatism, arthritis, arthritis and joint problems;

  • Allergies;

  • Stress and anxiety;

  • · Various traumas due to an operation, an accident or an illness;

  • Digestive and pancreatic problems, gastric upsurge;

  • Tumors, sarcomas and sarcoids;

  • Glaucoma (magnetism relieves internal and external pressure in the eye);

  • Skin disorders (dermatosis);

  • Stomach or intestinal colic caused by the parasites;

  • Piroplasmosis;

  • Osteochondritis dissecans.

Magnetism relieves the whole body and improves the health of the horse. The horse's energy quality is calmed and optimized.