To become a magnetizer, there are 7 categories

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Altruism is the key word to become a magnetizer.

But, for many people, the motivations are quite different.

Magnetizer: first category

Although this is not proven to work, in some it is part of their DNA. “My magnetist father instilled in me this passion for others,” says Sébastien, 42. Since retirement, I was bored and found my life uninteresting. I then decided to practice magnetism, without knowing if I had any gift. "

Carole, 55, is a caregiver and practices magnetism in memory of her bonesetter mother.

There are also those who set themselves up as magnetizers because being part of a family tradition is reassuring. When we follow a clear path, we do not question the nature of our aspirations.

There is also sometimes the fear of disappointing our parents, also to keep their values ​​in us.


Magnetizer: second category

The majority of people exist only through their social life. Making people believe they are helping others fills that narcissistic need, that basic psychology of utility and that recognition. Claire, 56, admits it: “A stay-at-home mother, I doubted myself and I felt self-conscious about my dentist husband. When I heard about reiki, I believed that it would give me importance, allow me to tell things… ”

Sylvie, 68, was the director of a technical high school. With retirement causing her to lose her footing, she loses her contacts, her invitations and becomes transparent. In the street where she moved for a few years, there is a magnetizer of international reputation. Poor thing, she would have done better to be proud of herself and the work she has done.

Magnetizer: third category

Helping others makes it possible to escape from oneself, it temporarily calms existential suffering. Why am I here? What is the purpose of this existence? Why all these problems? There is, of course, the fear of dying, but above all the fear of living a monotonous life. Sometimes this makes it possible to have the impression of no longer being subjected to the world around us, but on the contrary of having a little control over it. Feeling frustrated and wanting to experience a relationship on another level. Ignés 26 years old, "Although I have an interesting job and an easy life, I lack the essentials"

Louis, 62, former director, retired with fear of dying and his share of questions, began to seek an alternative to his existence.

Magnetizer: fourth category

There are also those who have a feeling of guilt and who seek redress through various more or less altruistic behaviors. By caring for others, these people seek to lighten the burden of a burden. This can be: the responsibility for behavior that has harmed others or the fact of appropriating the fault of an ancestor (incest, collaboration). A person may seek to come to the aid of others, victims of suffering, to restore a more positive image of themselves. Pierre, 52, tried to use different energy methods because he felt guilty for not having done anything and especially not having seen his father's illness.

Marion, 25, seeks to redeem her brother's fault by practicing magnetism.

Magnetizer: fifth category

The World Health Organization, always very competent in statistics, reports that one in 2 people suffers a trauma during their life: the early loss of a loved one, serious illness, rape ... The brain breaks down. cut himself off from reality to survive a sometimes unbearable suffering. Bringing a lawsuit is not always possible and shouting is not enough to lessen the violence of a shock. It is necessary to give a meaning, to include it in a narration which distances it from the horror of reality and which gives a certain meaning. What happened must not have happened for nothing.


Laura, 32, fencer, lost her agility after being mowed down by a biker. She needs to convince herself that her accident has a use: "Because of a twenty-something who was not yet able to drive, 3 lives were broken, mine, but also that of 2 other pedestrians" does not take offense wife. By trying to heal others, she gives meaning to this event. This second wind is a good deed for her.

Magnetizer: sisth category

The energy sector is not always a world of care bears. Sometimes this gift to the other is used as an instrument of domination. Dominant and / or perverse personalities seek to use one of the many energetic methods to gain power, creating debt in the other. Under the pretext of being of service, they endanger these activities. This hold on the other gives them a form of enjoyment.

Le magnétiseur émet plusieurs couleurs, La couleur orange est observée avec grossissement.


43 years


Unique know-how

What is a magnetizer?

Unlike the bonesetter who puts the dismantled limbs back in place, the magnetizer has a powerful magnetic fluid that he transmits to people in order to restore harmony between body and mind. Also known as a healer, the magnetizer uses a natural method by transmitting magnetic energy to others in order to cure various ailments. Magnetic energy is used to restore the organism that has suffered disorders. The magnetizer is a practitioner of magnetism who has become aware of his gift and apprehended it with experience in order to use it optimally. The magnetizer possesses the ability to concentrate the magnetic fluid in his warming hands and uses his skills to transmit energy to people in order to soothe and heal them.


Ludovic Carbone, magnetizer in Charente-Maritime


Ludovic Carbone has been a magnetizer-healer for over 43 years. Located in Charente-Maritime, more exactly in Royan, Ludovic Carbone welcomes you in his office by appointment and can also treat you remotely.


Why call on Ludovic Carbone?


Ludovic Carbone is a powerful magnetizer of national and international renown. It uses its magnetism to rebalance your body and helps you release your stress. Ludovic Carbone puts you at ease and helps you let go to establish a climate of trust. Once this safe and calming framework is established, you can better receive the energy that Ludovic Carbone sends you. After one or more sessions, you feel better. You are lightened, breathe better, and your pain eventually disappears.


The course of a session


You are lying down and dressed. Ludovic Carbone examines you in terms of energy, organism, psychology as well as functional and relational. The magnetizer is at your disposal and asks you about your current feelings and the problems you are having in your life. Ludovic Carbone shares with you all his empathy and benevolence. Then he places his hands in the areas where the energy is blocked to make it circulate properly again. As a magnetizer-dowser, Ludovic Carbone can scan your body with a pendulum and thus locate the source of the disease in order to better treat it.


What can Ludovic Carbone heal?


The magnetizer soothes you by untangling the knots of body and mind that hinder your well-being. Ludovic Carbone releases its magnetism and transmits it to you so that it circulates well throughout your body. All kinds of ailments can be treated:

- joint pain (osteoarthritis, tendonitis, etc.);

- intestinal problems (functional colopathy, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, diverticula, etc.);

- skin problems (plantar wart, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, mild or severe acne, dermatitis, herpes, etc.);

- sleep disorders;

- back pain (low back pain, herniated disc, heel spur, sciatica, etc.);

- migraines;

- stress, nervous breakdowns;

- tiredness ;

- chronic pain;

- fertility problems (pregnancy, worries about getting pregnant, etc.);

- toothache;

- weight loss ;

- urogenital problems;

- vagal discomfort.


Magnetizer and phobias


Ludovic Carbone provides you with magnetism to help you fight against your fears and anxieties. The magnetizer treats your emotional disturbances by helping you release tension and frees you from phobias, overwork, ophthalmic migraines ... The magnetic gift proves to be particularly effective in dealing with burn-out. Ludovic Carbone supports you with its magnetic fluid to quit smoking in the best conditions.


Who is magnetism for?


Magnetism can help adults, children, babies, and even animals like horses. Magnetism does not replace medicine, but complements it. It treats the ailments that persist when traditional medicine has established a diagnosis without succeeding in solving the problem.


Ludovic CARBONE, firetalker


Ludovic Carbone can relieve and treat pain and symptoms related to burns. The magnetizer assists many organizations as a firetalker or 'coupeur de feu'. Magnetism is indeed useful to help severe burns and people undergoing chemotherapy treatment in order to reduce its effects. Magnetism is in no way harmful to body and mind and is completely painless.


Tariffs applied by Ludovic Carbone

The price of the magnetizer varies according to the services offered.

For a complete re-harmonization, the price of the magnetizer-healer is 75 €.

Magnetizer for stopping smoking: € 30.

Price of a consultation with the magnetiser for ailments that require a visit: € 50 (sprain, etc.).

Price of the healer for ailments that require 2 to 3 appointments: 40 € (sciatica, herniated disc, etc.).


Price of a session at the magnetiser for simple cases or problems requiring several sessions: 30 € (wart, etc.).

What is a magnetizer?

Magnetizers do energy healing by laying on of hands. The vital energy of the therapist relieves by conventional harmonization of the energetic circulation. My practice of magnetizer is able to rebalance the body by acting on the energy centers.

In energetic practices there are those who cannot be magnetizer. The latter, when he does not have enough universal energy to do an energy treatment, organizes reiki initiations, then reiki courses. These reiki classes seek to channel energies with reiki symbols to become a reiki practitioner. Reiki training uses reiki energy, which is healing magnetism. Reiki initiation sometimes turns to kundalini reiki which causes negative energy blockages due to lack of knowledge of Kundalini and the chakra. The desire of the reiki practitioner is to obtain the high-sounding title of reiki master. When by chance the benefits of reiki occur, with the use of bach flowers or not, it is the result of alleviating the discomfort by self-treatment with self-healing.

The energetic magnetizers of the energetic therapies remove the energetic blockages by different techniques to magnetize the human body. Energy therapy must channel the vital force at each session. Traditional Chinese medicine is part of the alternative medicine that must follow the precepts of magnetizers healers to channel their energy in order to reconnect the path of shamanic life. Make an appointment with a magnetizer healer for an energetic and emotional balancing with the vision of a vital healing without contraindications or side effects on the immune system or the joints. The healer can practice energy massages to harmonize the energy in inner and conscious peace.

The energetician or energetic therapist sometimes practices plantar or facial reflexology to balance the energies of the different bodies, unlike the magnetiser who performs energy work that rebalances the different bodies. The spiritual healer must feel the energy of the physical plane to balance the energy blockage responsible for dysfunction at the quantum physical level. The passes in holistic healing of energy harmonization in Japanese holistic acupuncture therapy help the energy system as for shiatsu or conventional and traditional Chinese medicine.

The energetic balance of a magnetizer allows the relaxation of psychic blockages with individual sessions to harmonize the vitality from the first session of the emotional state in a quantum globality of the receiver with a spiritual awakening. The vibratory rate of the meridians gives magnetic emotional vibrations which offers the energetic rebalancing in the individual care of the subtle bodies.

The energetic techniques of the magnetizer gives its visualization of rebalancing purification and allows to channel this etheric energy with a kind of mediumship giving the beneficial power.