Is it better to use a magnetizer in Bordeaux?

No, not necessarily, it is even possible, even preferable, to cohabit a magnetizer in Bordeaux with a healing magnetizer from another city. In my case, it is easy to come and consult me from the Aquitaine region. However, I advise you to favor local healing magnetizers for bobology, for you no risk and faster and for me it gives me time for more important cases, that's why you can use various people as a magnetizer Aquitaine depending on the circumstances.

In addition, cohabitation is possible, even interesting for the follow-up of my energetic action. I use human magnetism, but I don't mind if you see someone who uses animal magnetism.

What is the main reason for consulting me?

The main reason for consulting me is for my re-harmonization. My technique will act:

  1. on the etheric body, this framework which served to build the physical body. A defect in this canvas affects the physical body. You can tell me that its usefulness is only at the time of the creation of the physical body, but this is false, if at the time of its conception of the physical body this mold has a primary utility, it remains no less true than it continues to have played a role throughout existence, which is why it continues after physical death for a certain period of time.

  2. on the lower mental body, at the level of your thoughts without modifying them because I have no right, but by calming the agitations.

  3. on the emotional body, to allow you to take a step back from the events. You give the opportunity to find yourself.

  4. on the energetic bodies to allow me to recharge you and relearn you, without realizing it, to function harmoniously. I must not become a crutch. 1 to 2 rebalances are sufficient per year.

  5. all of this obviously, so that your physical body works more homogeneously.

This session of more than an hour is to be offered at least once a year. You can also use my services for your "non-curable" problems or to avoid unnecessary interventions, when possible.

What is the difference between a magnetizer, a healer and a dowser?

You should rather consider myself as a magnetizer but what exactly is the difference with a healer or a dowser?

The magnetizing healer uses the laying on of hands and the healers make energetic passes. They are not practitioners of different medicines which, for their part, have to treat ailments. The magnetizer is a vibratory practitioner who relieves the physical body by using its healing magnetism, the use of the hands is for the fun and ritual side allowing for faster participation. It uses energy healing to give vital energy. The dowser needs a pendulum, he does not emit energy, but dowsing by sending a signal that comes back to him. One does not prevent the other. Personally, I like to use the pendulum for the visual image of my introspection on the person.

The energetic rebalancing that I practice is an energetic therapy which treats the whole of the physical body and of the "souls". It is a path of life and a true sharing. Human health is grateful after a magnetization consultation request. Animal magnetism is not used. The human magnetism that I use uses different techniques to relieve mental, psychological and physical pain.

Traditional medicine is at the service of conventional medicine. The magnetizing healer employs universal energy without side effects. The magnetized has gratitude, after each session, for her healer who is not a reiki master, because she obtains the ability to heal her energy system. Likewise, me magnetiser, if you have the chance to consult me, I would be honored to be of service to you.