Remote pet magnetizer

I use magnetic energy to bring well-being to your animal. You only need to observe the behavior of animals to see that they are able to sense a variety of energies, just as they sense emotions such as fear or aggression. I thus use my energy coupled with my empathy to relieve your animal.

Thanks to my gift of remote magnetizer for animals, I can treat all animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, horses and NAC (new pets) ...

Un magnétiseur à distance avec un chien et un chat

I can also care for pets by magnetism. I take care of treating dogs, cats and other hairballs that make your daily life happy. As with humans, animals are sensitive to magnetic energy. I just need to strengthen the flow of energy and balance it throughout the body. I use all the energy I have to provide long-term relief and cure for your pet. I will treat your animal from a distance because, depending on its size and condition, it is not easy to transport it. In addition, it is preferable to treat an animal in an environment which is familiar to it to avoid unnecessary stress which would reinforce its discomfort.

Remote magnetism acts on various ailments that disrupt the life of your animal. The latter will be more or less receptive according to his rhythm and his sensitivity. Very rapid results can be seen in some animals. Sometimes, one session is enough to treat them. In other cases, it will take a little longer. It will depend on the animal and the condition it is suffering from, and how long it has been sick.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of health problems that I can treat in pets:

⦁ inflammation, age-related joint problems such as osteoarthritis, refusal to go out;

⦁ urinary disorders;

⦁ sadness, depression;

⦁ nervousness, stress, aggressiveness;

⦁ various injuries;

⦁ postoperative follow-up, healing aid;

⦁ relief of pain associated with fractures;

⦁ urinary disorders;

⦁ intestinal problems;

⦁ respiratory problems (cough, asthma, bronchial problems, etc.);

⦁ digestive problems (lack of appetite, ulcer, etc.);

⦁ skin problems (eczema, itching, burns, etc.)

⦁ etc.


To treat your animal in the best possible conditions, please send me a recent photo of him with the parts to be treated clearly visible.

Add his first name and his age and the exact place where he is. Then let me know how his health has changed.

As I am not a veterinarian, I do not make any diagnosis before or after a remote magnetism session.