No Angoulême magnetizer, no one is perfect 😉

Eating at a fast food restaurant can sometimes be practical, but eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant can leave different memories. The same goes for animal magnetism or more exactly in my case for human magnetism. You can consult an Angoulême magnetiser, but coming to consult me will also leave you with different memories. You can come and consult me for small recurring problems or an important problem that has just happened to you.

I recommend that you come and consult me, especially one of my specialties: complete re-harmonization. If you were to come and see me for one thing, without any hesitation, this complete energetic rebalancing would be your choice.

You will find in this site, all the information that will explain my practice and how it unfolds.


The different groups of magnetizers, not to be confused with the different categories (for more information, I advise you to consult the page on the different categories ), are:

The first group is too powerful and can be dangerous for some people. Those in this group should be written “ Magnetizers ”. For the moment and for an indefinite period, there is a tolerance to write magnetizer without the quotes. The energy of this group has the particularity to increase as the day progresses and to become less controllable, it is for this reason that I avoid receiving people too late. At the end of the day it becomes much more difficult for me to limit the amount of energy I send. Being part of this extremely rare category, this is the reason why you will sometimes find my profession written "magnetizer" between quotation marks in official documents or in certain instances.

The second group consists of healers who are still very effective, but their number is relatively small. They can't do everything, but they still do great wonders. At this level, it is almost impossible for them to manage external conflicts, the various worries that can happen to them of various kinds.

In the third group, there are already many more. We find magnetizer and magnetizer healer, they work wonders in many areas, but their energy weakens after several days of activity or at the end of the day. From this level, they are unable to permanently control their internal conflicts. This explains why they can sometimes send less good vibrations and above all, their loss of skills. Sometimes for them there may start to be slight risks to their mental, emotional and physical health.

The fourth group is practical for many cases, but there is a beginning of the magnetism exercise not yet semi-continuous, but already weak, hence a risk of return, because the flow is not always sufficient. When the flow becomes insufficient, there is a risk of absorption of bad emanations and unhealthy energies with all the ensuing risks both psychic and physical.

The fifth group closely resembles the fourth group except that their capacity varies throughout the day. In times of lower capacity or incapacity, the risk of fumes and destructive energies entering them increases dramatically.

The sixth group is made up of people who can solve shingles-like problems with many sessions. From this level, the flow of magnetism becomes semi-continuous, but not yet alternating, the risk of energy contamination increases in a very important way.

The seventh group is made up of people identical to the sixth group, magnetizer or not, but these people can only act irregularly on the same subjects with an identical number of sessions. The difference is that they are sometimes effective and sometimes not. Their risks of pollution are increased.

The eighth group represents people who can still be effective for some conditions, but not all. Depending on their vibratory rate, some people will be relevant for a particular pathology, others for another problem. This group has the particularity of being the level which begins to emit the magnetism in alternating, from where a real danger for their first mental health then physical.

What are the last five magnetizer groups?

The ninth group includes people and reiki masters who have the particularity of only succeeding in certain things, but in an irregular way. For some reason apparently illogical to neophytes, some days they will do well what they do as in the eighth group and other days they will achieve nothing. In their case, the disease is inevitable and, as a rule, it first affects the physical.

The tenth group is content to deal with things like warts. Their success rate is roughly similar to a placebo. Having no ability to concentrate, they use prayers and the like. From this level, logically they should no longer be polluted by the magnetic energies of the people who come to see them since they themselves emit nothing. Their only danger is to catch a physical pathology from the people who visit them like any mortal.

The eleventh group also tries to do the little things, but with a very uneven level of success compared to the tenth group. And he has in common with the people of the tenth group the possibility of pathogen transmission.

The twelfth group is, for example, the action of a mother towards her child or a human reaction which is often to put one of her hands on a painful area or a discomfort that you feel in your body. The only interest of this action is the placebo side which can have a role to play for certain minor ailments, but above all an affectionate and very comforting side for the other and for oneself.

The thirteenth group is made up of individuals without any capacity or moral value whose only merit is to be able to deceive others by "vampirizing" them. As I have already explained elsewhere, they are actually very easy to spot, because if they do not exercise they become exhausted. Often, in the same way, they say 'I am obliged to receive people, because otherwise I feel very bad', and for good reason! As curious as it may seem, yet in a very logical way, they can still have a little interest, in the very specific cases of overexcited and agitated people by pumping and emptying them as after a bloodletting, these people are necessarily calmer! In this group, obviously since they emit nothing, but they absorb everything, it is no longer a question of risks, but of an obligation to absorb the unhealthy magnetisms and the unhealthy vibrations of others with all the cohort of pathologies for themselves that happens quickly.

Why are magnetizers needed?

In cases of eczema, burns or warts, magnetizers are often requested to act against these problems. Always covered with a veil, magnetism feeds rumors. Whether he likes it or not, the magnetizer must have the ability to emit magnetic waves in an exceptional way. The magnetizer according to some would emit, by the laying on of hands and without touching the body, vibrations in frequencies of 7 to 8 Hz. These would be the same waves that physiotherapists would use to soothe inflammation in physiotherapy. However, if that was the case, it should be very easy to verify. A general practitioner, Dr Denis Piotte, had the courage to publish a book on the subject of magnetizers and its title is "The world of magnetizers". However, a major error has been made: The magnetic field which is released by the magnetizer should not be compared to magnetization. The term magnetism can certainly be confusing for novices who are ill-informed. Professor Yves Rocard, a French physicist in the 20th century, did not fear the reactions of scientists, always by nature unpleasant. He carried out research on dowsing and magnetism. He found that the magnetizers had a greater amount of magnetite than the rest of the population. This natural magnetic iron oxide is mainly found on the wrists. Unfortunately, he also made a small misinterpretation in believing that human magnetism produced the same effects as a small magnet. This mistake allowed his critics to ruin his work after his death.

If you need other information before coming to consult me, do not hesitate to send me your request. I'm at your service.