Remote magnetizer treatment why?

The remote magnetizer points its right index finger at a globe to show where it needs to magnetize and there are particles of magnetic energy.

I have been practicing distance magnetism professionally and regularly for twenty years.

It is obvious that for 50 years, I was a distance magnetizer for my relatives, because for them, it is different. You must know that working remotely does not imply quite the same principles and, above all, I am missing the information that I perceive as I explained to you on the home page of my site. Being less certain of the result and less comfortable, I preferred to abstain. On many occasions, delighted people after consulting me have called for help, sometimes many years after meeting me, when they were abroad and had a problem: gastro (tourista) with all the resulting inconveniences, sprain preventing them from continuing their visits, sciatica or other lumbar problems forcing them to remain bedridden, migraines preventing all outings and many other cases.


The results were always spectacular. Added to this was the fact that more and more people were learning that I could help from a distance, which allowed me to improve the technique by removing the pitfalls of false information that parasitizes because of the distance.

From that moment on, I realized that there was real use and that I was able to help in many cases.

Remote magnetism support

The price and protocol for remote magnetizer support:

1) When you send the documents to me, please remember to leave a phone number for me, so that I can notify you of the good receipt and start processing;

2) I absolutely need the full-length photo of the person and I have to see their face. If this is not practical, I need at least the face with the eyes visible very clearly. The person must be alone in the photo. Do not send me  photos that you care about, because they will be burned after work;

3) Also give me the first and last name, if there is one, as well as the date of birth with precision of the time and place if you know them;

4) once a week or after 10 to 15 days maximum, you will have to give me news, keep me informed of the evolution, good or bad, because there can be what is called "the salutary crisis ". Thanks to these details, I will be able to act more easily;

5) For adults, the photo may be several years old, although it is best to have a recent photo. For children, the photo must be recent;

6) After 15 days, without any news, I will stop work and resume it as soon as I hear from you. However, after 3 months without any news, the document (s) will be destroyed and I will not resume my service.


For simple cases: sprains, temporary sadness, recent digestive problems, any pain or other recent problems:


- Send a recent photo, the person to be treated must be alone in the photo.


- Price: 55 €


For recurrent or old cases: pudendal nerve, herniated disc, ulcer, nerve, migraine, etc.


- Send two identical photos, the person to be treated must be alone in the photo.


- Price: 120 €

Thanks to the action magnetiser healer at a distance

Find below some testimonials. In my 'reviews' page, you will find many more comments.

M from miami

My pain is gone and finally I can enjoy activities to which I was no longer entitled!


Ms. M-F T department 10

With my thanks for all you do for us despite the distance.


Ms. M department 95

With thanks,


Australia ... and more: see testimonials page

The hands of the remote magnetizer creates a network of magnetism around the blue earth.

Remote healer

 It is useful in very many cases, if not all cases. It should never interfere with other methods or practices. If you use me as a last resort, you will know that the help is coming from me, but it is much more uncomfortable for me if you use me as a supplement. Because you won't be able to know how important is my help, but is it really serious? Of course not, the only thing that matters is the result, your well-being and by extension that of your loved ones.

Remote reealer against energy imbalance

The hands of the remote magnetizer contain 7 chakras of different colors.

A great imbalance can occur throughout your energy system. A process of energy degeneration can cause a weakening of any part of your body or a general collapse. Your body can be anemic by the lack of energy flow which can lead to total degradation. Your energy body can be parasitized by your thoughts, your habits (food, posture, etc.), entities or magnetic fields. As a remote magnetizer healer, I bring you my help which will focus on this imbalance, stop the process of energy degeneration, remove the deficiencies in energy flow, and destroy all parasitic elements.

I use my energy flow to restore the disturbed organism. The notion of distance is not an obstacle for me, who am able to treat and cure various ailments, despite the distance from the physical body. I connect remotely to the mental and emotional body and focus on the area (s) to be treated. These remote treatments are aimed at people who have made a conscious request, and this quite independently of where they are located. I offer you support using an energy that knows no limits or borders. This type of support sometimes gives particularly effective results. The remote magnetic healer Ludovic Carbone (Royan 17) establishes an energetic connection with the patient, without the latter needing to be near him. A person may very well be on the other side of the planet and receive a powerful magnetic flux so that their energies are rebalanced. To perform a remote treatment in optimal conditions, the remote magnetizer enters a meditative phase requiring intense concentration and manages to target and connect directly to the person who requested it. I visualize the area to be treated and focus my magnetic flux on the energy centers of the person.  I focus my will for healing on the part of the body concerned. Energy then begins to flow freely between me and the person through time and space. This energy transmitted is in no way altered by distance, however important it may be.

Distance magnetism

With regard to distance magnetism, the notion of time and space must be understood differently. Indeed, I am indeed able to act on past or future events to appease the evils which appear in a present reality. Because the energy signature of a being, as we know it at a precise moment, is in fact only the result of a set of processes which can be very distant from our current present, from the way in which we conceive it. . Some ailments can, for example, result from a trauma experienced during childhood. Likewise, family troubles buried for generations can be the cause of many ailments that disturb the body. Thus, magnetism has an action on temporal dimensions which go beyond simple Cartesian understanding. I can connect to the past as to the future so that my magnetism acts on the energy centers present.

What does a remote magnetizer heal?

I provide you with remote energy support to treat many ailments that disrupt your daily life and prevent you from leading a normal life. The remote magnetizer is indeed very effective in relieving stress and anxiety. An active personal and professional life can be the cause of intense stress and cause symptoms such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, which can lead to burnout. One or more distance sessions can soothe your psyche and rebalance your whole body so that you get off to a good start. The various skin problems that disturb your daily life can also be treated remotely: eczema, psoriasis, shingles and warts can be treated with magnetism, despite the distance between the practitioner and his patient. The pains that affect everyday life such as low back pain, tendon and muscle pain, tendonitis and joint problems can also be taken care of remotely by a magnetizer. And this list of symptoms that can be treated by magnetism from a distance is not exhaustive. I support you energetically and help you solve your problems.

I take care of rebalancing your whole body so that you find a harmonious life.

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