Magnetizer: what does it do exactly? and who is it ?

A magnetizer is seen by some people as an individual who practices unconventional medicine using human magnetism, very often there is confusion with animal magnetism also called mesmerism for the purpose of pain relief or healing. Following the escapades of Mesmer, the Academy of medicine in France has since 1784 stopped recognizing animal magnetism and according to article R. 4127-39 of the public health code doctors no longer have the right to send their patients to a magnetizer who practices animal magnetism, fortunately this is not the case for magnetizers who practice human magnetism.

For some, the cures lavished by a magnetizer and their efficiency would be totally devoid of scientific evidence. However, there are many concrete arguments for the effectiveness of acupuncture on the energetic meridians, it seems more plausible that the term magnetism disturbs, fortunately, a considerable number of acknowledging testimonies surge, as in the case of the religion the atheists think it is a believer's opinion. For segregationists, this is pseudo-medicine, since there is no medical university course. They think it's just a placebo effect, even if it were, wouldn't it be better than a nocebo effect?


Pseudo-groupings are sometimes used to demonstrate the truth of a prejudice. In 2004 and 2012, the Zetetic Observatory made a caricature of experimental protocols falsely intended to test the capacities of magnetizers. Their experiment did not relate to a visible change by MRI blood test or other change but only to an alleged power of perception of a magnetic signal that the magnetizers could perceive through an obstacle. They found to ridicule the profession of magnetizer, 2 pseudo magnetizers who themselves confused magnetism and clairvoyance tried to perceive a magnetic signal to find out whether or not someone they knew was behind a screen. The magnetizers obviously failed, not allowing them to demonstrate a singular capacity for detection.

To date, there is no national union or other grouping of magnetizers.

This is unfortunate for some for various reasons.  that you will find here , for others on the contrary it is the last profession to be still completely free and that it is true is priceless. There is a semblance of a group, for example: the National Union of Magnetizers and Practitioners of Natural and Traditional Methods (SNAMAP) which was created in 1997, but in their name we immediately understand that it is not just about magnetizer and the Group for the organization of auxiliary medicine (GNOMA) also having a name that does not refer to the profession of magnetizer. Both of them refuse to act for the good of the magnetizer as you could see if you contacted the link above. He would seek to have the techniques used by magnetizers officially recognized, "researchers who seek, we find some, researchers who find, we seek. "(Boutade attributed to General de Gaulle)​​​

The 2 hands of the magnetizer open and face to face radiate a beautiful white light on a background between mauve and violet.

Sometimes referred to as a “healer,” the magnetizer uses some of the magnetic energy to bring the disturbed organisms back into balance. This method aims to improve the management of disturbances during anxiety and stress and to soothe skin problems or of course to stop smoking. How much does a session cost? how is it going?

In the countryside, magnetizers are frequently referred to as magnetizer healer, binder, dowser healer, while in large cities they prefer to be called by more pompous terms such as practitioner in energy care or bioenergetic or reiki master. This activity carried out in broad daylight several centuries ago, is practiced more and more under the cloak nowadays.

The true magnetizers are of course well established, but the state seeks falsely to democratize the magnetizer healer with training which he pays. False magnetizers had to remain hidden for a long time so as not to suffer from witch hunts and to be pain-killers of religions and of so-called Western medicine.

Unlike the true magnetizers, who themselves never had to fear these miserable human behaviors, since they had ample means to defend themselves and to dispense justice. Bad magnetizers are more well known and recognized in the countryside, the inhabitants of the cities and the countryside easily endure and adhere to curious, strange and bizarre behaviors where magnetism is supposedly practiced in the kitchen or on the dining room table. eat without any discretion, on the contrary. To consult them, you really should not fear the disclosure of your personal data. Conversely, people who consult magnetizers in cities Paris, for the great majority, desire professionals who use magnetism in a competent and rational way. Most everyone has heard of someone treating warts, removing worms, treating shingles, or shutting down the fire. On the other hand, tongues are sometimes more difficult to loosen for true magnetizers capable of great wonders.