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Advice from the magnetizer to treat various pathologies

Runny nose : explanation of the phenomenon with the different causes.


Borreliosis - Lyme disease

Protocol: revive the immune system by stimulating the entire spine. Induce muscle relaxation. Perform a global disinfection. Finish with the bite area. Five sessions may be necessary. To accelerate, it can be considered to act on an acupuncture point: cooling the one located in the crook of the left elbow and stimulating that of the right knee. For men, reverse.


Beware of the drift that locks many people with genuine problems into a diagnosis of Lyme that they actually do not have, resulting in wasted time and the risk of losing the chance of the correct diagnosis. For example: a young man treated for borreliosis for eight months and who actually had Hodgkin's lymphoma.

No psychosis, no excessive panic, remember that there are always hunters, mushroom gatherers, foresters ...



For me, only act if "the game is worth the effort". Knowing that in certain neurodegenerative diseases, if a key gene for cholesterol metabolism is deficient, we must act on it.



Fight osteoarthritis, arthritis, back pain and a lot of very disabling joint pain. It is not fatal to suffer from rheumatism. Remove the inflammation. Revive the microcirculation and especially the chondrocytes so that the production of cartilage is greater than the destruction. Help lose weight if necessary. Play on morale to make you want to go for a walk.



- Abdominal circular treatment;

- Act on L3

(Fiber consumption and hydration).

If it is terminal constipation, work on the muscles of the anus and perineum to make them less rigid and function properly.

Type 1 diabetes (in addition to stress treatment)

- action on the liver and pancreas;

- act especially on the neurotransmitter Gaba.


Colonic diverticulitis - diverticulum

We must act :

1) on the layers which are superimposed and which constitute the wall of the colon, the internal mucous membrane in contact with the materials and which absorbs water, the muscle which propagates the waves of contraction allowing the progression of the fecal bowl to the anus , as well as the other layers;

2) remove small dehiscences forming in the muscle, preventing the internal mucosa from sneaking in to form hernias

protruding outside the digestive tract;

3) remove the pain;

4) remove signs of infection, if necessary.


Colonic diverticulitis without infection

In men, place the left hand two fingers above the navel. In women, put the right hand two fingers below the navel.


Colonic diverticulitis with infection

In men, place the right hand two fingers below the navel. In women, place the left hand two fingers above the navel.



This gynecological disease has long been taboo. Patients today dare to talk about their intimate suffering, bedridden a few days before their period, others still suffer after.

Endometriosis and magnetizer

Normally, the endometrium lining the uterus thickens during the menstrual cycle under the action of certain hormones (estrogen) and then breaks down when there is no pregnancy.

In endometriosis, cells of this tissue escape from the uterus, settle and multiply on organs which they colonize: the genitals, the membrane that lines the abdomen (the peritoneum), the apparatus urinary and digestive and lungs.

There are two hypotheses: reflux of blood through the fallopian tubes and endocrine disruptors. The main symptom of the disease is pain most often during menstruation. It usually affects the lower abdomen and sometimes radiates to the back.

First of all, why not try the magnetizer? Doctors usually offer hormone therapy to suppress periods. In the event of significant lesions, the proposed treatment is surgical.

Complex diseases

Pain localized in the genitals or the whole digestive system which burns, "normal" or infertile pregnancies, two to four million women suffer in each cycle, with each sexual intercourse ... The process is always the same: the cells that make up the internal lining of the uterus (the endometrium) migrate to attach itself to different organs (ovaries, vagina, colon, etc.) These cells proliferate outside the uterus and keep their sensitivity to hormones, they bleed during menstruation causing inflammatory reactions that can induce adhesions and fibrous scars, nodules, cysts ...



An unrecognized disease, fibromyalgia results in diffuse muscle, tendon and joint pain with intense fatigue, sleep disturbances and depression. The treatment is generally long, because it is taken as a last resort. One session per week is necessary. We must act on hormonal factors, genetic and environmental causes.


Nash liver

If the elift test gives at least 8, it is urgent to take matters in hand. After three months, the test will have to be repeated to be sure of the result. Learn about eating habits, if necessary to lose 15% of the weight. Action as for all other liver problems.



It is a genetic disease that affects 1 in 200 people (300,000 in France) and which appears around the age of 35 for men and 45 for women. Permanent uncontrolled absorption of iron from the diet overloads the body, primarily the liver, pancreas, heart and bones.

The HFE gene (inherited from mother and father) which encodes a hepcidin regulator is affected by a homozygous C282Y mutation. This disease is distinguished from non-genetic iron overloads: cirrhosis, hepatitis, abdominal obesity with disorder of lipid and glucose metabolism or alcoholism. The existence of the mutation and an above standard transferrin saturation coefficient (about 30% twice) make the diagnosis.

The severity of the attack is revealed by measuring the circulating ferritin with that stored in the organs, normally less than 300 nanograms / ml. From 1000, there is a risk of organic damage. By a poorly understood mechanism, life expectancy is higher than the rest of the population for subjects under 45 years of age with a rate between 300 and 1000 ng / ml.

If the diagnosis is made later, organ damage is frequent and fatigue is intense: the lesions are irreversible. It is therefore necessary to prevent their aggravation (cirrhosis, diabetes, joint damage or even heart disease). The treatment, other than by magnetizer, is bleeding, effective and necessarily tolerated. It lasts 15 mm weekly until the ferritin drops below 50 ng / ml, then it is spaced out while maintaining this level.

The more advanced the shape, the more difficult it is to standardize. Deferasirox, an iron chelator, is under evaluation. Treatment with a synthetic hepcidin is expected. Joint pain with or without unexplained fatigue should measure the transferrin saturation coefficient.

Iron is an essential trace element for life: it is associated with many enzymatic activities, including the transport of oxygen to the center of red blood cells: 4 g of iron from red blood cells are captured by macrophage cells in the spleen and iron from the diet, 1.5 mg per day is taken up by the intestine to balance possible blood loss. Iron is distributed by transferrin to all cells and stored when ferritin is needed.

The body does not have any means allowing it to eliminate it; its absorption regulation is ensured by hepcidin (hepatic hormone) and by the intestinal cells so that the outputs are equal to the inputs.

The therapeutic bloodletting in danger

Until 2005, bloodletting was done in health centers approved by the EFS (French Blood Establishment). As the blood did not enter the circuit of the classic donation, it was thrown away. For financial reasons, the EFS has gradually closed its centers to refocus on blood donation.

The payment for bleeding is EUR 15.75, but it costs more to perform due to the expensive process of removing waste from the blood. Consequently, over the past fifteen years, care has deteriorated significantly, both in private structures and in public bodies, with the exception of Brittany, which has a large number of patients. She organized herself accordingly. For other regions, since March 2019, people with hemochromatosis can enter the blood donation circuit at fixed EFS collection sites (iron-laden blood poses no risk to recipients). But they must be less than 70 years old, not have developed symptoms of the disease, have had their first 5 bloodletting in a health center and meet the same requirements as other blood donors. Only 30% can claim it.




When insomnia recurs, it's time to consult. Action on the hypothalamus, after anxiety - stress, apnea, neurological problem, not to mention overweight sometimes. Magnetizer the knots of the back, neck, arms, skull, stomach and legs without forgetting the face. Lack of sleep is devastating, fatigue, risk of depression, lack of concentration, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease ... Not to mention the immune defenses that will fight more difficult.


Irritable bowel: 4 steps

- actions on "the abdomen";

- treatment against stress;

- act on the D4;

- finish by acting behind the right knee.


Crohn's disease (see post : probiotics)

Consideration should be given to vagal neurostimulation to inhibit the production in the spleen of TNF-alpha, a protein involved in inflammation that is also useful in rheumatoid arthritis.


Headache :

- have it checked for the absence of serious vascular or neurological lesions.

- 1) action on the cervicals to free the passage of a nerve;

- 2) hormonal regulation;

- 3) act on emunctories;

- 4) nervous rebalancing;

- 5) without forgetting the eyes.


Magnetism works wonders, making it possible to solve the little worries of everyday life, but also to prevent more severe disorders.

Restless baby, who cries all the time, squirms, regurgitates, sleeps badly… symptoms due to energy disorders.

- it is necessary to relax the base of the skull, to eliminate nerve interference;

- it is necessary that all the movements of the neck in rotation and in flexion become free again;

- then, treat as a whole.

- for digestive disorders, do not forget the vagus nerve which starts from the left abdomen and goes up to the skull;

- for ear infections, remember to drain the eustachian tube.

Personally, however, I think that in cases of craniosynostosis and plagiocephaly, it is not our responsibility.


Papillomavirus: (in addition to the usual treatment for infections)

- act on the imbalance of the genital flora which plays a role;

- restore good local immunity.

After three months, there should be no more lesions, the virus is eliminated.



Vagus nerve for Parkinson's disease!


The magnetizer will treat your symptom (eg fear of driving) and help you get rid of your fear by working directly on the behaviors. Magnetism brings about profound change and greater self-confidence as well as understanding and removing your fear.


School phobia

Sick children at school. More and more children cannot stand going to school, college or high school. In France, school phobia affects more and more young people. Apart from using the magnetizer, you must solve the problem (s), whether real or not:

1) to feel null (error of family behavior or fault of the establishment);

2) painful relationships with other pupils (fear in the establishment or on the way to school);

3) hypersensitivity;

4) difficulty in integrating.

To watch out for: scars on the arms among others, anorexia or bulimia, stomach problems.


To treat this syndrome, which occurs between the 5th and 9th month of pregnancy, it is necessary to restore the functioning of the placenta. This stops the release into the maternal blood of high concentrations of molecules which would have become toxic to the maternal organism (high blood pressure and the appearance of proteins in the urine).

Prolapse and incontinence

Incontinence is urine leakage. Prolapse is the descent of one or more organs: bladder, uterus, rectum. These dysfunctions are due to a relaxation of the perineum (the muscle supporting the pelvic floor). This has a deleterious influence on the quality of life, causing social and psychological problems. 10% of women over 65 have prolapse that deserves treatment.


Stress urinary incontinence affects 1 in 2 women after age 60, associated in 20% of cases with prolapse. Contributing factors are: obesity, chronic constipation, intense physical activity, pelvic surgery, pregnancy with large babies, and forceps delivery.


What is the treatement?

Apart from the magnetizer, there is perineal rehabilitation: the woman follows an animation on screen that guides her to teach her to contract the buttocks (in order to strengthen the perineum). One in two women heals thanks to this exercise that she must do for life. The pessary, a device placed in the vagina to reposition organs, may, if well tolerated, be sufficient for an unhealthy and very old woman. In the other cases, there is the operation, with three possible approaches:

- promontofixation, an operation lasting 45 to 60 min performed by laparoscopy via 3 small abdominal incisions (with a robot). This operation raises and suspends the vagina attached to the sacrum with a tab of synthetic fabric;

- vaginal surgery (30 min) which consists of resuming support without prosthesis by direct suture. The downside is that there are 50% recurrences. In these cases, a synthetic fabric plate should be used, also vaginally. It allows tension-free sutures, reducing failures. These operations are performed under general anesthesia with overnight hospitalization or on an outpatient basis. To avoid the risk of pain during intercourse, the intervention by abdominal route is recommended;

- for urinary incontinence by lack of support, the fashionable operation is the vaginal placement of a strip to support the urethra. The extremities self-attach to the muscles of the small pelvis. The intervention lasts 20 minutes in outpatient mode. In 90% of cases, it is effective for 10 years.

The most durable and effective treatment is the artificial urinary sphincter (sleeve surrounding the urethra). The woman activates it at will using a pump placed in the labia majora. Other techniques exist, but are not reimbursed, such as the installation of filling agents injected into the urethral wall to thicken it and thereby slow down the flow of urine, or even inflated balloons around the neck of the bladder.


Genetic treatment, acting on the gene of chromosome 17. Then on the epidermis - dermis - hypodermis, finally on the malaise. Repeat the operation up to 8 times if necessary with a space between each session for 15 to 30 days.


Multiple sclerosis

For me, this is only possible if it is taken early and if it is not dangerous. If necessary, smoking cessation, then action on energy balance. Finish by acting on the brain while protecting the myelin. - immune defenses by re-educating them so that they maintain their effectiveness, but no longer turn against the central nervous system. - regenerate the nerves. - recommend exposure to exterior light on the face and forearms.


 Sinusite chronique

- unblock the cervicals to restore good vascularization of the mucous membranes;

- decongest the nasal cavities and allow mucus to flow through openings communicating with each sinus;

- strengthen the mucosa and restore the functioning of the ENT sphere, to prevent recurrence.



Spondyloarthritis is a group of chronic inflammatory rheumatologic conditions:

1) the peripheral forms reach the joints, knees, ankles, hands and feet and can deform them;

2) Axial shapes affect the spine and can stiffen it.

Damage to the eye (uveitis), the digestive tract (inflammatory bowel disease) and the skin (psoriasis) also exist.

It is necessary to act on an antigen H2A - B27 which creates a favorable ground for the disease, after suppressing the bacterial infections of digestive origin (shigella, salmonella ...) see the intestinal microbiota. (Vagus nerve)


Fatty liver

Some bacteria in the gut promote fat storage in the liver of obese people, phenylacetic acid is produced by the bacteria in the gut digesting proteins.


When you experience a trauma, some of your energy comes out of the energy body, that void is filled with negative energies and thoughts.


Peptic ulcers, inflammation of the stomach

If HP (Helicobacter Pylori) is present, disinfect then act on stress and finally reduce acidity (even if this seems to be irrelevant).



It is useful to see the magnetizer for this little stretchable tube of 7 to 10 cm that ends in the cervix:

1) if the discharge changes color or has a certain odor;

2) if itching, burning, dryness;

3) after radiotherapy to cause healing which regenerates the tissues, two to five sessions are sufficient to treat vaginal atrophy, responsible for dryness, irritation and burns.

If the vagina is very narrow, this is rarely effective.



- action on the cervicals to suppress the nerve message causing the illusion of movement. Then muscular action to remove contractures, and rebalance the holding of the head;

- action on the eyes and ears (internal).


For the magnetizer, one possible approach would be to act on IgM. There are five types of antibodies called immunoglobulins (Ig).


Prostate cancer

The scandal of prostate cancer screening, by Christophe Desportes, Éditions Pascal, 112 pages, € 15.

Structure the profession


Magnetism is still not recognized as effective against pain by the World Health Organization (WHO), while the simplified method - acupuncture - is recognized. The reason is simple, there is no structure, why? Either there is from time to time only one competent person (me for this period); either there are others, but they are not numerous enough and too overwhelmed to unite; or…

A group of magnetizers worthy of the name would allow very well-developed communication. An example: since June 21, 2014 (music festival) was created the day of yoga following a resolution of the United Nations. WHO mentions yoga as a way to improve health ... and UNICEF adds "yoga increases physical fitness" ... India's Permanent Mission to the United Nations invites participation in online yoga celebrations.

More and more I dream of being the only one dreaming!

Sometimes I dream of not being the only one dreaming anymore!

We should partner with the league against cancer, the association of the paralyzed in France, etc.

 Carry out a pilot study in a hospital center: for example in the service of autoimmune diseases.

 The profession should meet in an international congress with announcements to all professionals more than 7 months in advance.

- have them recognized as a liberal health profession;

- be affiliated with various social organizations;

- be able to act against injustices and racism vis-à-vis our profession or our colleagues;

- be able to act to eliminate any dangerous individual, but conversely help any colleague caught in an unfair turmoil;

- organize a day of energy screening by magnetizers.



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