Hello my dear magnetizing colleagues

You already have to understand what the term means for me: fellow magnetizers. By this expression, I group together all the people who exercise with convictions, declared, who have imposed on the facade from which they offer their services, a plaque in any matter where is inscribed only the profession of magnetizer with their name.

I give you here my various reflections a little rough of stripping, but I only ask to refine them with you.

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Collegue magnetiseur

Organization of the activity of magnetizers

The interests of a structure bringing together only professional magnetizers would be multiple, for example in the case that I am going to quote now, we could have cleaned up before the tragedy if there was a fault or on the contrary come to the aid to our colleague if he had done nothing wrong, here is the textbook case:

in a TF1 report on magnetizers with the presenter Harry Roselmack, which begins by making people talk about magnetism while we can clearly see the inscription of a completely different profession on some sort of plates - so it is not are not magnetizers - it is as if we were doing a report on pork butchers and talking about people having as an activity registered on their ironwork plates, it is already very curious! Then, we see a nurse who has an activity which apparently does not occupy her enough and who has fun doing magnetism during the week. She tells us that as a general rule, she can't do anything and that she tells them "" it is no use going to see a professional magnetizer, because he will not be able to do anything more for you (very strange) and , at the end, it is a question of “a magnetizer” who received people having a member of their family who is in his 4th operation for cancer and who ask for his help; and he would have said "that we should not do a 5th operation". People did not listen to him and there was a 5th operation which was fatal. The people then turned on the "magnetizer" and he was condemned, because he should not have said that he should not operate a 5th time. I did not manage to know the foundations of this story. What is certain is that the report was dependent from the start. The most annoying thing is that, when I told this event to a pseudo group, everyone replied that it did not matter. However, for me, it is very regrettable in both cases.

For those who have not seen this other report on magnetizers,
I tell you:

In this report, we follow a magnetizer. This time, he is indeed a magnetizer,


everything is going well, but, for some obscure reason, we see him leave his office, get into his car and drive for a while. Then, he stops in front of a house and tells us "I am very happy to have found a doctor who was kind enough to take me". We see him enter the doctor's office, then into the doctor's office where he explains to us that he has skin problems: eczema!

Each time I tell this adventure to fellow magnetizers, they do not understand why I am relating this story. For them there is no problem. I hope that some of those who will take the time to read it will understand immediately why this is a problem for me. For the others, I will explain to them what bothers me:

1) if he's a magnetizer, why can't he heal himself like a grown-up?

2) if he is a magnetizer, I dare to hope that he believes a little in magnetism. In this case, if he cannot cure himself, why does he not consult a colleague?

3) why go for miles and say that it was difficult to find a doctor who accepts it?

4) finally, it is true that I am perhaps a little scoundrel, why do a report on a magnetizer who is happy to have found a doctor who agreed to take care of him and not to have made a report on a doctor who was happy to have found a magnetizer who agreed to take care of him, I warned you, I'm a little scoundrel!

collègues magnétiseurs

Those who tinker are not necessarily bothersome, even very often, it is the other way around. They relieve real magnetizers by freeing up space in their cabinets. They take the false patients who clutter the cabinets of the magnetizers and remove the places for those who really need them. Anyway, these people, we will say strange, only look for the shady, weird places ... a true magnetizer cannot please them, so have no regrets.

Do-it-yourselfers can sometimes have a small success rate, knowing that the placebo effect succeeds in 25-32%. The very bad will still have supporters anyway, it's the false story of my neighbor who does gynecology on his kitchen table in his spare time, of course he doesn't have a plate and yet there are people who find it extraordinary.

There is also this other story of a man who does his neighbor a favor by changing a joint on his leaky kitchen faucet, it is not embarrassing, even on the contrary it is nice, but if he is thinks he is a great professional and believes himself capable of repairing the nuclear power plant, then it becomes very troublesome. The same goes for pseudo-magnetizers. If they do insignificant things, if they know how to recognize that they are not real magnetizers and especially if they know how to send people to professional magnetizers when necessary, then all is well. Extra.

magnetizer recognition

I don't know how we should go about gaining recognition for the effectiveness of magnetism, but I know it is our duty to try.

I personally strove to have the effectiveness of magnetism recognized by spending more than € 1,500 per month, until 2005, in various publications where I guaranteed my work. I had to stop because it cost me dearly when there was no change in mentality. For research into the usefulness of the magnetizer and as magnetizers, we are prohibited from making diagnostics and above all guaranteeing our work. We have no obligation of result. You will tell me how important it is, since it does not bother the people who consult. They are only sometimes surprised not to have to sign a waiver.

I am not saying that no health professional worth his salt does not believe in the magnetizer, I have a lot of proof of that, here are some of them:

A few years ago, the Rochefort hospital called me to intervene on a child who had just been hospitalized in pediatrics for a third degree burn to the face. He was the son of the new commissioner from Rochefort. I moved urgently during mealtime to act on the child, obviously, everything went very well and I am still very happy today for the child naturally and for his parents who are lovely people. This little story is not completely finished, because there is a little anecdote: the following evening of my visit, I received a call from the head of the pediatric department who told me with a touch of humor that she had been blown into her bronchi by the ponte de Bordeaux who had moved on purpose with the intention of doing a transplant and who, when she arrived, did not understand anything, because her surgery was no longer necessary.

Many doctors have sent patients to me to help them. By using letterhead, I take this opportunity to thank them.

One ophthalmologist even went so far as to mark "spontaneous healing by healer" on his report, after one of his patients no longer needed injections into the eye.

I say that magnetizers are not recognized and not cited by high authorities (WHO), associations or various French companies, while they voluntarily speak of other simplified energy methods, here is an example:

The SFEMC (the French Society for the Study of Migraines and Headaches) has been recommending, since 2017, alternative therapies: mindfulness meditation, relaxation, sophrology, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapies, acupuncture, but I do not see not magnetism. If I am the only one who can treat migraine, it does not matter, but if I have a few other real colleagues who can take care of migraine sufferers, then it is very unfortunate for people who suffer, who have complicated life and, for the nation's finances, that magnetism is not taken into account. This situation is not the fault of the State, nor of mine if I am the only one, but of all of us if there are several of us.

Magnetiseur collegue

Having an efficient structure would allow us to have more easily a right of reply on, for example, press articles. Recently (compared to the date I am writing this text on November 10, 2021) in the Santé Magazine review of December 1, 2021, a small section is entitled “info or intox? Does magnetism really work? We are entitled to a central photo which represents a young woman with the hands of a person above her. Considering the title of the question, I think they want to mimic the hands of a magnetizer and, like a little problem, the hands are perpendicular to each other. This immediately shows a lack of professionalism on the part of the person who wrote the article.

I must admit that for once they still tried to spare the goat and the cabbage or the tyrannosaurus and the goat (knowing that I am not a goat).

There is always that funny side: “no scientific proof. Is magnetism effective? Only certainty: It does not meet the criteria of "evidence-based medicine". Dr Alain Toledano: “I don't have a priori against magnetism. But it would be necessary to demonstrate its benefits ”. I completely agree with him and I understand it, because myself, who has no preconceptions, I will never give a managerial job to a man with green skin. Because it would be necessary to show me that they have at least a certain intelligence. This shows that it is not profitable to waste time looking for a semblance of intelligence.

The advertising problem is not! There are various and varied professional groups where magnetizers can be found. In some of these groups, they are prohibited from advertising. I think this is not necessarily a good idea. If someone has been practicing for a long time, but they are struggling to make a living from it, I find it normal that they try to get out of it.

For example, in my sector, I have the case of a colleague who has already been practicing for many years who needed to join one of these structures in the hope of increasing his number and whose structure forbids him to advertise. Unfortunately for him, it did not have the desired effect and he is reduced to having to secretly advertise. Well, this is sad for him, but I don't see how it is embarrassing and why he should not have the right.

What is even more amusing is that this famous group which prohibits advertising, when it organizes meetings, brings in speakers (more or less strange, moreover). And as far as advertising is concerned, the least we can say is that they are not in the lace, it's quite curious, right?

Structure the profession of

Magnetism is still not recognized as effective against pain by the World Health Organization (WHO), while the simplified method - acupuncture - is recognized. The reason is simple, there is no structure, why? Either there is from time to time only one competent person (me for this period); either there are others, but they are not numerous enough and too overwhelmed to unite; or…

A group of magnetizers worthy of the name would allow very well-developed communication. An example: since June 21, 2014 (music festival) was created the day of yoga following a resolution of the United Nations. WHO mentions yoga as a way to improve health ... and UNICEF adds "yoga increases physical fitness" ... India's Permanent Mission to the United Nations invites participation in online yoga celebrations.

More and more I dream of being the only one dreaming!

Sometimes I dream of not being the only one dreaming anymore!

We should partner with the league against cancer, the association of the paralyzed in France, etc.

 Carry out a pilot study in a hospital center: for example in the service of autoimmune diseases.

 The profession should meet in an international congress with announcements to all professionals more than 7 months in advance.

- have them recognized as a liberal health profession;

- be affiliated with various social organizations;

- be able to act against injustices and racism vis-à-vis our profession or our colleagues;

- be able to act to eliminate any dangerous individual, but conversely help any colleague caught in an unfair turmoil;

- organize a day of energy screening by magnetizers.

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