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Prostate cancer: decision support

On you can use Predic for free. The software informs the patient about his prognosis over ten to fifteen years and deduces an option: radical treatment or monitoring, according to various criteria: PSA marker, age, stage, aggressiveness score, histology of malignant cells. (Carbon magnetizer 04/15/19). The scandal of prostate cancer screening, by Christophe Desportes, Éditions Pascal, 112 pages, € 15.

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Zoonoses: sadly topical.


People without risk factors -tobacco, cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension nor a family history of cardiovascular disease are still victims of stroke and heart attack. Cardiologists sometimes struggle to explain why people without risk factors die of stroke or heart attack. Several international teams who were conducting research on schizophrenia for some, for leukemia for others, have observed in some patients a significant accumulation of abnormal stem cells in the bone marrow where they gradually take the place of healthy cells. The vast majority of these patients never had hematologic cancer, but had, even in the absence of any other risk factor, a higher than average risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Dr. Siddhartha Jaiswal of Stanford University details that “clonal hematopoiesis (name given to this condition) multiplies by 2.5 the risk of stroke and by 2 the risk of coronary heart disease (infarction). "It is as much as smoking, diabetes or high cholesterol." Mutations are not hereditary; they affect 2.5% of people over 50 and 12.5% of over 70. Professor Jean Ferrières from the Toulouse University Hospital and the French Federation of Cardiology underlines "At this frequency, there are quite rare mutations, but there may be others to explore". Detection of these mutations by a blood DNA test is possible, but experts do not recommend identifying carriers: "At present, there is no treatment to offer these people" explains Dr. Siddhartha Jaiswal . Even if the mechanisms by which these mutations promote cardiovascular risk are still poorly understood, it is obvious that these mutations promote atherosclerosis (formation of plaques in the blood vessels which, by accumulating or becoming detached, cause strokes and infarcts). We must try to limit atherosclerosis (these plaques evolve slowly). There is a therapeutic avenue around chronic inflammation. The prescription of aspirin could be considered preventively. We should not forget the Carbone Magnetizer!

Even if there are genetic susceptibilities, families will be more at risk of having a particular pathology. Most important is the enormous influence of our environment. The lifestyle we adopt, the air we breathe and what we eat activate or inhibit some of our genes. We are a stakeholder in our life, it is about making the symphony that we create with interactions with our environment ring true. The human genome has 23,000 genes, but does the same gene necessarily give the same characteristic in two people? No. The genetic material is identical in identical twins. Confronted with different environments, they do not have the same diseases. Humans, magnetizers, have a real action potential on their genome, the modifications are reversible, the environment activates a gene and a change in external influences deactivates this same gene, and vice versa. It is essential to learn to manage stress, it is necessary to walk, to take pleasure in what you do, to pay attention to what you eat and to remember to ventilate yourself well. Small molecules that influence gene expression are produced by these five points.

HPC (papillomavirus)

These are contagious viruses which are usually eliminated naturally, but which can develop into cancer of the cervix.

The vaccine protects against HPV 16 and 18 which cause 70% of cancers. In case of risk, a smear is performed. This is the only way to screen for lesions caused by all types of viruses. (Carbone magnetizer 02/06/17)



If ten days after water recreation, you have aches, headaches, fever, it may be leptospirosis. (Carbone Magnetizer 07/17)


Breast cancer

Authorities in Europe and the United States have just approved Mammaprint, a genetic test that detects indolent cancers. Normally, this should lead to a reduction in the number of unnecessary hormone therapies. (Carbone Magnetizer 07/17)


Flat head syndrome: plagiocephaly

Since the implementation of the recommendations for lying on the back, there is an increase in the frequency of head asymmetry.

After being contacted by an association, the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) will develop information documents on the flattening of the skull in babies. (Carbone Magnetizer 08/17)



These objects are intended to help autistic (or hyperactive) people by involving them in a kind of "soothing" self-hypnosis.


It may be useful for a small percentage of the population, but it should not turn into obsession with a large percentage of the population.

Excessive use could lead to devolution. (magnetizer Carbone 06/17)



Codeine Alert

Addiction: The phenomenon is growing. More and more minors are using non-prescription drugs to make devastating and sometimes deadly cocktails.

Two teenagers have died since the start of the year after taking the drug turned into drug.

Codeine drugs are mostly available without a prescription.

The addiction sets in quite quickly.

(Source le Parisien Friday June 9, 2017)

Take codeine only with a prescription. (magnetizer Carbone, Thursday, July 13, 2017)


For or against vaccines?

The government is working on establishing an exemption clause for parents who are fiercely opposed to the vaccination of their children.

Minister Agnès Buzyn announced on Thursday, July 6, 2017, that she wanted to make 11 vaccines compulsory, while allowing exceptions in the event of parental refusal. (magnetizer Carbone 07/07/2017)


The end of mixing for infant vaccines

The three mandatory vaccines against diphtheria (1938), tetanus (1940) and polio (1964) should be available without association with other vaccines. (magnetizer Carbone 02/17)


Glasses without prescription

 As of Monday, October 17, opticians are authorized to adapt the prescription of contact lenses as part of a renewal and they may also, in emergency cases, issue corrective glasses without a prescription, according to a decree published this Sunday in the official journal.

(Source La Marseillaise, Monday October 17, 2016)



90% of municipalities still use pesticides but they will have to stop on January 1.

8 out of 10 municipalities are lagging behind. The law on energy transition stipulates that on January 1, 2017, communities will be prohibited from using pesticides. "The deadline will be a little tight", judges the association of mayors of France. The services in charge of parks and cemeteries must indeed change their habits. The national office for water and aquatic environments (Onema) estimates for its part that 6,000 tonnes of active materials are still used each year and that only 4,000 municipalities have taken the plunge. Over 85% of cities are still lagging behind. Home gardeners have until 2019 to switch to organic treatment of their geranium pots.


(Source Le Parisien- October 10, 2016)


Agnès Buzin (new president of the HAS college (Haute Autorité de Santé), the institution responsible for evaluating drugs, is tackling the cost of cancer treatments such as Avastin.

The state reacts against laboratories because of the exorbitant price of treatments

The Roche laboratory, in 2006, billed 44,500 euros for treatment with Avastin. In 2011, an anticancer, Yervoy, appeared, its manufacturer claimed 105,000 euros.

Agnès Buzin, specialist in hematology, deplores the mode of development of laboratories which consists in first targeting an orphan disease in order to obtain good reimbursement by health insurance, therefore by us. The laboratories then only have to multiply the indications (for other pathologies) and consequently the number of patients with an unchanged reimbursement rate.

At the beginning of November, the HAS will look for a new reimbursement pricing model, which varies according to the prescription of the product. (Paris, Carbon Magnetizer 10-16)


Each year in France, 10,000 thyroid cancers are diagnosed. But be aware that only 4,000 deserve to be treated right away. 60% of operations are therefore unnecessary, they cause heavy treatment and poorer quality of life.

Therefore, 60% of thyroid cancer operations would not be necessary. The phenomenon is known and it is for the first time quantifiable: in 20 years, 46,000 people would have been the subject of an overdiagnosis of thyroid cancer, that is to say as many useless ablations of this gland which would not have evolved into illness or death. (Source France 2, edition of September 2, 2016 at 6:25 a.m.)


It's a chance to get used to them so soon

In the diet of young children (small jars, powdered milk, cookies) there are nine pollutants (heavy metals, PCBs, etc.). ANSES (national agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety) concludes, following an unprecedented study, that a significant number (especially for those concerned) of children have an exposure greater than the toxicological reference values.

Toxicological reference values! ? ! (Bordeaux Carbon Magnetizer 09-16)

ANSES has published its report, after five years of research, on the impact of pesticides on farmers.

The observation is the urgent need to reduce the use of pesticides in order to protect the health of a million people, breeders, seasonal workers, heads of farms, grain farmers, who are the first victims.

The ANSES report mentions the evidence of an association between exposure to pesticides and certain pathologies, certain neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cognitive disorders and certain cancers, hematologic malignancies, prostate cancers, brain tumors, skin cancers, etc.

There is a questioning of the reliability of the existing data in the context of product registration.

The national Ecophyto plan aimed to reduce by half the use of three types of pesticides (plant protection products, biocides and veterinary drugs). Originally scheduled for 2018, the deadline has been extended to 2025. (Lathes, Carbon Magnetizer 08-16)

Food labeling

From January 1, 2017, France will experiment with labeling of the origin of milk in processed products.


More than 10,000 women have taken Depakine, an antiepileptic drug accused of causing malformations in the fetus, between 2007 and 2014, says "Le Canard enchaîné". (Source Sud-Ouest of August 10, 2016)


Australia - AIDS

All people are taken care of by the most modern means. This success, which foresees eradication in 2020, is internationally recognized. Australia's HIV policy has paid off !


After the "French paradox", the "American paradox" ?

When it comes to cancer, physical activity reduces the risk. The National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, USA) sifted through data for more than 1.44 million people of both sexes aged 19 to 98, followed in Europe and the United States for an average of twelve years. During this period, 187,000 cancers were declared.

This work confirmed that the risk of developing at least 13 types of cancer was reduced by physical activity (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling), provided it was performed at a moderate to intense pace for at at least 150 minutes per week or 75 minutes if it is really very intense. Under this condition, the risk reduction can go, for example, up to 45% for the liver, from 23 to 29% for the lung, from 8 to 30% for myeloid leukemia. (Source Paris Match 3499)


Béarn: health studies

After the revelation in March of the details of a statistical study which demonstrated excess mortality between 1968 and 1998, the Regional Health Agency has just launched two epidemiological studies on the health data of the population of the Lacq basin. (Results available at the end of 2017)


Glyphosate: Good News

The European Commission has announced the extension, for eighteen months, of the authorization in the EU of glyphosate (herbicide). The committee explains that it is waiting for "the European Chemicals Agency to publish its opinion no later than the end of 2017". (Source Sud-Ouest of June 30, 2016)


Glyphosate on hold

The EU has not reached any agreement on the renewal of the authorization of glyphosate (the best-selling herbicidal substance in Europe). This is the second time, after a meeting in March, that the representatives of the member states have given up voting.

The registration of glyphosate expires on June 30, 2016. In the absence of a decision, Member States will have to withdraw the authorizations for all glyphosate products.



Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche announced yesterday that it had obtained the green light from the European Union for its drug Avastin, for an advanced form of lung cancer. (Source Southwest 09-06-16)


Retirement home: the tool that makes life easier for families

Finding the establishment that best suits your needs is a puzzle. Public and free, a website is now accessible (Source La Nouvelle République of June 02, 2016)


 See the map of the Landes de Gascogne Park which lists the healing sources, to spend a moment in the Landes nature.


Hepatitis B

          The state was ordered by the administrative court of reindeer to pay 524,000 € to a doctor who had to cease his activity following a vaccination against hepatitis B, an obligation of the public health code. Following two expertises, the magistrates considered that the doctor, Michel Gauvin, "is justified in maintaining that there is a causal link between the compulsory vaccination of which he was the subject and the polyradiculoneuritis from which he suffers, from nature to engage the liability without fault of the State ". (Source the New Republic of Vienna 03-08-2006)


No more rationing of hepatitis C treatments

         The very effective but expensive treatments against hepatitis C, until now reserved for the most serious patients, will be able to benefit all patients affected by this viral infection, if they so wish. Yesterday, the Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, announced the establishment of "universal access" to these treatments. (Source Sud-Ouest of May 26, 2016)


 The "French paradox" called into question

          A review by American researchers of the 54 largest known studies on wine stating that moderate consumption is more beneficial than abstinence calls this dogma into question. According to these researchers, most studies suffered from a bias that skewed the calculations. Among the non-drinkers identified were included subjects who had stopped drinking due to a general fragile state or to ongoing treatment. Consequently, the conclusions drawn would have been incorrect. (Source Paris Match 2971)



Asbestos: prejudice of anxiety extended to all employees.

The Court of Cassation, in a judgment delivered on Friday 04/05/19, declared “that an employee who is not sick, but presents a significant risk of developing a serious illness due to his exposure to asbestos, can now claim compensation for this prejudice of anxiety, even if the employee has not worked on sites listed by law. "The employee may take legal action invoking" the employer's safety obligation ".

After valsartan, Irbesartan from Arrow Generic laboratory (another medicine for hypertension) is affected by batch recalls following the presence of a substance classified as a probable carcinogen. (magnetizer Carbone 12/01/19)



It was half a century before the Mediator case and more than twenty years before the tainted blood affair. Between the time of its withdrawal in 1977 and its marketing in 1951, an estimated 200,000 patients have taken this treatment.

Distiblene causes malformations up to the third generation such as thalidomide or depakine.

It was banned in the United States in 1971, in Belgium in 1975, in Canada in 1976 (in France 1977), in the Netherlands, in Germany and in Austria in 1978 and the winner: Hungary in 1983.

The ultra-addictive sugar product is however completely legal. In 2007 in the laboratory of Professor Serge Ahmed in Bordeaux, it was shown that cocaine addicted rats preferred, when offered to them, sugar water over their drug ration. Sugar is only timidly singled out for the economic interests associated with it, despite a population of 400 million diabetics and 600 million obese.

7 in a triangle: polycarbonate and contains BPA (Biophenol A).

3 in a triangle: indicates the presence of phthalates.


Why do we sometimes get an electric shock?  

The explanation is due to the electrical balance which reigns between the objects. There are as many protons (positive charges) as electrons (negative charges) in the atoms that make up every person, every object. When people experience friction with air or other matter, electrons on the surface of atoms can be torn off and transferred, protons are safe in the nucleus of atoms.


The rubbed body loses electrons and becomes positive, the body that receives the electrons becomes negative. When you touch a body with an electric potential different from yours, it is the electric shock.


ALZHEIMER : a recoverable memory?

          Pr Susumu Tonegawa's team (from MIT) has just shown on mice with Alzheimer's that memory is not lost, but inaccessible. By using a stimulation technique, optogenetic light, she could be awakened. (Source Paris Match N ° 3490 from 07 to 13 April 2016)


Linky counter : 48 mayors refuse the installation

          In the name of "concern for the protection of the health" of the inhabitants, but also of the protection of their personal data "which could be used for commercial purposes, but also of surveillance and questioning of public freedoms", around forty municipal councils of small French towns have voted against the replacement of our old meters by the Linky. In PACA, this is the case of Reillanne, in the Alpes de Hautes-Provence or Revest-les-Roches, in the Alpes-Maritimes. Elsewhere in the world, smart meters are also a cause for concern. In Ontario, Canada, the removal of some 36,000 of its devices has been required. The State of California has allowed customers to deny their installation. (Source La Provence of March 23, 2016)


Chemical risk assessment tool

Software available free on the Internet. It was developed over three years by the National Research and Safety Institute (INRS) in partnership with the General Directorate of Labor (DGT), public health organizations and professional federations. Namely, the CnamTS and the Robert-Sauvé Research Institute in occupational health and safety. But also the National Council of Automobile Professionals, the National Union of Paintings, Coatings and Varnishes Industries, the Union of Metallurgical Industries and the Union of Chemical Industries. “Our goal is to help companies learn about chemical risks and identify the most dangerous ones,” summarizes Nicolas Bertrand, chemical engineer at INRS.

Small businesses fail to make the connection between the products the business uses on a daily basis and chemical risk. However, some of them contain agents classified as CMR (carcinogens, mutagens or retrotoxic) which can cause cancer by inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration.

The software consists of several steps. First the inventory phase which is facilitated by an image analysis tool. You only need to photograph the label for the software to recognize the hazard statements.

Seirich offers 3 levels of expertise knowing that it is aimed at different audiences. These include business leaders, QHSE managers, doctors, occupational health services as well as chemists, toxicologists and other chemical risk specialists. To find your level, just answer the quiz available on the site. The latter also offers assistance in identifying dangerous products and substances specific to each activity. The employer just has to indicate his activity (automobile, media, hairdressing, etc.) for the software to draw up a list of the dangerous agents concerned. For example, typing 'manufacture of ready-mixed concrete', the employer will know that this activity presents risks linked to the presence of inhalable and alveolar dust.

Other Clarice and Colibrisk software.

Information site of the Ministry of Sustainable Development

Intended for all audiences, this information site deals with technological risks as well as natural risks.

          The information site of the Ministry of Sustainable Development deals with technological and industrial risks: pipes for hazardous materials, polluted sites, classified installations, nuclear installations and is also interested in natural risks: shrinkage-swelling of clays, floods, earthquakes, land movements, avalanches...

          The site offers the possibility of geolocating a place on an interactive geographical map. As soon as you start to fill in a field, the system offers suggestions. Filtration of its research according to specific risks: flood, clay, ground movements... up to nuclear installations.

          The navigation interface is intuitive, thanks to the icons that unfold from the interactive side panels which display search functionalities or mapping options (aerial views, background maps, etc.). As for the thematic files on risks, they also take up the overall cartographic effort and offer didactic content, through sub-sections: risk detection methods, actors, context, risk management, access to data ( offered the metadata sheets available).

          Geo risques complies with the European INSPIRE directive which relates to the provision and dissemination to the public of cartographic data on the Environment.

Know more

             The site of the associative collective dedicated to chronic diseases, is full of information and resources: news, practical sheets...

             This database references the 400 member associations of the INSERM Associations network, which aims to bring together the associative world of research.

             On the website of the Ministry of Health, the "rights of health users" area gives access to the list of approved patient associations.

Magnetizer: various health topics

QR Code of the magnetiser to make an appointment by internet.

To consult my latest information you can go to the home page.


Bisphenol A banned from July 2015

           "The French food safety agency (AFSSA), which had concluded that bisphenol A was harmless, has reopened the file..." (Source Le Figaro Magazine of January 23, 2010)

          The Senate unanimously adopted the PS bill banning bisphenol A in food containers. Carcinogenic substances in medical devices intended for infants, young children and pregnant women will be prohibited from July 1, 2015.


The atlas of epidemics

WHO provides Internet users with a database containing the latest information on major epidemics: tuberculosis, rabies, cholera, AIDS, malaria ... and influenza. It is possible to view this database on an online map and to download.


Nosocomial infection

          One in twenty patients leaves a healthcare facility with an infection they did not have when they arrived. Out of 750,000 nosocomial infections per year, we deplore 4,000 deaths. (Source MMT N ° 102 - June 2015) To find out more: website of the Haute Autorité de santé, to find out the ranking in the fight against nosocomial infections.


Medicine: These voluntary human guinea pigs

          Of the 1,100 trials declared to the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) in 2005, "there are 70,000 reports of adverse and serious events", explains Chantal Belorgey, head of the clinical trials evaluation department. of drugs to Afssaps.

          If too many adverse effects are noted, the trials are terminated. This is the case, in phase 1, for 40% of them. Those who continue in phase 2 allow the product to be tested, this time on patients: the elderly, children. At this stage, 30% of the trials are stopped due to insufficient efficacy or tolerance. After the third phase of trials, which must confirm the results, only 10% of drugs will be on the market.

          And each stage has its unforeseen events and dangers - sometimes even after they are put on sale - despite strict regulations. That of France is among the most severe, which has the paradox of increasing the number of human guinea pigs... (Source Le Figaro magazine of April 1, 2006)

French site dedicated to clinical trials:


What is in the hygienic protections?

Pesticides. According to a study conducted by scientists at the University of La Plata, Argentina, 85% of tampons and sanitary napkins contain traces of glyphosate, the most widely used weedkiller in the world. This product is considered "probably carcinogenic" by WHO and is thought to pass into Argentine cotton during agricultural treatments. This discovery warns about the composition of tampons, particularly in France, where no regulation requires the transparency of the components used by manufacturers. (Source VSD from 05 to 11 November 2015 - N ° 1993)


Tobacco and brain development

          Based on data concerning 5,200 primary school students and questionnaires sent to their families, an INSERM study observed that children of parents who smoke have twice as many behavioral problems (aggressiveness, disobedience, lying, etc.) than those of non-smoking parents. Nicotine is harmful to brain development, according to the authors. (Source Paris Match from 22 to 28 October 2015 - N ° 3466)


Prostate cancer

          A study conducted by urologists and oncologists at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, United States) argues in favor of active surveillance of so-called "low risk of metastasis" prostate cancers, the most numerous, rather than 'aggressive treatment from the outset by surgery or brachytherapy. From 1995 to 2015, the authors followed 1,298 people with low-risk cancer, as it was not palpable on rectal examination, associated with a PSA of less than 10 ng / ml and a histology showing cancer cells that were not very aggressive. In twenty years of follow-up, active surveillance has resulted in only 400 of these patients being treated. Conclusion: only two subjects of the study died of prostate cancer and three developed metastases. The metastasis-free survival rate reached 99.4%. (Source Paris Match from 08 to 14 October 2015 - N ° 3464)


Brain degeneration : Sleeping on your side?

          It was long believed that the brain was devoid of lymphatic circulation. In 2012, a team of Prof.

Maiken Nedergaard (University of Rochester, United States) demonstrated, in mice, using a sophisticated imaging technique, the existence of cerebral lymphatic vessels ensuring the elimination of waste, such as proteins whose accumulation is the cause of Alzheimer's.

A slowing of lymphatic circulation is thought to be responsible for most cerebral degenerations. A process mainly active during sleep. The team has just observed in animals that the lateral supine position provided more efficient drainage than the prone or dorsal positions, which should also be the case in humans. (Source Paris Match from September 10 to 16, 2015 - N ° 3460)


Immunity boosted by fasting

          Work involving research centers, including that of Prof. Valter Longo in Los Angeles (University of Southern California) has studied the impact of fasting on immunity. The available data show that a fast of 48 hours or, better of 72 hours every six months significantly reduces the glucose level and the activity of two key enzymes of cell proliferation: insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and especially protein kinase A (PKA).

The immune system rebuilds, because the fall in glucose forces the body to consume its sugar reserves, to preserve its energy and to recycle damaged or aged immune cells, which are then eliminated. The lowering of PKA stimulates stem cells which produce large amounts of new immune cells. (Source Paris Match from 07 to 12 May 2015 - N ° 3442)                                  


Free places for disabled people

          Law n ° 2015 - 300 of March 18, 2015 in OJ n ° 66 of March 19, 2015 and article L.241 - 3 - 2 of the code of social action and families.

          (05/18/2015) The spaces reserved for disabled people with a European parking card are free. A fee may be required in parks with entry and exit terminals accessible from the vehicle.


Publication of a law to regulate electromagnetic waves

          Potentially harmful to health, electromagnetic waves due in particular to mobile telephony and wifi are at the heart of Law No. 2015-136, published in the Official Journal on February 10, 2015, relating to sobriety, transparency, consultation and information.

          The electromagnetic risk also concerns the world of work, it is the subject of Directive 2013/35 EU to protect employees exposed to electromagnetic fields and waves, it should be transposed by July 1, 2016 in France. (02/26/15)


Hospital. Operate more to earn more

According to a recent study published by the Ministry of Health, surgical activity has increased by 9.3% in the public and private non-profit sector compared to private clinics since the reform of the financing of public hospitals (1). Is this a good sign? Activity-based pricing, T2A in the jargon, was introduced in France in 2004 to make financing fair and improve efficiency. It consists of remunerating each treatment according to a fixed rate and has gradually replaced the annual global allocation. Budgets are therefore a function of the number and characteristics of stays. By definition inflationary, T2A could encourage hospitals to prefer lucrative activities. As for the impact on the quality of care, a report by Irdes (2) noted at the end of 2012 that "in most European countries where T2A is implemented (...), monitoring of quality of care appears to be inappropriate and insufficient ". André Grimaldi, diabetologist, head of department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, is himself fiercely opposed to it. "It is an infernal machine, he explains. It leads to developing profitable activities to pay others." Perhaps it should be reserved for certain activities. According to Irdes experts, the drifts could be avoided by adjusting the T2A formula in order to reward the costs incurred in quality. (1) Drees, January 2014 - (2) Irdes, January 2012 (Source Le Nouvel Observateur January 16, 2014 - N ° 2567)


Forbo Flooring Systems

          FFS publishes a white paper on asbestos. Downloadable free of charge, the book presents training courses and regulations relating to asbestos (also flooring solutions).

          Do not forget the very technical guides produced by INRS.

 Exemption from liability of pharmaceutical companies

             Mediator, Vioxx, Distilbene, Isomeride... Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the exemption from liability for development risk, thanks to the European directive of July 25, 1985, transposed into French law by the law of May 18, 1998.

          The European directive of 1985 allows each Member State, by way of derogation from Article 7 point E to maintain the responsibility of the producer "even if it proves that the state of scientific and technical knowledge at the time of the release of the product by it did not allow him to detect the existence of the defect ".

          As soon as France informs the European Commission in advance, it would not be contrary to the letter and the spirit of the European directive to end the exemption from liability "for development risk"

          MEP Michèle Rivasi considers it urgent to remedy this exemption. The Minister of Health Marisol Touraine should integrate an amendment into her health law.



          A study, published in 2007 in "The Journal of the American Medical Association" was conducted on 1132 patients divided into three groups. In the first, they were treated with traditional acupuncture. In the second, we simulated: the needles were inserted to an insufficient depth at the level of the painful area and not where they are supposed to act. The third was receiving pain medication or anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. Six months later, the efficacy was 47.60%, 44.20% and 27.40% respectively. The simple fact of having recourse to the insertion of needles would trigger a mechanism modifying the origin, the transmission and the perception of the pain.


Powdered vegetable drink

           100% vegetable, lactose-free, vegetable proteins, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, no added sucrose, no added salt, no coloring or preservatives, guaranteed GMO-free. Food allergy to milk is caused by a reaction of the immune system to certain proteins, including casein and beta-lactoglobulin.

This allergic reaction causes a set of symptoms: itching, asthma, hypotension, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and can go as far as anaphylactic shock. In this case, milk, dairy products and milk-based products are clearly contraindicated.



          The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) recommends the withdrawal throughout Europe of a controversial painkiller, dextropropoxyphene (DXP), present in particular in Di-Antalvic in France and at the origin of fatal overdoses for several years . The Emea Committee for Medicines for Human Use, meeting in London, concluded that the risk presented by these products, "particularly the risk of fatal overdose.", Was greater than their benefits, while it did not there was "no evidence that these (products) are more effective" than others. The European Commission has sixty-seven working days to give its opinion. In most cases, it follows that of Emea. (Source Sud-Ouest of June 26, 2009)




Everything that is familiar to us does not represent more than 5% of the total continuum of the Universe, the rest is composed of dark energy (68%) and dark matter (27%). Dark energy would be a repulsive force. Filling space evenly, it would be responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe faster and faster. Dark matter, more transparent than black, sensitive to gravity, gives its attractive mass their cohesion to galaxies, clusters of galaxies, etc.

To put an end to telephone canvassing, since June 1, 2016

The "distracted" pulmonologist pursued ?

      It's a mess... The former head of department at Bichat hospital. Michel Aubier, known for regularly minimizing the effects of pollution on health, did receive subsidies from Total: from 50,000 to 60,000 € per year since 1997! All the more serious since he recently swore in the Senate, during a hearing on the theme of the cost of pollution, to have no link of interest with the economic players in the sector... (Source Auto Plus du Friday 1 April 2016 - N ° 1439)


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Pollution = Airplane

          Experience a day's air traffic reduced to a one-minute video, all seen from space.


Gas and electricity price comparison

        A price comparator launched by the public authorities makes it possible to gauge the offers of suppliers and to find their way around.


Are you intrigued by something in the sky?

          Wondering what object it could be? Here is the site for you. You will find not only the position of comets, planets and other stars, but also that of satellites, of the International Space Station.

Rainwater harvesting and boreholes: two useful sites

            The Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea

          Two guides can be downloaded from the French rainwater industry (ifep) website, document section.

The European Ombudsman: Investigating cases of maladministration

           The European Ombudsman investigates complaints of maladministration (insufficient or failing administration) by EU institutions. These complaints can be addressed to it by citizens, residents, businesses and institutions of the union.

          What does the Mediator do? The Ombudsman is elected by the European Parliament for a renewable term of five years. By receiving and examining complaints, the Ombudsman helps uncover instances of maladministration by the European institutions and other EU bodies, i.e. cases in which an EU institution fails to comply with its obligations or fulfills them inadequately or even commits a reprehensible act. We can cite as examples:


     - unfair practices;

     - discrimination;

     - abuse of power;

     - a lack or refusal of information;

     - unjustified delay;

     - incorrect procedures.

            Any citizen or resident of an EU Member State, as well as any association or company headquartered there, can contact the European Ombudsman, he acts with complete independence and impartiality and does not seek or receive instructions. from any government or organization. A practical guide for filing complaints is available on the Ombudsman's website.

Some goods that the State sells:


          The exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism could break with a centuries-old tradition and call for democratic elections, before his death to appoint his successor instead of relying on reincarnation. (Source Sud-Ouest of November 22, 2007


          October 2009, this fall, the LHC, CERN's giant particle accelerator, should finally be able to restart after a year of repairs following the melting of one of its magnets.

          At CERN, near Geneva, we are working, with a lot of millions, trying to swing hadrons against each other thanks to a particle accelerator 27 km in circumference. Last November 3, when pressing the contact, paf! Short circuit. We now know why: an owl had dropped bits of bread on the electrical circuit. When men try to emulate the big bang, God draws out his sense of humor. (Source Sud-Ouest of November 29, 2009)

Darwin aboard the Beagle


Variant of Dilbert

          Businesses put the incompetent in where they will do the least damage: in leadership positions. It's sort of an extension of Peter's Law.

1959, that year

          While America sees its rockets exploding on takeoff with regularity, the USSR consolidates its technological advance with Lunik 2. After a thirty-three hour flight, this tiny capsule weighing less than 400 kg is the first terrestrial object to reach the Moon. The capsule crashed into the Sea of ​​Tranquility.

Sentinel, an easy-to-access global site, dedicated to all users of Sentinel solutions (treatment of central heating circuits), has different access points depending on whether the Internet user is a private individual, installer, specifier or collective / tertiary. Each of these entries provides access, among other features, to an explanatory video as well as many recommendations.