Fight against the spread of Covid-19

Magnetizer consultations

Procedure applicable until further notice.

Appointments will only take place every hour.

Obligation to respect the appointment times, no possibility of shifting.

The door will be open 5 minutes before your appointment. Please wait in your vehicle.

Only one person can accompany and wait in the waiting room. If you are without a vehicle, there is no magazine available to you.

The use of sanitary facilities is temporarily prohibited.

Entry is subject to wearing a mask. People not respecting this rule are not allowed to enter the waiting room.

The people who consult me come from all over France and, as soon as they can, from abroad as well. Given that the rate of affected population in our region is very low (1.3%), and to prevent the situation from worsening later, it is desirable to take measures.

It is imperative to respect the application of health and social distancing measures set by the Public Authorities.

Magnetizer consultation room
On a copper plate is inscribed the magnetizer Ludovic Carbone

Closed days at the magnetiser's office

A large pile of letters for the Carbone magnetizer

during containment, following the coronavirus (Covid-19), the office remains closed. Remote consultations remain functional. You can make your requests by mail or email.

For ongoing treatments, keep giving your news. Please forgive me in advance if I do not respond promptly.

during containment, remote treatment remains operational.

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The magnetizer assumes that therapy must be effective and rapid. Trauma and blockages that have sometimes been in existence for a long time must be accessed as quickly as possible, reaching the confines of the physical.

The magnetizer could be like a generalist of the soul. The magnetizer identifies and listens to all the symptoms whatever they may be: phobias, discomfort, patterns of repetition, fears, and in general everything that prevents humans from taking full advantage of their resources and therefore their potential. .

The strength of the practice of the magnetizer is its effectiveness, in one to three sessions for: anxiety, tocs, eating disorders, addictions, night terrors, limiting beliefs, manias ...

The difference between the magnetizer and other techniques of hypnosis type or the like is: it is not the therapist who explains why the patients live this or that situation and why it must change in a direct way or in a more cunning way. as with the new variant hypnosis techniques.

The magnetizer brings the information of the origin of the blockages, beliefs, or others to the mind, in a way "he sweeps under the carpet". Once the person "sees", he understands why he has lived with his feelings, he can then very quickly get rid of them.


 The magnetizer is suitable for both adults and children. It is useful for people in their 90s who are traumatized by changes, unfortunately, often inevitable, as well as for toddlers when it comes to their phobias or any other problem.