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To understand what hypercholesterolemia is, you should know that cholesterol is a steroid that is part of the lipid family. 80% are made by our cells and 20% come from food.

It is an essential element for the synthesis of steroids (adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisone, sex hormones). It is mainly composed of cell membranes and its elimination takes place through the bile.

When cholesterol is poorly eliminated or produced in too much quantity, its concentration in the blood exceeds the suggested LDL cholesterol level. However, you should know that this famous rate has been going down for many years.

LDL is used to transport bad cholesterol. When it is in excess, it is deposited in the arteries, which results in the creation of adenoma plaques that narrow the arteries. If these come to rupture, it causes sudden obstruction of a vessel which causes a stroke or a myocardial infarction.

Before the age of 6, it is very rare for children to test for LDL cholesterol levels, although this is routine in some countries. However, what matters is the length of exposure to LDL cholesterol since birth.

Illustration of an artery blocked by bad cholesterol.
Artery blocked with bad cholesterol.

A genetic study is needed whenever a young person has an LDL cholesterol level above 2 g / l with sudden death or myocardial infarction in young members of his family. 3 types of mutation must be looked for: the gene which codes for the protein serving as a membrane receptor for LDL cholesterol, the gene which codes for Apo B and the gene which codes for the PCSK9 protein.

In addition to the magnetizer, the Mediterranean diet should work and may sometimes be sufficient for people with diet-related high cholesterol. These people can be identified by an elevated LDL with triglycerides greater than 1.5 g / l.

When the cause of hypercholesterolemia is due to a genetic mutation or overproduction, then it is endogenous and treatment is necessary. Whether in allopathy or herbal medicine, it is most frequently statins. When we talk about red rice, you should know that they are also statins (natural). In herbal medicine, laboratories advise taking coenzyme Q10 to reduce or even eliminate the adverse effects of statins. Limicol (food supplement based on red yeast rice) from the Lescuyer laboratory obtained from AESA (the European Food Safety Authority) in October 2013 the right to attach the health / cholesterol-lowering claim.


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