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The Magnetizer and his humor

A magnetizer text of explanation on hemorrhoids.


Sometimes you wonder who is a conspirator. In the screenshot that you can see here, we can see very clearly that the post on hemorrhoids was refused on October 24, 2021 for motive: 'COVID-19 info'. After shaking the coconut palm, I ended up having the answer to this rejection: the coronavirus lives mainly in the intestines and is also found in the sinuses. The French state has given the obligation to refuse anything that can speak directly or indirectly of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines. After studying the file, they said "that there was no connection with COVID-19, that it was only and very precisely hemorrhoids, but that they did not prefer to take the risk". What amused me the most was that it didn't bother the people. "Not being more royalist than the king", I understood that it was more interesting for me, from now on, to speak about my profession of magnetizer and especially of my spectacular results both in my office and from a distance. This is because remote magnetism works very well.


In the fall of 2021, Russia sent a missile more than 300 km from the earth to destroy one of its own satellites. It almost went unnoticed, journalists just raised the issue of potentially dangerous debris for the international space “shuttle”. No one raised the real subject of this act. To help you understand, I will give you 2 pieces of information:


1) In 1972, the United States decided to build a spacecraft which would be partly reusable, but, a significant detail, there would be a cargo bay with a telescopic arm allowing the installation and removal of satellites. The date of the first flight was April 12-14, 1980, and the date of the first mission in November 1982. The Russians quickly understood the real goal which was to recover their satellites so that the United States obtained supremacy in the space. Also, just before the takeoff of the American shuttle, the Russians move one of their satellites against an American satellite and start the self-destruction by destroying their satellite. Russia destroys the American satellite. The message is clear: if it can sacrifice one of its satellites just for a show of force, it will not hesitate to sacrifice another satellite to destroy the shuttle.

The magnetizer in the Space Shuttle rotating around the earth
Missile fire in the middle of the ocean under the control of a magnetizer

2) You should also know that France is spending € 4.5 billion to arm its satellites and that Russia is spending € 5 billion for the same purpose.

The magnetizer asks you this question: if Russia already had a system of self-destruction of its satellites from the beginning of the 1980s and, since then, it continues to spend 5 billion euros per year for the same purpose, why to have fired this missile?

Since spring 2021, Russia has been carrying out sea trials with one of these new toys. The first submarine (the first in theory - anyway, a fleet is planned) is very slightly larger than the previous ones which already had an indoor swimming pool on board. However, its difference lies in its ability to contain the new torpedoes.

The magnetizer loves to play naval battle, the Russians love it.

I almost forgot a little piece of information, a detail about the size of these torpedoes: 2 M in diameter and 25 M long. You will easily understand that to transport this kind of toy, you need submarines of a certain size.

The action of these suppositories takes place in 2 stages:

1) explosion of the earth's crust to trigger a tsunami;

2) then, fallout in large quantities of fine radioactive particles.

Last crisp detail, these torpedoes have the particularity of moving at very great depths, more than 1000 M, with 2 possible speeds: a very slow first speed, without vibration and without noise which prevents any spotting or, on the contrary, a very high speed which uses the famous air bubble method on the nose of the torpedo.

I hope I ruined your day. 😊

The magnetizer looks at the Statue of Liberty engulfed by a tsunami that hits New York with a stormy sky.
Happy retired couple in a car watch the magnetizer sitting in the back seat.

Road safety has a primary racism regarding the driving of seniors with an accident liability of 10% compared to 20% of 18-24 year olds. Who has the best bonus? However, if you have any minor concerns, don't forget my magnetizer help.

Sometimes, to fix the statistics in the unfavorable direction for retirees, we are ready to go very far:

imagine the scene: a Thiriet frozen food truck makes its first round in the city of Royan. As he enters a crossroads where he has priority in the city center, a car with young people aged 18 to 20 on board (who should have been at the Lycée de l'Atlantique if they had not skipped school) gives it priority. The young people are hit by the small truck coming from their right. The inexperienced young driver loses control of the vehicle and finds himself powerless to regain control. The car, with incredible bad luck and against all odds, manages to pass the pedestrian safety barriers and a pole to get onto the sidewalk and run over an old retiree who was returning home with his bread. His wife will never see him again!

Where it almost gets funny, if it weren't so dramatic, is that this poor pedestrian fits in the statistic of the elderly involved in car traffic accidents.

The elderly person was a victim and she was not in a car.

If the youngster had been on the sidewalk and the pensioner in the car: this tragedy would not have happened.

Prejudice is worse than racism because it is acceptable and even victims find it logical.

Since March 2020, we, France, are the third country in the world after Russia and China to have the supersonic glider. This weapon of mass destruction is quite prodigious, because its cruising speed is Mach 20. We call it glider because it has no thermal markings.


The magnetizer does not applaud, but he must admit that its speed makes the Concorde comparable to a slug. The Paris-New York is now done in less than 15 minutes! The advantage of not having thermal marking makes any interception impossible, nothing can be locked!

The magnetizer watches four soldiers in front of computers and a large nuclear missile fire control display.