Some important information about distance homeopathy

In this video, you will be happy to hear that I am doing homeopathy consultations again.

For remote care, I give you all the information on the items to obtain and explain in detail how to proceed.

I prefer cellular information to cellular trashing. Homeopathy corresponds to this state of mind which is to provide a small amount of information (a small dose) several times a day. Its principle is diametrically opposed to that of allopathy which goes so far as to give a dose of vitamin D once a century, perhaps I am exaggerating a little.

In 2006, I preferred to stop my homeopathy consultations, to allow people to be reimbursed. Beginning in 2005, labs were strongly advised to no longer communicate with outcasts. And, in 2006, any laboratory delegate visiting me lost their professional card. But, today everything has changed, we all know that homeopathy is a "scam". It's a placebo at best. You are like me, if you like wonderful placebos, you must contact me. You just got the first answer to the question: Why am I starting to "play around" with homeopathy again? It pains me to observe that many people disregard chronobiology and chronophysiology.

It is essential to know the biological clock of the individual. Man, like all animal and plant species, has his own internal clock. The internal human clock is located in the hypothalamus, it is this which imposes the circadian rhythm on the body.

It is also very annoying when people take dozens or more of different pellets. It may seem, at first, logical to hunt the canary with a blunderbuss. In reality, he is unlikely to be hit, if not, what state will he be in?

The Covid forced me to even stricter health rules. I use test boxes and for obvious hygienic reasons, it is easier for me to practice homeopathy remotely than face-to-face homeopathy.

Another reason is that a void product results in an unrefunded product. Whether it's me or someone else, it doesn't matter.

I advise those who would like to know more about the origin of the reimbursement to take the time to read my short and precise post about the reimbursement of homeopathy on Facebook from May 18, 2019

A box of test tubes for testing homeopathic products from the Lehning laboratory for remote homeopathy.

How is homeopathy practiced from a distance?

What is my protocol for remote homeopathy?


You will find all the following information in my presentation video, at the top of the page.

You must send me: 2 blotting sheets, one where you will have placed your right hand for 5 minutes and roughly drawn its outline and, on the 2nd blotter, it is your left hand that you will have placed for 5 minutes and also drawn its outline. The 2 sheets should be wrapped separately in aluminum foil, matte side in.

Do not forget to inform me of your telephone number and your e-mail address, your date of birth and the hour if you know it. If you have the choice between the time entered in the civil status of the town of birth and the birth declaration form, opt instead for the form which is inevitably error-free.

Everything must be put in a Kraft envelope large enough not to bend the blotting papers.

Upon receipt, I will call you to let you know that I am starting. Once complete, you will receive the name, quantity of each taking, and time of takings.

Regarding the price of distance homeopathy, it is 20 € for a simple question. For comprehensive care, the distance homeopathy price is €50, and finally, the distance homeopathic family rate for one year is €130.

Two boxes and a kit which are used in remote homeopathy.

A bit of history on homeopathy for the curious

A Chinese device for remote homeopaths

Homeopathy was conceived in 1796 by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. The concept is simple, a substance that triggers a symptom can also treat the same symptom during an illness. Don't worry. Already then it was criticized by classical medicine 😉. Hahnemann's approach is nevertheless rooted in observational medicine and corresponds to a need. In his time, medicine knew perfectly well how to identify diseases and often their causes, but treating them was another story.

From its origins, homeopathy took on a political dimension. It must be recognized that this doctor was an original character and his supporters challenged capitalism. They wanted new solutions at all levels, social, medical and political. This seems logical, in the same way as today, the most convinced are generally the most sensitive to animal rights, ecology, alternative foods, etc.

Two factors will promote the establishment of homeopathy in France. The second wife of the doctor Mélanie is French and she is very well introduced in the intellectual circles of the time. She's the one bringing Samuel to Paris, doesn't that remind you of someone else? Mesmer maybe? In France, we have always liked to debate, it is for this reason that today, we create commissions with all our might, even going so far as to create commission commissions. At the time, homeopathy was discussed in salons, which became one of the vectors for its spread across the country. Homeopathy also has the good fortune to correspond to the general atmosphere of the 1830s when there was an effervescence of protest.

Until the 1920s, this practice was in the minority. On the other hand, the creation of specialized laboratories, an industrialization that has become reliable and inexpensive, changes the situation. The homeopathic laboratories were integrated into the syndicates of pharmaceutical laboratories and benefited from reimbursement in 1938 by social insurance, then came to be integrated into the pharmacopoeia in the appendix first and fully in 1965.

The specialties of the homeopathic laboratories which are elaborated from raw materials come from the 3 natural kingdoms: mineral, vegetable and animal. Vegetable raw materials must be harvested in their native environment to be at their highest vibratory rate. They are used fresh most frequently.

I refuse to use homeopathic specialties based on whole animals (bee) or those prepared from organs or certain parts of animals. I accept in very rare cases where there is no choice to use those based on secretions, such as venoms.

Some homeopathic terms and other details

Strains: This term Indicates the substances that cause Hahnemannian dilutions. 1% is of chemical origin (Natrum Sulfuricum, Arsenicum Album).

Dilutions: they are the result of successive deconcentrations of the strain and, according to a decimal or centesimal scale, a letter is used followed by a number to form an abbreviation. For example D3 corresponds to the 3rd Hahnemannian decimal and C5 corresponds to 5 dilutions to the hundredth, some speak of 5 dynamizations. And we speak of low dilution for dilutions not exceeding the 10th decimal.

Mother tinctures: they arise from the maceration of raw materials of animal or vegetable origin in a mixture of purified water or alcohol. It is stupid to use alcohol for the maceration among others of Desmodium to regenerate the liver.

There are 3 main approaches: pluralism which consists of advising several "magic placebos" on the same sheet; complexism which uses different combinations of several substances as bases of illusions; unicism which is based on the proposal of a single "wonderful placebo" most often at very high dilution and based above all on the psychic signs of the individual.

I respect the law of similarity. I am not satisfied with a hundred remedies. It is said: that the homeopath treats the individual and not a disease. For me, it is obviously necessary to treat the being, but not only. It is sometimes interesting to use a homeopathic complex which has the advantage of allowing a coherent and rapid response. It responds to the evolution of the case that may occur.

Homeopathy takes into account the whole being. It does not have the vocation to act only on a pathology, it attaches to the ground composed of the mind. It is the forgetting or lack of understanding of this reality that led to the belief in the placebo effect.

However, it is essential to take the time to get to know yourself and to respect your human nature.

I am there for those who prioritize mental and physical well-being on a daily basis, therefore quality of life and universal respect.

Homeopathy corresponds to my conception of life, with respect for the individual and for nature. In my work, I strive to honor these values ​​at all times.

Distance homeopathy price

Simple question: 20 €

Global support: 50 €

Family price for one year: 130 €