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Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking

Glossophobia is a widespread fear that undermines feelings of safety and identity.

Magnetizer against the fear of public speaking.

Public speaking is torture for more than 75% of people. In reality, it is 100% of the population who have to face the anxiety to speak in public for the first time.

20 to 25% of people rarely have this problem once they have passed the baptism of fire.

A man is paralyzed by public speaking anxiety, he is standing on a podium under the spotlight.

For the others, they are haunted by this fear of speaking in public weeks before the D-Day. This glossophobia makes the dreaded moment stammer and can be disturbing for a long time. This term comes from the Greek glôssa and phobos which can be interpreted as language and fear. One of the main manifestations of social anxiety is the fear of public speaking. This fear comes first among apprehensions, ahead of the fear of eating in public or writing. She is in front of the fear of heights.Social anxiety is created by the gaze of others, it can be a single person or a group. This fear is present in anticipation, it is for this reason that it prevents you from sleeping even before speaking.

Panic wins before speaking, whether it is a simple clarification with a loved one, a speech, an oral or a conference. The idea of ​​speaking makes you feverish, it makes you completely lose your speech in the spotlight.

The individual thinks he is threatened and his whole body is mobilized in the face of this emotion. Adrenaline which gives energy and cortisol the stress hormone fire the body which is on the alert. These substances have a utility in the face of real danger to guarantee physical existence. But, they become harmful in the exercise of public speaking.

Sense of identity wavers to center stage, mind fades into the background, throat goes dry, stomach knots, breathing and heart rate quicken, hands become clammy and blood pressure increases. The place is uncomfortable in this unusual role. Questions blur our discourse, these existential questions are: are we legitimate? Are we credible? The sense of security crumbles under the hypothetically dangerous gaze of the other. This inhibition is the result of this exposure, because speaking up attracts attention. There will be a favorable or unfavorable judgment which can provoke mockery, rejection, interruption and questioning. Self-image is threatened. This image that we want to preserve this very narcissistic society today as yesterday. Victim of the projection effect, one can quickly be convinced that it shows. The person speaking imagines that the assembly senses his hesitation and feels his embarrassment. She was on the alert, she is now in the hot seat. Above all, we must not enter into the vicious circle of replaying the scene by imagining what we should have said, done or answered. The risk is not to try again.

Anxious businesswoman character before and after CARBONE magnetizer public speaking training.

“You don't have to think what you say, but you have to think about what you say: it's more difficult. » remarks by Jules Renard on public speaking. In reality, it is easier to think of what one says without believing it than to think what one says. The crowd prefers a narrator they know to be a liar who speaks eloquently rather than a narrator they know to be honest but who speaks with difficulty. Confidence is earned through constructive and positive experiences.

Public speaking is essentially a skill and a technique that can be learned, eloquence is worked on. It may be useful to visit the scene of the intervention. It is more important to prepare the content of your speech well and to rehearse it in front of someone you trust. Questions must be anticipated. It is important to practice rhetoric. It is essential to work to soothe your body thanks to the anchoring and the help of the magnetizer.

Breathing exercises can be helpful. It is interesting to train in small practical exercises: a toast at a birthday, a party or a speech at a funeral or wedding.

Unfortunately people who are too nice have their identity and their security delegated to the other. They remained at a very infantile stage like in childhood when they depended on the parents. The gaze of the other is overinvested.


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