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Uvex gloves against SARS-CoV-2

A new model of gloves has been created. They are designed in a HeiQ Viroblock textile from CHT and are able to inhibit the spread of viruses and bacteria by 99.9% in 5 minutes (guarantees the manufacturer).

Glove textiles are treated with silver salt particles which have antibacterial and antiviral properties. These particles decrease the reproductive capacity of microorganisms and inhibit their growth.

These particles are combined with vesicle technology that rapidly destroys the lipid envelope of viruses of the SARS-CoV-2 family (more resistant), allowing silver salts to act faster and more efficiently.

The gloves are designed with a seamless polyamide and carbon lining for a “second skin” effect and can be used with touch screens.

A young woman in Uvex Phynomic silv-air Covid-19 virus gloves holds a supermarket cart and opens a frozen food display cabinet door.
Uvex Phynomic silv-air gloves for shopping.

These gloves are the Phynomic silv-air (€ 18.36 incl. VAT) and Phynomic silv-air grip models with in addition transparent micro-pins at the main contact points (not currently available) from the manufacturer of PPE (personal protective equipment) ) German Uvex.

They protect people from viruses that can build up on hands from handled items like supermarket trolleys and doorknobs. They are aimed particularly at the medical, sport, logistics, mass distribution, food industry and public transport sectors.

An employee wears Uvex gloves against viruses and bacteria.
An employee wears Uvex Phynomic silv-air grip gloves.

The antiviral efficacy of the treatment has been tested in Australia by the Doherty Institute in Melbourne. This treatment is accredited according to ISO 18184: 2019-06 and ISO 20743: 2016. An independent external laboratory, whose name was not disclosed by Uvex, also approved the efficacy.

A Uvex glove capable of inhibiting the spread of viruses.
Glove model Phynomic silv-air

Uvex phynomic silv-air glove for enhanced hygiene | Protective gloves | uvex safety (uvex-heckel.fr)-Gant uvex phynomic silv-air pour une hygiène renforcée | Gants de protection | uvex safety (uvex-heckel.fr)


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