Information about magnetized water

Sometimes I prolong a session of human magnetism by magnetized water. There are also more and more people asking me because, if magnetized water treatment was common until 40 years ago, this practice has faded into oblivion over time. It is essential that you are the only person handling your magnetized water.

How to agnetize your water

It is easy to have fun magnetizing your water. I give you all the useful information in the attached video, how to magnetize water.

You will find the price of magnetized water at the bottom of this page. I explain to you how you will receive the magnetized water.

Here I give you some additional advice:


1) do not use plastic containers for any reason. The reason is very simple: plastic is very sensitive to static electricity. Electrostatics are special types of electricity that are easy to generate. For example, there is the very simple experience of rubbing a plastic ruler on a sweater and then passing it over small pieces of paper. Sometimes we also see crumbs sticking to a plastic water bottle. It is also easy to show off the properties of static electricity using a small device: the electroscope;


2) When you magnetize water for yourself or a loved one, it makes more sense to make a small amount that you consume or have consumed immediately rather than a large volume such as a liter. Remember you are not a magnetizer. You do not have sufficient magnetism to charge large amounts of water sustainably;


3) Before you start to magnetize the water, remove all unhealthy, coarse, hateful, angry thoughts, etc. Then, erase parasitic thoughts and daydreams to focus only on the benefits that this water will bring;


4) hand hygiene before starting is obviously very important;


5) another very important little thing! As stated at the start of the video, if you are in the northern hemisphere, you need to make concentric circles from left to right and vice versa for the southern hemisphere, concentric spirals from right to left.

Magnetized water: true or false

There are actually 2 questions in this question:

      1) First question: can water be really magnetized and bring something beneficial? Here again we are talking about water magnetized by magnets or water magnetized by magnetizer;

         a) some pseudo magnetizers use different small devices which had their heyday some forty years ago. With, among other things, the advent of large magnets sold in DIY stores or by plumbers to put on the water inlets to remove limestone in homes, some smart kids have updated these small utensils that would have been slightly improved for to make magnetized water. Of course, this has nothing to do with magnetized water;

         b) water is said to be magnetized when it has received the magnetism suitably transmitted by a magnetizer. It remains to be seen whether this water is a placebo or not. It is obvious that for me there is no doubt, having experienced it for over 50 years on many, many occasions. Seeing as it works, even if it was a placebo, it would be amazing. As in all cases of prejudice, don't exhaust yourself trying to convince anyone, because in this case it doesn't really matter unlike other prejudices.

     2) Second question: how to know if it is water really magnetized by magnetizer or if this water has not been treated?

         a) If your palate allows you to distinguish the different waters and to know whether it is water in plastic bottles or glass by taste, you will not have any difficulty in recognizing magnetized water from non-magnetized water. Because the taste is changed;

         b) If you are provided with the so-called magnetized water in a plastic container, this is proof that the water is not magnetized as explained above.

         c) If the glass bottle is not insulated with silk and then aluminum with the matt side on the inside;

         d) if the capacity to supply magnetized water is too great.

Magnetized water: benefits

One of the big advantages of magnetized water is that the benefits are felt very quickly. As noted above, it is imperative that you are the only person handling magnetized water.

The quality of the water is also important. Filtered water at home: for filtered water at home or not, you should be interested in, among other things, pesticides, but also perfluorooctane sulfonate, zinc and copper cadmium which are among the 9 substances to look for in level of endocrine disruptors.

Here I give you some indications:


1) Magnetized water and osteoarthritis


 In the context of osteoarthritis, magnetized water will provide relief, less stiffness upon awakening, but you should know that as a general rule it is a long-term treatment to be renewed more or less frequently. A supplement in herbal medicine can be useful.


2) Magnetized water and psoriasis


For psoriasis which is a genetic disease (a gene on chromosome 17), the results are very different from person to person. In cases with giant oozing psoriasis, healing will occur within a few months, while in other cases with much less plaque it will drag on.


3) Magnetized water and hypertension


Magnetized water will of course help in many cases of hypertension, but you should never forget to make the necessary consultations. We are there to help and not to take risks.


4) Magnetized water and allergies


On allergies especially ENT type, a change is felt in less than 15 days. After a month, it is very noticeable, and after 2 months the problem should be resolved.

Une bouteille en verre d’eau non magnétisé par le magnétiseur sur un échiquier en bois.
Une bouteille en verre d’eau magnétisé enveloppé par une protection par le magnétiseur sur une table en bois.

Magnetized water: danger

 We may or may not believe in the capabilities of magnetized water. Never mind that some people think it is a placebo. At least it's not a nocebo for anyone. However, there is only one scenario where there can be a danger. This situation arises when you are dealing with a malicious person, as could happen in any situation, and they contaminate the water in a conscious way and / or concentrate in a way. unhealthy when treating water. In terms of water pollution, the danger is the same as any other food or drink that a malicious person will prepare for you. For bad fumes, in this case, you don't have much to worry about. Not only will you only be able to have slight unpleasant sensations, but luckily, and inevitably, it will backfire on this evil person or persons.

is magnetized water disinfected?

 You may have already read or heard that magnetized water is disinfected. These are fake news. Healthy magnetized water can certainly help your body to disinfect itself by acting on your metabolism and stimulating your immune system. However, water that is parasitized or with bacteria will not be disinfected by magnetism and its molecular structure no more.

Can you use magnetized filtered water?

Filtered water at home: we must pay close attention to pesticides but also to perfluorooctane sulphonate, zinc and copper cadmium which are among the 9 substances to look for at the level of endocrine disruptors (they are capable of interfering with our system hormonal and are not adequately regulated by law). You should know that if the results of usual tests of tap water are obtained in a few days, it takes almost 3 years to obtain the results of these substances.

Magnetize water

 Now you know the benefits of magnetized water and most importantly you are able to try to magnetize water.

In the video you noticed the importance of the Earth's magnetic field. You can use tap water, but I think it is desirable to use spring water or mineral water. With an ambient temperature between 18 ° and 25 °, magnetized water retains its qualities for daily consumption.

The last piece of information, which is not the least, is that you really have to believe it. In case of concern, if you do not have the reflex to consult a magnetiser, it is because you do not believe it!

Price :

A 75 cl glass bottle: € 15

Two 75 cl glass bottles: 25 €

We must add the port and the price of the bottles