• Magnétiseur Carbone

Dysphonias and magnetizer

The voice requires the combination of several anatomical elements:

1) the lungs create aerodynamic energy;

2) the vocal cords transform aerodynamic energy into acoustic energy;

3) the pharynx, the oral cavity and the naso-sinus cavities which make it possible to modulate the voice.

In addition to the magnetism treatment, it is necessary to protect the voice by hydrating and avoiding irritating factors such as tobacco among others. The magnetizer must not forget to treat gastroesophageal reflux.

Part of a left ear has turned into a mouth that speaks to its own ear

Chronic dysphonias are due to:

- mucous nodules, related to repeated shocks between the vocal cords;

- to a polyp of the vocal cords caused by an acute trauma, a cry;

- chronic laryngitis resulting from gastrointestinal reflux

esophageal, smoking;

- to rarer causes: infectious lesions (tuberculosis, etc.), congenital anomalies of the vocal cords or traumatic lesions by incubation probe.

The sharp changes in the voice are most often related to viral laryngitis, which heals quickly. They can also be due to trauma to the vocal cords: vocal forcing or straining.


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