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How to contact Magnetiser Carbone?

In this section: contact a magnetizer, you have the different ways to contact me or make an appointment with me.

You must use the postal route to send documents, such as blotters for distance homeopathy. And, paper photos for remote animal magnetism, payments by check (never put cash) or any other file. You will find my magnetizer address just after this text. In the future, you will be able to send documents as attachments using the form.

You can send me a form with your message, by clicking on contact me by email. Sometimes we need to ask a question. The one for which you will not have found the answer by using the search mode at the top of the page on the right.

When everything is clear, you can choose the service and the date of an appointment directly by pressing the pink button to make an appointment online and let yourself be guided.

The telephone is preferred for those who are not afraid to leave a message on an answering machine 😉 or for those who are lucky enough to call when I am free. You should know that out of respect for the other, I do not answer during consultations. My number is displayed on the right.


Make an appointment by phone

05 46 39 99 19

Make an appointment online

79 bis - 81 Boulevard Champlain

17200 Royan

What is the contact magnetizer response time?

Choose the way that suits you to get in touch. I will answer you as soon as possible, except imponderable:

I will call you upon receipt of your mail, the delivery time of the mail having lengthened considerably. However, without a call from me within five days, it is best to call me, because you may have forgotten to put your telephone number and I cannot reach you. Remember to check your answering machine, on many occasions people had forgotten to read their messages;

I respond quickly to forms, except computer bug. It's a sign of a computer bug if you don't receive a response during the day, evening or night. You have to contact me again, it happened twice where the two forms arrived at the same time. The second unlocked the first?

With regard to magnetist appointments, you must receive confirmation of your appointment immediately after your reservation. AND, you will have a reminder SMS on your cell phone, 24 hours before the service. Contact me quickly, if you do not receive your confirmation or appointment reminder;

I will call you back after listening to your message on my answering machine within 24 hours. Without a response within 48 hours, this means that there has been a technical problem. Fortunately, this rarely happens. You must call me back or send me an email.

A woman sends an email to contact magnetiseur Carbone

What is the fastest way to have a magnetizing contact?

The fastest and safest method is without context the form. This process allows me to have a precise vision of the request with all the information necessary to reach you. It is easy for me to answer between two appointments. The goal is not to start a game of tennis. You have a request, I answer you, it can follow a brief exchange. You must know and remember that time is a rare commodity, despite the time I devote to others.

You can combine the form and the telephone call with, if necessary, a message on the answering machine in the event of an emergency. This increases your chances of rapid treatment.

Mail is preferred for a remote request for homeopathy.

The most effective for a magnetism appointment with or without total re-harmonization is the use of the online agenda. This service has been in operation for 5 years and, apart from a few small malfunctions from time to time, it is operational. It has the advantage of giving you an appointment with your magnetizer immediately.

The telephone, whatever one may say, remains very practical, for those who do not wish to give too much information during a first contact with a magnetism professional. Also for those who are uncomfortable with new technologies or simply for people who prefer human contact.

In mutual respect, I will do what is necessary.

Questions ?

Call me or send me a message.

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