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Conjugated antibodies

Conjugated antibodies do not cure cancer patients, but these treatments have reportedly obtained encouraging results in leukemia, breast cancer and lymphoma.

The rush of labs is normal, since this new class of treatments with a market of 3.8 billion € today must weigh more than 20 billion euros by 2030.

These are molecules capable of precisely targeting cancer cells, allowing healthy cells to be preserved and reducing the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Kadcyla de roche made over 34% in 2020 and weighs 1.6 billion euros.

Polivi was approved a year ago in Europe.

The FDA (American health authority) has just approved Enhertu developed by AstraZeneca and its partner Daiichi Sankyo. AstraZeneca wants to make it a blockbuster with an annual turnover of € 4 billion. It is with this in mind that he spent 6 billion € to obtain the license from the Japanese.

So far, the conjugated antibodies have been complementary. Recently, the greed has created stiff competition with large acquisitions for example € 17.4 billion in September 2020 for Immunomedics by Gilead and € 2.3 billion from MSD to take VelosBio.

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