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Bubonic plague

Graphic design of bubonic plague infection by fleas, carried by rats, to humans.
Bubonic plague scheme.

In China, in the city of Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, a case of bubonic plague has been discovered. The marketing and hunting of marmots and other plague-transmitting animals was immediately banned by the health commission until the end of the year. A second case was discovered in Mongolia.

Although the disease is highly contagious, it has only killed 5 people in China. There is a cure. (July 05, 2020)

Three test tubes with patient analyzes for bubonic plague with three results: positive, negative and unprepared.
Test tubes with patient analyzes.

(Collection of clinical samples. Test tubes with patient analyzes. Colorful vector set. Isolated white background. Diagnosis of blood samples for bubonic plague. Three results: positive, negative and unprepared.)

On Tuesday July 14, 2020, the health authorities of Mongolia announced: a teenager died of bubonic plague after hunting and eating a groundhog.

Russia: A region bordering Mongolia has ordered a vaccination campaign against bubonic plague (10 cases of bubonic plague resulting in 2 deaths were recently recorded in Ulaanbaatar). (August 02, 2020)

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