The magnetizer and esoteric jewelry

I take care of the design of your talisman jewel from A to Z.

I am providing you with very important information so as not to panic if you should “lose” the entity that I have provided to you.

Also know that you can "lose" this entity only in certain circumstances which I will also explain to you during the delivery of the "Conception".

What information is needed to create an esoteric jewel?

I need several pieces of information:

1) will this talisman jewel be only for you or do you have a family, friendly or other lineage goal;

2) do you prefer a ring, a pendant, a brooch, a pin, a tie pin or other;

3) this talisman jewel will be in gold, silver or gold and silver depending on your objective, but never in vermeil or gold plated. For gold talismans jewelry, with rare exceptions, you can choose the color: yellow, gray, pink or white;

4) a precise description of your wishes;

5) If you need some discretion, you can ask me to conceal the real purpose of your "jewel". It is possible for me to hide from the sight of others and therefore their knowledge without any loss of efficiency, but often with a loss of aesthetics (which of course is not the main goal);

6) Indicate if you choose it to mark an important moment such as: a new life path or more simply a birth, a union;

7) the list of your first names, nicknames, pseudonym or professional name (theater name). Your last name along with your female or maiden name is required, as are the names of your maternal and paternal parents and grandparents. If you can guarantee me through genetic tests that there was no cut in the line, it will save me a tedious job and will save you 100 €;

8) your place of birth with the date and, if you know it, the time. Preferably that of the declaration of your birth on a sheet of paper and not the one entered in the civil status register;

9) some very precise photos;

10) it may be important to include dates when specific events of importance to you or your family occurred;

11) Platinum talismans jewelry is part of a special approach. It is granted free to death for those needing cleaning followed by recharging every 130 moons.

You need to keep in mind that everything, even the details, often matters. The choice of the chain to its length is logically important.

The latest useful information for the manufacture of esoteric jewelry

To limit prices, it may sometimes be possible to limit the weight of the precious metal.

Esoteric jewelry can have or contain precious stones, but no jewelry will be made with only stone, the risk of damage being too great.

It is necessary to pay a lump sum of 200 € for the study of the esoteric jewel with its estimate. After acceptance of the quote, the € 200 will be deducted from the final amount. 50% will be requested before the start of the realization of the work.

I am a magnetizer having the knowledge of the occult sciences with the waves of form, the pentacles, of the esotericism in its entirety and the comprehension of the various worlds with their characteristics and their functioning specific to each one.

I only design unique pieces that are far removed from stereotypes: horseshoes, crescent moons, etc.

All art lies in the power of resonance in the person who wears it and in the implementation of the different powers, aids, creations, etc. To allow its wearer the full potential and inner balance, without culture, religion, family, knowledge and anything else being able to disrupt, prevent or harm.

These jewels should never be surrounded by superstitions. But to understand their energetic dimensions on the nth dimensions. They are not surrounded by positive energy, but are energy.