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Asepsis Ignace Philippe Semmelweis

1846: Ignace Philippe Semmelweis does not understand why women who give birth in the street never contract puerperal fever.

He is annoyed to see the same anatomical lesions on mothers who died of the disease every morning in the amphitheater: inflammation of the womb (most often in the belly)!

The high mortality of women is explained: the students dissect the corpses, carry the foul odor with them and their hands coated with cadaveric material that they never wash! However, they will then examine the women who are waiting to give birth. They then transmit the disease.

Hands are cleaned under running water with antiseptic soap.
Hand disinfection by soaping with an antiseptic soap.

In May 1847, he went so far as to place a sign obliging everyone to respect this rule of elementary hygiene.

But this constraint soon becoming unbearable, we must get rid of this enlightened doctor. A cabal is organized then. He was interned in psychiatry where he died in 3 weeks from the "good" treatments that the asylum staff inflicted on him..

He remains, with Louis Pasteur who will amplify his message, the precursor of asepsis.


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